Purdue NOW – Purdue VTH performs feline hip replacement on Fridgey the cat

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Purdue’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital continues
improving the lives of animals, great and small. Meet Fridgey, a Bengal cat who’s had some
mobility problems. After having a surgical procedure on his right
hip, Fridgey came to the VTH with left hip issues. That’s when doctors here performed a hip
replacement – the first performed on a feline at Purdue. If you think about it, the total hip replacement
that’s happening in people right now was initially developed in dogs, and then it took a while
before it came back to the small animal world to become commercially available and technically
feasible. Under strict orders to rest and reduce movement
while he heals, Fridgey, like hundreds of other animals, and millions of humans, is
now undergoing physical therapy to get him back to his high-jumping ways. We start rehab 24 hours post-operative, it
starts with icing and range of motion and it ind of goes from there. so from there I can develop the plan based
on what the owners would like to do. Would they like to come in twice a week? three times a week? And it also depends on the animal and where
they are at in their recovery. So it’s all tailored to the specific animal
and the owners. For more on the Purdue Veterinary Teaching
Hospital, click the link included with this video. https://vet.purdue.edu/vth/

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