Questions You Should Always Ask Before a Playdate

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Hi, I’m Jamie Kondis, and today I’m going to
talk about playdate safety. So a lot of us send our kids to other kids’ houses
to play, which is great, we like them to be making friends and being social even
at a young age, but here are some things you might want to think about before
sending your kid over to somebody else’s house when you’re not going to be there
with them. One I think it’s essential that you visit the house first at least
one time with the child and kind of see what potential hazards might be at your
friend’s house, do they have a pool are they going to be using the pool, is your
child a strong swimmer? Do they have any pets, does your child have any allergies
to pets, or how are the pets in general, are they large dogs, could they
potentially bite, are there cats, are there other exotic animals? And what is
their neighborhood like, is it a safe area, do they live in sort of a
cul-de-sac, where they can’t get onto a main street, is there potential
that they’re gonna be walking somewhere? Another hazard that is in the home that
may be hard to ask about but that we like to think about is are there any
guns in the home and if there are guns in the home do they keep them in a place
where the child could access them? Unfortunately we see pretty much the
highest rate of firearm injuries in the country right here in St. Louis. Finally
does your child have any food allergies? What types of food might they be serving
your child? Or any other dietary restrictions it’s important to let your
friends know my child can’t have dairy or gluten or whatever it is that your
child might need to avoid prior to going over for that playdate. So it seems like
a lot for sending your child over to play but these are all important things
to think about.

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