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Quizzical about everything in the queue animal kingdom. Let’s meet tonight’s menagerie the questing Phill Jupitus Study touch upon that Alamos Protect of quadrupeds a moose in a quarry a Moose in a quandary Copter And a committed dragon in Quentin Tarantino’s jacuzzi I love this. What is blue and sounds like a whale Black fur roaring start so the whole lure, is it a sad dolphin? There really soothing Blue you sure look whale There was a genius comic called Linda Smith and one of her best jokes but she said I’ve bought one of those tapes of whale music and Soothing turn out to be a dolphin tribute band Also, we don’t know what it means it could be soothing to us, but they’re saying I’m choking on the plastic Can I just remind everybody there’s this season is the letter Q huge something so the Queen What is blue and sounds like the way wild yes We’re just sayin what is orange and sounds like a parrot? So the Mook well lives in sub-saharan Africa it’s one of about 40 species of quail worldwide Actually only the male’s of are blue gills. They’re brown with buff under parts Oil is quail. I know it spoil Quite hello. I for the straight guy What did quail teach us about sex in space do you suppose they sent quails up to space Yes, they could in fact we call the very first extraterrestrial Life-form. Okay, I’m gonna take a mad guess. Yep. They taught us how to be caring lovers They said the exam they did send the exactly are the very first vertebrates to be born in space program They went up into the MIR space station in 1990 part the Russian program They wanted to find out if quail would be a good food source for a long term mission So eight of them hatched out of that lot, but they couldn’t cope with zero gravity. They simply couldn’t latch on and feed themselves so this is the sweetest thing the cosmonauts had to stop every two hours and feed the quail and in the end they invented a little jacket that Harnessed them to freedom What they discovered was it completely removes their sex drive Yes entirely going up into space the female stopped ovulating. The male’s had reduced testosterone levels and both sexes exhibited an Absolute apathy to mating This means my girlfriend’s been to space All right, it sounds a bullet drifted buying her underwear you should be here But there seems to be a great deal of interest in the sex life of Guelph’s this is one of my favorite studies So the University of Kentucky in 2011 They received a massive grant from the National Institute of Health to study what the effect of cocaine is on the sex drive of the Japanese whale Everyone’s just deep-frying everything in Surprise you apparently the cocaine was linked to increased risky sexual behavior Well, I say, where’s my drugs So old British words for quail, they just be called but for but This they get better wet my lips and quick midok There’s another medieval phrase for quail, which is cocaine Horns they make in fact so does the word quail itself? It comes from the medieval Latin name for them, which was popular So that’s supposed to be the sound shall we have a listen and see if we think it sounds like any of those things? Gotta get This out and I have a fact that is just for you, okay the male Japanese quail, they have a gland above their sex organ Liquid containing it has some of the same enzymes and proteins that you get an egg white and they whip this into a stiff using their sphincter He’s quail meringue deposit into the female after the sperm I could desert Clay to make sure it doesn’t come back Seems to be some advantage but we don’t know what it is other than I think fun About the male quail does something interesting about the females they’re attracted to losers They did some research so what they did they had two male quail in a box with a Plexiglas divided down the middle and they fought by trying to peck each other through the glass and I had a female quail Watched this and when she was placed in with the two males She preferred the loser the one who had shown the least suppression perhaps it didn’t show what he could do with his whipping sphincter She was checking a sphincter and she was like look at the whip It’s also possible she’s hoping that the male quail is not gonna be aggressive towards her. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. What’s the most numerous? undomesticated bird in the world pigeon Okay, well here that’s a lot when Island speak So I’m gonna give you a clue this is one of the ways to kill it this is a piece of dynamite, okay Is it does it live in Britain No soda Lisa is in with the best chance of knowing this as there are lots of these in Malawi. Oh Okay. Yes. It’s weaverbirds Quigley aquileia weaverbird is what we call them. You’re absolutely right. It’s will the red-billed quelea Putting these things they’re a menace, okay? Like the bane of farmers, they like flock and they eat like everything. They’re like feathered locusts That’s exactly it. Yes, there are approximately one and a half billion of these birds So to put that into some kind of context the UK’s most numerous bird is the Wren There are eight point six million breeding pairs They come in flocks of two million birds and each bird eats roughly half its own bodyweight a depth Weight of an elephant they can consume 20 tons a day one flock so they can absolutely decimate agriculture It is an extraordinary thing and getting rid of them there that people go through the field with like drums Trying to chase them away. We don’t have dynamite. That seems like a better plan Like we might get dynamite Seriously thinking about it. We don’t have the budget It’s alright if you don’t have the money for Dynamite’s do just try and go into the field to scare them But they’re incredibly mobile and they’ll just go on to the next field and thank you have wings Dana. Yeah, I’m afraid so They’ve tried napalm they’ve tried pathogens. They’ve tried electronic devices dynamite fire bombing kindness, you know Over there Just a million cats The pilot who you know, he wants to see action in the army and they send him to fire bomb a bunch of birds. Yeah About 50 million are killed in South Africa alone every single year But they have very few natural predators and the females produce about nine offspring a year. So they’re able to just keep replenishing themselves I have to say this is not the only animal that Farmers use dynamite on I love this story in the Austrian province of ver al Berg in 2018 Oh God Blowing up dead cows That’d make us do So what is that air is a very alpine air it’s right on the Swiss border And when a cow dies you’ve got to get rid of it But it could die by falling down a precipice or being struck by lightning or something But it’s really difficult to get rid of the remains. And so they were having to helicopter the dead cows $1,000 of trip. So some farmers were blowing them up $32 to blow up Yeah, do you know why they’ve stopped doing it it spreads against law now to do it Do you know why might spread diseases surely I can termination on the groundwater? But the other thing which I really like is it was putting tourists off Today explore we are getting a helicopter. What what is happening over there in Austria? We’re making some cheese with The banging and there is meat landing on my roof anything no, it’s no just carry on with your cheese Bonni they’ll all want one Anyway who’s started waking up earlier in order to get more selfies? Noon ages teenagers. No, they’re all these young pop stars the Kardashians and stuff with what selfie Get a buzz for saying Kim Kardashian, yeah, because we thought it was predictable that somebody at some point It’s fine remembering when cue and we’re doing a new animals to animals quail Okay, you are in the right part of a queen kangaroo you are in the right part of the world it is the world When you take a picture, he looks like he’s smiling and people keep taking pictures It looks like he’s poking his head in Smiley’s it is world’s happiest animal Adam Quora. Yes. Absolutely right very well I do See you one They lived listen a little tiny island called a rot nest just off Perth just off the coast of Western Australian a great folks I don’t trust it. That’s like a person in a suit The peloton I’ll watch the guys completely So that quokka is an Aboriginal word and the Dutch sailors initially mistook them for giant rats so that’s why the island is called rottenest and there are more than 7400 Hawker selfies Which were posted on social media in 2018? Helped by the fact that people like Roger Federer the tennis player and Margot Robbie the actress both did them There’s Roger Federer with Kaka and apparently oaring what’d you fight about other course? We just think about them, they’re nocturnal but those that are on rottenness are now staying awake during the day In order to spend time with tourists and the ones who are on the bit of the island that’s highly developed for tourism are doing better than The ones in the less disturbed habitats. Here’s the thing. That’s slightly gonna put you off the clock Does it shit in your face? Do not eat their pavlovas Not great parents so when the female quokka becomes aware of a predator the first thing she does is she checks the jury from her pouch and the Infant lies on the ground making a sort of hissing noise and this distraction allows the mother to escape and leave the predator Well grey kangaroos do at swamp Wallabies that there are lots of other they called Rockettes the female Workers get their beauty sleep at night now so they can always look their best for the daytime something but selfies are dangerous Oh, yes. They are many I will die doing selfies also, like I was given advice by Comedian who said oh if a fan comes and they recognize you and they excited. Maybe you should say Oh, do you want a selfie because sometimes they’re too shy and I followed this advice yes, and in nodding, I’m a woman was like oh I Recognized, you know, it’s a quiet I said do you want to selfie and she said no, you’re not the Eiffel Tower Now sticking with Australian marsupials a quoll is a squirrel sized Marsupial. Okay. Let us imagine that you’re hiding a baby in Australia monopoles Turner What are you gonna offer them? Try to why you give me Timmy? Why do we have to offer them anything we didn’t invite them Now we’re catering for everyone who turns up. Yes So there is a reason why you want them to eat something when they’re cuter than you Oh, no, no that which is cuter than you Okay sausages is what you need to offer them what kind of sausages do you think you might offer ain’t qual vegetarian? We need to do this to save them from extinction They should have had that when they turned up yet. So repeats teens feed us cuz I was like get out of it My friends know their numbers have dropped Dramatically and he does because probably they’ve been eaten by foxes and they’ve been eaten by cats which were introduced by the Victorians But also they like to eat cane toads. So there is a toxin in the back pain, too So licking them can cause hallucinations and there indeed Australian dogs, which are entirely addicted to do That’s an attic Labrador on a trip these are fantastic But the clothes can be killed by this poison so educate them not to eat game toads They’re being fed. Sausage is made from toad mints They take the harmful skin off and they make the mints and replace it with a chemical which makes the Qualls feel nauseous Is to put them off eating toad, but I think the ones in the wild don’t smell like barbecue They go back home, they like are tiny I had some tide, you know telling you what it was bad Oh, I’ll go and tell Sheila. Let’s spread the word Tired cottage. We should all avoid it up to 68 percent of the wild ones that have been fed toad sausages have been put off Eating to good social networking and they’re actually hoping now that they can drop toad sausages by helicopter Just say that one more time They are astonishing cane toads they’re not native to Australia at all they’re native to Central and South America 1935 They were brought in to sugar plantations in order to get rid of a pest which was the cane beetle. They brought in 102 times I Think we should definitely leave Europe Little bit failure. Hey other things know so they live on the ground and beetles can fly. Oh These a hundred and two Toads have grown into today’s population of one and a half billion They have devastated Australia’s florrum how its love to do it. Oh a female toad can have thirty five thousand eggs Yeah So here’s a nice thing apart from the toad sausages one of the ways they’re thinking now of Saving the Koala is to turn them into pets There are people who say lead you to have them instead of a cat. And in fact, they’re rather sweet they can be trained They can use a litter tray They weigh about the same. Yes Have you got your foot sticking out from under the duvet that goes They do have the second biggest bite force question So how they can bite relative to the size of any animal children as manian devil Course keeping them as pets is not going to save the wild population in any way whatsoever here’s a fact about calls as I love the breathing season only lasts for three days during which they mate with their partner every 15 minutes for the entire duration Yeah, the males on the females only meat for that three-day fest They want to stop eating the toads and talk to them about having sex Also not great parents these ones Know so what they do is they give birth to about 30 offspring Each one is the size of a grain of rice, but the female koala only has six nipples. So the first six who are fastest But some in same reality show Idea of you being a squirrel sized marsupial Tremendous point force that’s equivalent to the disbanding devil, which could have sex with it rewards Scientists are encouraging Qualls to eat sausages rather than toads in the hole Moving on what is wrong with this zebra? No barcode With like half the stripes. It’s an extinct subspecies Oh someone’s around it’s a it is a quacker indeed We already hunt the birds the crackers inclu so we’ve heard And Crocker’s and quill Leia. It’s cute darling. There’s gonna be a lot of animals beginning Doctors users moved in Stale It’s an extinct subspecies of zebra lived in southern Africa, it was stripy but only down to the shoulders It’s been sort of described as a zebra has forgotten his pajama bottoms About Stripes I went to school in Kenya and we read early colonial Books and they theorized because they’d never seen any mixed-race children, right? So they imagined that a child would be born with stripes. If a black person and a white person It makes sense if you think about it It’s more logical people thought the world was flat Apologize Anyway what I love about the Quaker is it’s a really good example of humans sorting out the natural world that Quaker was made a Protected species three years after it had already become extinct By the Capetown government in 1886, the last one died in Amsterdam Zoo in 1883 Three years too late got clear, but it is time for your Eden Clifford So in 1987, they tried to see if they could get one through selective breeding And in fact, they successfully bred the plain hindquarters, but it is still genetically a zebra. Did anybody not watch? Jurassic Park Here for a long time grant Museum at the University College London believed it owned two zebra skeletons But they reassigned them in 1972. They found one was a Quaker and one was a donkey so they didn’t have any zebra it’s kind of This is a fantastic thing This is the actual skeleton of the Quaker Now if you have a look at the back left leg you can see that there is just a sort of a black outline and that is because that particular leg is Missing on this quarter and this has an extrordinary story and here to tell us is the curator of the grant Museum Tannis Davidson hello tennis A fabulous Museum and a rare Museum. Is it not the grant Museum? Um, yes, we are the last University zoological museum in London, and anybody can go and visit it. Yes. We’re open to the public Monday through Saturday 1:00 to 5:00 Okay, so these skeletons of Quakers. How many do you think there are in the world? Well, it’s one of our star specimens. We think there’s only seven Craig has skeletons anywhere in the world, right? And as far as I know ours is the only one with a skull but it’s missing a leg What happened where the hell is the leg? Oh well The first idea is that it had been loaned to the Royal College of Surgeons right before World War two And of course that building was bombed, so it was lost During the bombing. Another idea was that when the specimens were Evacuated to Wales it somehow Became law so it could still be in Wales It could be okay and you’re holding a thing here. Now that this would look like this is what it looks like, right? How would you know the difference between a Quaker leg and a zebra leg? It’s very difficult. Oh You’ve got one you may think that it is in fact a zebra like yes There is an idea that perhaps this might be in someone’s collection If it was lost in Wales and maybe somebody thought it was a donkey leg or a horse legs You could compare it to the actual skeleton and see if it yes, if somebody found something like that Yes, we could, you know slot it in perfectly and it would just all become okay a little specimen again I feel we are the show to help you with this This is a crime watch appeal Information relating to the whereabouts of this missing Gregor leg, please please. There is a reward an all-expenses-paid trip to the mountains. Of course Fantastic Somebody in Wales is going guys think there’s one of those I know What is the most offensive thing anyone could do with this I Actually have to and it involves doing something with sandy sandy for me. Come on. I Need both of them you actually have to hold them like this boxing gloves it is exactly that that they were used as I Know so this is a queen conch actually in the United States It’s called a conch But the British say so about three thousand years ago the Mayans use them as boxing gloves or more of a knuckle duster possibly that part of the ritual worship of the rain god Charlock and Honestly, it resulted in quite a lot of bloodless. Yeah. Yeah, which was apparently part of the ceremony I would imagine if you’re in a culture that’s hitting each other wearing conscience as boxing gloves. You’re gonna invent the crash helmet really fun Story thing the queen conch large species of sea snail it lives in the Atlantic it’s incredibly strong ten times stronger than a mother of pearl So very few predators can get into this shell Except the nurse shark and what it does is it doesn’t actually crack the shell. It just sucks The best production of West Side Story I ever thought Rochelle playing also has a tremendous tradition So I have put a conch beside you there’s a tiny bit kind of cut off and the Aztecs used to have a conch shell Trumpet it was called a quick quiz Li and the musicians who played them were called quick Rossellini And it’s thought of had the power to defeat the aztec lord of the dead See a wonderful noise apparently if you move your hand in and out of the aperture that is the way in which you get Blowing competition telling Key West, Florida 2018 seventy year old woman called Mary Lou Smith She won the woman’s division and a fellow conch player a man called Rick race dropped to one knee and proposed It’s a thing people in western and in the Bahamas, they call themselves conscious. What am I supposed to do with mine? You two chips And they conquer it all Why you finish your career What does it mean if Quentin the Quahog sweats to the right He vote story No, it’s not like this. Look at this and see if this is a shellfish, isn’t it? It’s just I am yeah, I am. So where would you have you seen that the renewing good? Where else have might you’ve seen Quahog? It’s always that Family Guy. Yeah, so it’s set in a fictitious tone Family Guy of Quahog Rhode Island and February 2nd in the United States is Groundhog Day most of North America but in Nantucket It is Quahog Day and a Quahog called Quentin Is opened and the direction that the water spurts from his shell predicts weather winter is over Soviet squirts to the left six more weeks of winter Right actually come with a trigger warning Is over unfortunately Quentin himself does not live to see the prediction come true cuz he’s eaten immediately about the Harbormaster There’s a new Quentin every year have you seen the groundhog when they do the Groundhog Day things? Oh, that’s a Punxsutawney Phil That’s the name of the round One of the movie channels the other day when it was actually Groundhog Day. They ran Groundhog Day all day It’s 1887 I mean Quahog days that have been going for ten years But the groundhog thing is usually old although quahogs are very old in themselves So in 2006 there were some researchers from Bangor University And they opened up the shell of an ocean Quahog which they dredged from the coast of Iceland Unfortunately, they had just killed the oldest animal known to science it was 507 years Yeah, they were very upset Paul Butler from the University said we had no idea it was that old before it was too late That would be a good section to do on the show when scientists are sometimes dicks Once was a clam from Nantucket I’ll finish that one in your own time I would want to kiss these lips Another one of those would want to kiss them. It’s a freshwater fish found throughout North America. It’s called a quill back sucker Oh, so they’ve got these really thick fleshy lips and it allows their mouths to act like a vacuum They can actually attach to surfaces by suction, but here is how nature can be a ya know Rotter They have a really tiny esophagus. So they’ve got this great big fantastic vacuum mouth, but they can only eat microscopic things like algae I know this is mean doesn’t it big mouth tiny ability to swallow? So the oldest recorded callback 95 years old it doesn’t actually have quills on its back that’s a bit of a misnomer It’s that it’s dorsal fin is shaped a bit like a coal pen is the reason they have a polygon Andrus mating system So what that means is two or more males will mate Exclusively with two or more females. It’s like they belong Fish That has sharp venomous spines on its dorsal fin and that protective area You know who’s not down you’re not coming in so most well-known quilled animal is Porcupine how does a porcupine make love Okay – counting the occupiers is old world a new world this thing that we’re looking here North American new world porcupine So sex takes about a minute Alright and the female signals her interest by urinating and screaming we’ve all been there Anybody we’re just about to have a look at porcupines. It’s a horizontal. Well, I’m gonna show you two do you think so Yes Amazing is is spiked free. So what happens is the female turns her back on the male She arches her tail over her back that’s covering her quills and cushioning them less talking His some his member has got bristly barbs on the tip Backwards in its sheath, but it’s more like a sort of thick knife It comes that comes up like I sort of that’s all I can say Like this when they’re finished Do four minutes and then do cute baby now What would a porcupine make of this nice face have section What we know about them. You’re not far off so American porcupines are extremely good at climbing trees and it is one of the ways in which a female might show her interest is To climb a tree and then urinating screams Their entire lives up a tree and as a consequence, I love this they make their own Antibiotics in their quilts because they keep falling out of the tree On the quilt flexible and Bend Lands, but they really razor-sharp the quills. They can penetrate skin unbelievably easily but they’re they’re extremely painful to extract because they hurt backwards pointing Barb’s so Scientists are now trying to mimic this exact mechanism so we could develop better medical adhesive. So things like nicotine patches You don’t like it. You don’t like doing that. It’s a bit much. Ok, come here. I’m having sex again That brings us to the loving and soft environments that we call general ignorance fingers on buzzers, please According to the traditional proverb what killed the cat? Curiosity Had the original version for either 260 years was that care killed the cat care meaning worry or sorrow if you know your Shakespeare is in much ado What courage man? Watch though care killed a cat thou hast mettle enough in the to kill care In the mid 19th century care was replaced by curiosity and we just don’t know The Russian version of this phrase is curious. Barbara’s nose was torn off at the market Got the canary that’s away mice will play that’s what your tongue anybody know, why cats got your tongue because they’re bastards It may be that it could be as far back as you know The Middle East from about 500 BC apparently Liars had their tongues removed and fed to cats as a punishment Yeah, and you’ve got cats and no one finds you after about three days They don’t feed on your face. Look those those six. They’re In my belief that is true because And when Thomas Hardy died the nation wanted him to be buried in Poets Corner in Westminster Abbey But his wife wanted him to be buried in Dorset So it was arranged that his heart would be removed after his death and the body would go to Poets Corner and the part would be buried in Dorset. Anyway, the surgeon came did is at the house They weren’t doing the burial of the heart to the next day So he put it in a biscuit tin in the larder and apparently in the morning the cat had managed to open the biscuit. Yes Anyway, the canterbury died. They buried the cat Up to its neck, but that’s only if they’re dead owners if they can’t get out. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, you’re gonna die leave the cat’s lap open Fencing He’s got lots of masks on Seriously it was care that killed the cat. How can you tell if a bird is a songbird it will be singing? It’s got a record deal and it’s on Spotify in Little Mix So here’s the thing not all songbirds sing a song bird is defined as a Lea bird that belongs to the passer in subordinates So basically black she was a songbird. She was don’t you need to have three toes facing forward and one facing back so there All about Alfea The Sur inks is the name for their song box and some are so developed That they can sing two notes at once really really fast There’s a bad for the Northern Cardinal It is able to sing more notes that is on the canno keyboard in a tenth of a second I know that is really astonishing but the definition of songbird is not about whether the birds actually sing Because in fact females 29% of songbird species don’t sing at all So according to the RSPB bird song is any sound used to attract a mate or to protect territory? Okay bad song isn’t just for songbirds. How would this animal protect itself by? Rolling into a ball Just slide down so here’s the thing. There are 18 species of Armadillo only two of them the brazilian three-banded And the southern three-banded rolled up into a ball. I was showing you a six bandit Haha my dog, which does not do that. It crawls into a square And get into it and just line it with any of the armor showing me get in that hole But it’s trying to dig it, but it’s already in there They have another marvelous way of escaping a predator so the nine-banded armadillo can walk underwater Wow She can hold its breath for as long as six minutes getting under the water could also make itself buoyant on the water by Swallowing air and inflating its stomach and intestines. It’s Jesus There’s a fantastic thing the facts about our middle is what disease are they thought to be the only ones to get They can get leprosy but so can mice and rats and in fact a 2016 study found that one-third of red squirrels Leprosy where is your tile? It’s the most appealing thing about me This is true, I have terrible asthma I do which of these dogs should I buy? In Labrador Well oddly, there’s no such thing so there are all sorts of dogs that are described as hypoallergenic There’s no evidence to support that there’s such I’m and they’re warrior dogs that shed more you tend to have more reaction It’s a dog saliva. And it’s yeah, it’s dander or the flakes of dead skin. It is found in all dog breeds There is some thoughts that if they shed less fur They release less of this protein into the environment and so into the nostrils of Sepphoris, perhaps a it’s not been proved Clear about this. There’s no evidence to support the idea of a totally hypoallergenic dog There are dogs that perhaps might make your life a little. Yeah, they make it bit easier. I’d be find me a cockapoo If you’re allergic to dogs get a budgie But now the issue that’s been dogging us the score. Oh really The top dog with -5 is delicious With -6 it spells – Keriann also – six Faced with – tennis audience Turn yourself in final place with -56 Thanks to dolly So Phil carry out an Allen I leave you with this quick quotation from the porcupine poem by Ogden Nash any hound a porcupine? Nudges can’t be blamed for harboring grudges. I know one hound that laughed all winter at a porcupine that sat on a splinter You

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  14. I'm not convinced that the strategy of ejecting the joey, if the joey makes a hissing noise, is an example of BAD parenting. It may be that the predator hears the hissing, avoids it in the belief that it is a snake, and chases after the mother as the larger meal. So this could be a strategy to PROTECT the young. I mean, it's not. What it is is a gene that makes the joey hiss and the mother run away without having much of a reason to. The EFFECT of this gene is that more of the species lives on to reproduce and spread the gene that caused them to live on and reproduce. That's also true if the idea is to sacrifice the joey to save the mother. If the mother is killed all of the future joeys she WOULD have had are lost. If every time she ejects a joey it gets eaten then THOSE joeys are lost. If by the latter means fewer joeys are lost, then the genes that inspire her to do that will have a greater chance of living on and spreading. This is the EFFECT, of course. It's not anyone's INTENT. The mother is not thinking of a strategy for spreading her genes, and there's no such thing as a Mother Nature who is designing genes for the purpose of spreading themselves. Everything is an accident, and everything is trial-and-error. Genes that cause a behavior that is suicidal (and thus prevents those genes from being passed on to a 2nd generation) are just as likely as genes that cause their own propagation. It's just that the suicidal genes don't last long.

  15. One must ask, since the left hand and right hand aren't the same, if there is a conch, or even spiral-growth seashells in general, that are the mirror-image of other members of their species? The grip could still be accomplished by turning one of the shells upside-down relative to the other one (which, I see is how the Main Dane Dame holds them, one with the tight-wound point upwards, the other with that point downwards).

    Also: narwhal tusks. Any that go the other way? There are rare narwhals that have two tusks.  15% of female narwhals have a tusk, and while 1 in 500 males has two tusks there has only been one known female to have two. A photo shows the tusks' spiral (helix) going in the same direction which is phenomenal considering that the left and right sides of the mouth OUGHT to be mirror-images of each other.

    (I've checked and at least in snails there are both directions (but within an isolated breeding group they will all eventually curl the same way because it makes mating easier) but what about other seashells?)

  16. Haven't watched it yet, but if they have any sense, surely "Blue Quail" is an answer on this one.

    Edit: Well there we go, first question, no time wasted.

  17. I forgot this was the episode with the porcuporn in it. Seeing a new episode is always a treat, getting the XL version is the cherry on top. Thanks!

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