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Alana Murray me and my friend pick out each others dandruff with eyebrow brushes is low-key works really well hey everyone
welcome to another episode of responding to your comments now without further ado
let’s begin a Lada that’s pretty crazy you know what this reminds me of you
know on Discovery Channel or like these documentaries in like the wild and
ascites monkeys I’m picking out dandruff from each other’s eye hair and literally
having that image of you and your friend picking out dandruff from each other’s
have ever been by Arnie how about drinking with lactobacillus drinks does
it help also urban thank you for your comment this is a really good question
this is on the acid reflux video that I made for those of you who don’t know
lactobacillus is a bacteria which is found in probiotic drinks and probiotic
drinks contain live bacteria and sometimes live yeasts in them now this
is a multi-million or multi-billion pound industry and it’s a relatively new
kind of science there isn’t much research on it now this research that
I’ve seen on these kind of probiotic lactobacillus type drinks and show that
they do help in antibiotic associated diarrhea travelers diarrhea and some
forms of irritable bowel syndrome but the marketers of these products make
various health claims that aren’t really supported either for instance I had a
patient not long ago who came in with a magazine cut out that a certain
probiotic drink stops eczema and there is no evidence that proves this so I
don’t know how they’re making these health claims but like I said there
isn’t much research on it and it’s still relatively new science so does it help
with acid reflux no does it generically make you healthier no will it make you
live longer no would I take it no not really
I wouldn’t sort of maybe think about taking if I had trouble of diarrhea I’m
supplier to associate at diarrhea and it wasn’t settling but I think the best
advice I would give for anyone who’s thinking about taking the probiotic it’s
a speedy healthcare professional and so they can actually recommend it to
you or say you know what maybe you don’t need it and the dandruff comments
continue this is do this Joshua Fibble does anyone else scratch
out dandruff and sniff it whilst it’s in your nails no just me okay then Joshua
thank you for your comment and and your honesty really I didn’t actually know
this was a thing and I never thought it was a thing but after you’ve left this
comment other people have liked it and replied to it and and admit that they do
the same thing I mean there’s dandruff where they have a smell I honestly don’t
think dandruff smells 2,000,000 1446 hey I’ve been using tissues for blowing my
nose and my nose is red and hurting does the tissues hurt my nose because my nose
hurts I have a saucer and a call at the same time Jamelia thank you for your
comment I hope your called the sore throat and sore nose are all fixed now
because there’s comments from a while ago I also suffer from the exact same
thing whenever I have like a runny nose from whatever blow my nose I give the
most sore nose but over time I’ve developed ways to counteract it so for
instance my top tip would be to use the good tissues not the cheap ones that are
really like sandpaper burning your nose so right from the start
use the good tissues that are really soft and have sometimes they have like
aloe vera and muscles like that well we should make some softer I think and use
them very good reduces the friction and reduces of damage and causing that pain
another tip as well is petroleum jelly petroleum jelly what works really well
and you need to get a tiny amount and just rub it on the outside then also
everybody inside just on the outside of the skin it’s not recommending their
children but it works really well it just it just helps to lubricate that
area and reduce the friction hard cash I had to stop some masterpiece original
soundtrack to watch this I’m not disappointed hard cash thank you for
your comment this is on the sore throat video I’m glad I could help
just out of curiosity what was the original soundtrack you listening to you
because I also like listening to soundtracks my favorite is like samurai
I’m big fan of hands I’m a Jonah brewer I have no idea what some of these big
words are I don’t understand the words lozenges anesthetics benzocaine or lots
more but cuts bailed them out Jonah thank you for your comment and thank you
for your honesty I do try and use pretty easy terms in the videos but I do
appreciate where you’re coming from as well so to begin with lozenges I think
maybe I don’t know if you’re based in the UK but in the UK we call them
lozenges I know in other countries like the u.s. they call those and use cough
sweets cough drops basically a little sweets that you suck on and they help
soothe a sore throat anesthetics are things that help us lose sensation
that’s a really simple explanation of it for instance if you ever go to a dentist
and I hope you’ve never had a tooth extracted or a feeling or anything like
that but sometimes they use local anesthetics and it just numbs the area
so you can’t feel anything and you have no pain which is where benzocaine comes
in because this was from the sore throat video and it sometimes found in lozenges
and it has a local anesthetic action so it helps numb that area so you don’t
feel the pain official dots Malaya what do you head it with well Malaya
thank you for your question I use final cut and when we’re doing big projects we
use why not occur as well but is it the best term editing software I don’t think
so I use final cooks I’ve just got used to it and I’ve used it from back in the
days really but if I was to choose again if I was to start again I would use the
premier I think it’s much better it’s far superior but that’s what using
that’s what I’ve got used to it Ivan blimmin it’s hi Abraham I’m a pharmacy
student and I would like to see how a real pharmacist would deal with these
situations for example if a patient walks into a pharmacy or constipation
what sort of questions would you need to ask in order to make a diagnosis it
would be interesting to see your thought process and how you diagnose and treat a
patient Ivan thank you for your comment this is a really good kind of question
an idea the only problem is that making a video on how to actually diagnose it’s
quite tricky because firstly you need that knowledge so you’re a first-year
pharmacy school you’ve still got a low two years ahead of you my best advice
would be for you is to be the best you know be the best in your class learn the
most and under standard diseases why they
happen understand and once you understand why that happened you’ll be
able to understand why these drugs actually work or which tool is suitable
for it so but you need that background information before you can make a
diagnosis and recommend the treatment I hope that makes sense
there’s loads of like guides as well in terms of consultations like you know
what questions to ask like a templates have which is good like you know it’s
good to ask people like you know how long have you had it what we try and
check you for red flags and things like that
but there is also an element of experience that then comes into this so
for example what I mean by that is once you are practicing as a pharmacist or
the healthcare professional experience comes into play as well because it’s not
just about these template questions that you can ask there’s loads of different
factors that I as a pharmacist for instance check as you know I’m a
prescriber and that working community but I still use the same skill set so
for instance if a patient walks in let’s actually this patient every single day
and always really well-groomed and really tidy and self and for some
strange reason today they’re walking and you know a bit scruffy they haven’t
shaved they’re walking maybe with a limp they’re breathing funny these are little
things that experience brings into play and you will notice these are patients
and then you can kind of ask and tailor your questions to master the whole
consultation process so I hope that made sense of consultation guides are good
but also experience that comes into play of being able to read people and that’s
what’s going to take you to the next level other the healthcare professional
and people really appreciate that when they can see that wow this person really
knows that stuff and they really understand me they’re not just asking me
these template questions because they’re meant to so I hope that helps also in
terms of books a really good book that I recommend for all pharmacy students
because loads of them always message me and asked me what books I recommend it’s
clinical pharmacy and therapeutics so I revived this book like fully when I was
at university so until portaledge system for each section you can revive from
this book as well but it gives you a really in-depth knowledge and
information that again it is going to take
next level and it’s going to help you wherever you go in pharmacy whether you
become a prescriber whether you were in hospital whether you in community you
will always be using that knowledge so Ivan I hope that helps sir it was a bit
long thanks again for all the great comments I’m really loving this
interaction that we’ve got going on this channel and also please don’t forget to
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  7. Hello sir am from India, but last three years when the season is changed or in the mouth ofike September, October, January February or even April am generally effected with the cold running nose, or they effect my throat or also have low temperature fever so it so difficult for me to get rid of that, my doctors gave me antibiotics or even I go for ingection so is that way that I can safe for that problem completely or they not come me in the future

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    video. Your are the best and nicest person out there and you are soo great and awesome that you help a lot of people
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