Prodigy Diabetes Care Mini-Mist Instructional Video

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Thank you for choosing the Prodigy Mini-Mist.
The following are instructions on how to use this product.
Unit assembly. The device must be assembled before it can be used. Components may fit
tightly, as they are made to prevent the medication from leaking. Hold the device securely with
both hands. Install all parts securely. You may hear a click sound as you install some
of the parts. Step One: Attach the medication chamber to the main unit. Align the medication
chamber and the main unit. The electrodes on the medication chamber should line up with
the electrodes on the main unit. You will hear a click to ensure it is securely fastened.
The medication chamber sits on top of the main unit and snaps into place. Step two:
Attach the mouthpiece by placing it onto the medication port of the medication chamber.
The mouthpiece can be attached with the holes facing in any direction.
Battery installation. This device operates using two double A, alkaline batteries. Step
one: remove the battery cover. Slide the battery cover off in the direction of the arrow as
shown in the illustration. Remove the battery cover. The battery cover may appear to be
tight fitting, as it is designed to prevent fluids from getting into the device. Step
two: insert the batteries. Correctly align the polarities, positive and negative, with
the battery indication marks on the device. Step three: replace the battery cover. Replace
the battery cover by sliding it back onto the device until it stops in place.
Filling the medication chamber. Remove the mouthpiece from the main unit of the Prodigy
Mini-Mist Nebulizer. Step one: remove the medication chamber from the main unit. Press
the push button on the rear side of the main unit, and pull the medication chamber up and
off of the main unit. Step two: insert the medication. Open the medication chamber by
pulling up on the medication chamber locking lever. Add the medication slowly. Do not allow
medication to overflow over the medication port. Attention: the recommended fill volume
is a maximum of eight milliliters and a minimum of 0.5 milliliters. Close the cover and lock
lever to prevent medication from leaking. Step three: re-attach the medication chamber
to the main unit. Attach the medication chamber by aligning the electrodes and then place
it on top of the main unit and then push down until it snaps into place. Step four: attach
the mouthpiece. Attach the mouthpiece by placing it onto the medication port of the medication
chamber. The mouthpiece can be attached with the holes facing in any direction.
Operating the nebulizer. Step one: turn on the power. Press the start stop button and
the green power indicator will light up, signifying the nebulizer is powered on. Once nebulization,
medication coming through the mouth piece as a foggy mist, has started, the power indicator
turns orange. When medication runs out, the power indicator turns red, and the nebulizer
turns off automatically. Step two: inhalation. Hold the nebulizer in your hand stably and
start inhalation with relaxed posture by placing lips on, or very close to, the mouthpiece.
Do not cover the holes of the mouthpiece when you inhale, otherwise the nebulization rate
will decrease. Step three: turn off the power. The nebulization shuts off automatically,
once the medication is depleted. However, if you wish to stop the treatment, press the
start stop button to turn the power off. The power indicator light will go off. The unit
will emit a high-frequency sound and turn off the power automatically when the medication
is depleted. If you have any questions, please call Customer
Care at 18002432636. Thank you for choosing Prodigy.

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