PsyOps (Prod. Adrenalin Beats)

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I travel through portals in time, informed as I climb Through corridors of scientific research & development Each person’s enveloped in this quantumly perpetuated holographic consciousness Ominously opulent hybrids Devolving our insight with their Psy-Ops Poison in our water, in the skies & foods that we thrive on It’s quite odd When those who try to stop it get wiped off The atlas; they distract us with disasters & icons I try to describe what resides inside my mind with rhyming messages Slyly delicate yet fiery Lightning mends my wits, whenever bliss turns to psychosentience In meditation I strive to reflect on sins of the past; present Reviving the deadened scripts in a vast desert Contriving to end the sickness with plant treasures Deciphering texts encrypted in glass letters By viperous men & women Stultified pawns restricted in their existence Can never break free unless they see that they’re imprisoned By systems of evil and deceitfulness Diminish the veil that conceals it; retrieve your inner image Envision a synthesis consisting of peace, courage & mysticism Speak verses with each word consisting of truth Written like blueprints to humanistic movements Futuristically fluid, like supercomputers drifting through fluid Lubricant constricted through tubes Similar to a sewage system, intricately infused With jubilant precision Boons implicitly strewn Throughout the luminance of superpositioning runes Undoubtably ruminant Too persistent to lose Shrouded in luminous Fumes explicitly rooted in powerful duplicates Rude iniquitous goons ruinous as confusion Prove unfit to improve I guide myself through the upper echelons of light The lowest catacombs of darkness, I’ll conquer with my might Lost in the designs of the ultimate Inspired by falling in Desire can topple wit with fire Demolishing the lies is a constant clash with tyrants Demonic clans disguised as honest, acting violent By night, But when dawn hits, they stop the madness Lycans that taunt the masses Hybrids atop our planet’s crisis Zionists have established an awful plan Dividing the lost with cash Inciting dishonour, wrath & fighting Nihilism distracts from the fraud at hand To hatch is a daunting task, but rise & you’ll prosper as a titan I sit in bliss & meditate to isochronic tones Envision shifts of energy revive our thoughts with hope Try to conquer your woes & rise above the abyss Your mind is a conscious flow of destructible wit Driven by biologic circuitry constructed within Spinning like psychic tops; imperfectly conductive ignition Crushing precision mixed with justice, hidden under the brim of flooding affliction This is nothing but a suffering image of the restricted

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