Probiotics for Healthy Living (Probiotic Cleaner)

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I’m Robert Odell and this is my wife
Renee and we live in Runaway Bay Texas You forgot the dog Gretta Being a nurse actually work in endoscopy
where we are about probiotics every day because they’re prescribed to a lot
of our patients who have any type of gastrointestinal or esophageal issues
because they make a ton of difference in people’s lives to me the reason one the
probiotic I thought would be very important in our home and especially
knowing that we had it 24/7 every day 365 days a year it’s really important
for honestly for healthy living for healthy everyday living and to make a
change in our lives I think as you get older you definitely realize you’d
probably need it when you’re younger for sure
but as you get older you really realize that you that you need it and especially
with all the different health elements that are going on whether it be COPD,
asthma, bronchitis, limited lung capacity from a chemotherapy and radiation is
what my husband went through about eight years ago I think that it’s really
important to try to prolong our lives and that so that that’s the way to do it

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