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okay so I just wanted to show you guys
my back here and so I’ve been having a lot of itching going on and so the
common denominator I’ll show you in just a minute
is this this stuff so typically you guys know I have a a blanket that I have
behind my on my chair and so I actually put the blanket and washed it with this
the last time I wash my blanket and I that’s probably the first time I’d ever
done that before so I I started noticing more and more itching the more I was
using this product and so I have it off my chair right now the itching is
between my shoulder blades and the only thing that’s really changed is this and
then I also I put it in some of my clothes too and so I have to say there’s
something in here that is causing itching in this specific product there’s
something in here that’s causing itching so I’m rewashing all my stuff right now
and I’m not gonna use that anymore because it doesn’t take much it doesn’t
take a rocket scientist to figure out that there’s some products that cause
problems and and it’s just like the more clothes I wash the more of my clothes
combined with the blanket on my chair then the itching in my back just gets
worse and worse and worse and I even noticed that with spud too because his
little paws and that’s the part of him that is closest to the blanket so his
little paws are itching and he checks out and hug if he just bites on his
little paws and then they’re turning pink and so I’m thinking we’ll wait a
minute because our doctor our veterinarian said
that the dog would also that he’s prone to allergies and and so
I’ve always been prone to allergies myself too especially I’ve been
sensitive to like the perfumey type products and stuff like that which have
over over it’s almost like this has h and powder in it that’s what it seems
like to me is that it has a Qing powder in it because it just does not feel good
at all and so like so for most of the day this part of my back is up against
the chair when I’m sitting and you know in the past when they had my computer
equipment it would have been back up against the leather or the plastic
leather pleather or office chair and and so it’s just like and so then when I
wash my clothes combined with it being with the blanket on my chair then it
just makes it a whole lot worse and so you know I’ve just concluded i’m
rewashing everything now because it just does not feel good at all it just gets
worse and worse I I do have a back scratcher that it’s a wooden back
scratcher I put some perfume and perfume I put a little bit of lotion on it and
and that seems to help a little bit I also have some aloe aloe type of a
lotion that doesn’t have alcohol in it so you know that’s the thing to look out
for is the ones without the alcohol cuz that’s that’s like the oh gosh that’s
that hand sanitizer stuff that actually doesn’t help it makes it dries your skin
out even worse but I have an aloe type of a lotion that actually does work and
it does help and it helps keep your skin moisturized and it does it it dries up
it almost it’s just similar to the aloe plant itself so yes I just wanted to
mention that for folks who have allergies if you have allergies this is
not the product to use it actually is harmful to your skin so to mine anyway
and if there’s anybody else having the same issues maybe this is the cause of
it so I just wanted to point that out and do a product review to the product
review it’s really sad when you have to find it the hard way when you have to be
the experiment for a product that is actually harmful I mean this is what I
wonder so imagine if someone uses this and then it goes on their baby and so
then you have a newborn baby and like and the things that I remember when I
was a little kid my nose and my nostrils were like a thousand times more
sensitive onewhat than they are right now you know I mean maybe that’s life or
maybe that’s just the allergy I don’t know you know because it’s like when
when you have allergies they build up more and more but I was thinking if it’s
a little baby and a baby’s coughing a lot the baby’s crying a lot
I think curious you know I’d be wondering what kind of products are you
using you know that’s that’s just all I’m asking is because at what point does
this actually become harmful for a newborn infant you know as far as you
know something like this and a whole bunch of itchy oh my gosh you see just
putting it next to my head I mean the the smell and the scent is right is
really really strong so that’s just a that’s kind of a great point right there
you knows that if if it’s that harmful to someone like me on my back
well that’s covering a good portion of my back and so then what covered what
happens to the baby and you know that’s something I didn’t think about like when
I was washing some clothes when my youngest son was a baby when he was born
in Germany and his whole face was completely covered with all these bumps
and I mean a whole bunch of bumps and and you know at the time I wasn’t
thinking in the sense of like well is there something he’s allergic to I
wasn’t thinking of stuff like that you know because I had some you know well
just sheets and stuff but I you know I’d wash the clothes and sometimes I’d use
different fabric and different dry feats and stuff like that you know so
there’s a great possibility something that I was using at the time caused all
these little I mean his face was just completely covered in bumps and I think
it was that doctor he said it was something like a yeast infection is what
he called it he had bumps all over his face and he said it was like a yeast
infection and he gave me this cortisone cream and then they eventually they
dried up and went away and so yeah he’s like just put on a tiny tiny tiny little
bit and rut he’s it like it goes a long ways he says just rub it all over his
whole face and just use a tiny tiny bit and and it will go away and it did it
did go away eventually and yeah it even my oldest son at one point – he well he
was maybe I’d say he was maybe ten or so ten I’d say he was around ten or nine
and he had like the bumps and so then his dad took him to the doctor and so
that he was like covered in 80% of his body and so his dad took him to the
doctor and that itself I think they gave him some benadryl or something it was
one it was just one of those things I mean he was completely covered I mean it
was just unbelievable how much he was covered and I mean just a complete
covered in skin rash and but I don’t think that was the first time he had
that so yes so that that’s just what I’m saying like this time for me is this
this is the common denominator that I’m I’m recognizing and you know so like how
else would you know about this stuff you know so if you just start itching out of
the blue well I does this is a couple things I start asking myself now have
you changed something in your diet which that’s a possibility or have you changed
something that uh of how you’re washing your clothes you know so you know a
product that you’re using some type of soapy product and and the thing I’m
going to with deregulation you know with
deregulation and corporate governance I mean and and and you know who knows I
mean that that’s the thing that I question you know because when when they
had you know that there was that company that came out and and they said that it
had oh it had asbestos in their product and it needed to come off the market oh
my gosh you know that’s kind of scary because they did some sampling it’s and
they found ass bestest in the product and and so when you think about that and
so then there’s all these you know yeah that’s just it’s like with corporate
governance and deregulation and all this stuff I mean I think we have reasons to
be concerned and and with mis product labeling the government had this thing
that came out the other day of this advertisement that came out it wasn’t an
ad it was a story and it said that there was all these computers that were made
in China they brought him to the United States and put labels on him that said
made in the USA and so they mislead compete consumers and so then it had
some kind type of it had some type of spying equipment on it or something like
that so I mean yeah that’s just these are
just some of the things to keep in mind you know that there’s not I mean oh we
have some huge huge abuse in advertising when it comes to products services and
agendas and you know the products is one thing you know the services is you know
something else when you’re talking about consumer services and especially with
healthcare and medical care and things like that that that that becomes even
even worse you know when when you consider inflation and everything like
that you know that it’s like well you know there’s all this money being paid
in and very very tiny little service even coming out and so yeah so anyway
these are just a few things that go through my mind you know with age and
experience you know being consumer and not someone who has been
brought up in the traditional entertainment business because I just
haven’t you know I’ve been a I’ve been an end user of the television but that
doesn’t mean we’re stupid when it comes to learning about how their ways work
and that they’re they’re selling there’s always selling something and that there
might be some affiliate benefits or some benefits for them which exclude everyone
else so you know and that’s that tipping totem pole thing of that I showed well I
showed you guys in various places I have though I’ve used the earth wobble and so
therefore there’s people lobbying for certain jobs and it’s basically it’s
almost like going to Congress and asking for money for a word trend you know like
I mean Debbie was a man Schulz it was a really good example with the Zika virus
so anyway that’s it

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