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So, before we get into this video, let me just show you this random clip that I did after a recording session I did- like, last week. *Ok Music* Okay, Ty I can make it 7 feet tall- *giggles* it’s gonna be $130 ,Ty! Maximum overall size- I can, I can do 7 feet, 11 inches Holy F*ck! That’s gonna be the size of my room that’s gonna be hysterical “I was gonna say, how tall are your ceilings?” – Ty Hold on- how tall am I? I CAN-I CAN MAKE THE BOWLING PIN THE SIZE OF MY ROOM “Special Instructions” “It’s not a person… it’s a bowling pin” ” Which is also a person”- Ty Shut up He is, *Gibberish* he’s- he is my son Heh, heh… Don’t talk about it- We’re fine- we’re gonna move on from that one “Please… … keep… …his… … bowling pin… … features” “I can’t wait for your accountant to see this purchase”- Ty HA HA, I know right? he’ll gonna be like “Uh, we need to talk, okay?” What’s the final cost? $196! dollars. “Hey, so I know YouTube isn’t doin’ too great for you. But whatcha do with all that YouTube money?” “Oh, you know…” *giggles awkwardly* and… post! *Dissapointment of oneself intensifies* Thank you for watching the video, please like and subscribe *Ok Music Again* THE MISTAKE HAS ARRIVED I just realised, ha ha, that’s very meme-able any time I walk into a party: THE MISTAKE HAS ARRIVED! *giggles* Also, this isn’t sponsored I just thought it’d be really funny That’s literally it. …there’s no other reason for it. *Sounds of ripping tape and cardboard* Alright, *laughter* Oh no Oh no… *Laughing continues* *Still laughing…* Oh no… Ladies and gentleman, I give you.. MY SON! *Giggles* There was an option to make an 8 foot cardboard cutout of my son And boy god did I do it! Hey guys, whaddya think? *Awkward laughter* What the actual fuck? *Awkward laughter intensifies* Y’know… I think you look great I think you’ve never look better What a waste of $200 But here we are! WELCOME to r/BoneAppleTea the glorious part of the internet where everyone spells anything wrong Because.. let’s be real there’s a lot of dumbass people out there and thus… let’s get into this! Bro I had to be the dumbest preschooler out there Let’s have a little look That’s a… let’s start with a TRIANGLE Which is a… ChRiego Uh, a SgR *giggles* That square defines Cardi B’s entire career SKRR! A SrkO …a Dimn …a sdr … and a Ritigo *giggles* The rest of them, you know- They’re sounded out, but- *wheezes in whale-song* For those who have an Alexa, you’re gonna hate me for this next part… Alexa: remind me to feed the baby DEFEAT THE BABY! *giggles* ONE REMINDER, 2 AM! DEFEAT THE BABY! That’s the defintion of a level 1 boss, chief you’re fine… you’re fine “Defeat the Baby” Ah, technology is a pile of Shit, isn’t it? What’s that Spanish Christman song ? it goes like “The least knobby dot” *a wheezing exhale has arrived in your area* Oh, this is gonna be a good subreddit! You guys- You spammed me so much in the last episode to do this to do r/BoneAppleTea. And I’m really excited to do this! Also I realised when I read this- Is that MY SON is now looking over me at all times. And I don’t know how to feel about it… If my son starts to give interesting vibes please leave a comment down below as a REPORT TICKET. My ears keep ringing Do I have tonight tits what? Ten nights its *exhales phlegm* you mean tinnitus? *giggles* The definition of “Just sound it out” “Just sound it out” TONIGHT TITS Sounds like a foreigner coming to America and trying to order a hooker: “Can I have tonight tits?” Heh, heh… What is it at the start of GTA 4? “BIG TITTIES” *giggles* “BIG TITTIES” “What’s worse than a heartbreak?” Just as a side note- before we get into this, There is- this is just an excuse for attractive people to show off how attactive they are “What’s worse than a heartbreak?” “What’s on your mind?” “What’s 9+10?”
And like- STOP ASKING US QUESTIONS! WE GET IT! YOU’RE ATTRACTIVE! Please… nining leven, bitch What’s worse than a heartbreak? Nining Leven? idk how to spell but its that shit where the… pl-plains plains planes flew into them towers nining leven, Oh my god, Ciroc Obama! You can speak English- NINE! ELEVEN! THEY’RE BASIC NUMBERS! Oh my goodness… He’s a mess He’s a mess It’s like the old-fashioned dark humour joke of: “Why were the people in the Twin Towers so upset?” “They ordered a pepperoni pizza and all they got was PLANE” *ba dum tss* Ty, remember this part? CYMBALS, TY! cymbals! Cymbals! CYMBALS! I… My editor’s going to leave me My editor’s going to leave me SNARES! SNARES! CYMBALS- It’s only a matter of time before my editor leaves me~ Oh, it’s from ya girl LUWANDA JENKINS Yes u should get vaccines. And so what if that makes your kid artistic That don’t always mean he’s gay. *defeated chuckle* Should I explain it or should I just let her travel on through life and let Natural Selection just take its course? You know LUWANDA- I like your name by the way. I love Fairly Odd Parents. Heh, heh… Bad joke We’ll just see what happens to her! Oreo’s Secret Ingredient “After that fans cool the wafers to the desired Chris penis” Ah yes- We should all know by now how much of a Sh!t-show the CC-the “Closed Captions” sections on YouTube is right now- For example- feel free to put on closed captions right now and- Lemme know if something bad pops up. Cause OML do I love refrigerators Especially when you have a little weird accent like mine. And sometimes you talk fast and it’s just how it is- I get excited and my son is terrifying I’m like 5′ 11″ / 6′ foot Just to put in perspective. My son grew up. He’s like my bodyguard now- And that’s all Wood, Ladies. *Clicks* *Ugh* I Saw this girl on ig Thought she was cute. Saw her in real life. trashhhhhhh. Looks can be this evening. *wheezes while also oozing pleasure from his vocal cords* sometimes it’s even tomorrow night Ugh-naaaah~Nya (how do you subtitle that last bit?) Normally with subreddits I kinda have to like, accentuate the humor by doing dumb Sh!t, but I feel like these just speak for themselves, like- I don’t know what value I can add to these! They’re already beautiful gold mines! Iiiiiiif you’re happy and you know it – Clamp your hams! *Clap Clap* if you’re happy and you know it clamp your hams! *Clap Clap* If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it, if you’re happy and you know it clamp your hams! *Clap Clap* r/BoneAppleTea Ahh the classic that is Trisha, thank you! I can never pay attention when I do my homework smh I must have 80HD ahhhh, this is the classic “Bone Apple Tea” see this everywhere it’s beautiful especially in Jacksfilms you know, “Your Grammar Sucks” Fantastic series! Jacks films, he went to “Your Grammar Sucks” to make an hour long videos, and songs, and compilations to Twitter and Android *Thigh clap?* really proud of you jacks Ahhaha my parents are prob gunna buy flaming young and a cake Wat the f*ck is flaming young? filet mignon *Erotic ASMR Moaning* filet mignon My parents probably gunna buy a child on fire *giggles* GOD DAMN FLAMIN’ YOUNG! Or just Flaming young *Dramatic action movie sound that’s in every trailer, it’d be very weird if it was used in P*rn …* *demonic laughter* Dead*ss spent 2 hours doing project on youth on Asia *might have a throat infection with the amount of wheezing coming from this one* Youth in asia- YOUTH IN ASIA! What a surprise HE’s gonna get when euthanasia means Killing people! *Mini nearly getting hit by the stupid seeping from this post* Also, I love the picture you used. This kids hair style- is someone just took a goatee and went “NAH” Heh, heh… *really poorly done scottish accent throughout this one* The greatest trick the Devil ever played on me was getting banned from an all you can eat pizza buffet why’d you get banned? I’ve touched the rat what rat chunky cheese *might have a throat infection with the amount of wheezing coming from this one* not “Chuck E Cheese”- Chunky Cheese! It’s just Chucky E. Cheese you just He just decides to just eat ALL of the food and leave none for the children. *Ugh* I also don’t know why he’s scottish but for the sake of RP, Chunky Cheese! (SCOTTISH ACCENT INTENSIFIES) *yet another giggle, at this point you can assume if the screen turns monochromatic or it tilts mini is laughing.* GET IN MA BELLY! *Austin Powers scene now* tekashi 6in9ine is pleading guilty to 9 charges, faces a minimum of 47 years in prison, . and is willing to cooperate with federal officials to shorten his sentence. Shaynahhhhh It’s like … Shaynahhhhhhhh This be wild because he’s 22 and if does 47 years, he’ll be 69 when he gets out. Whew the iron knee (Ironic because it mean’s he’s got hitched, not a literal “Arrow to the Knee.” This small segment was brought to you by the UrbanDictionary) (not sure why someone else put this here but okay – MØ) Skyrim worst enemy “Iron Knee” *giggles* If we all had iron knees that meme wouldn’t have been a thing 5 years ago And if you don’t know that meme- HA! Welcome to the internet. You seem to be new and I don’t know if you knew this about me but I submit a adventure (i think he actually had a hernia and an aneurysm this time) like you, and then I took an arrow to the knee. *sips* My hands are so fucked, deffo gonna have Arthur writes this when I’m older I aspire to have Arthur write this when I am older If things start to go well for me and I ever get a biography written about my like Make sure I have Arthur. Y’know- Make sure the guy, the author, who writes my book is named Arthur. Just so I could say. “Arthur write this!” *clap clap* And then Arthur will come to the room going: “Yes Sire, yes Sir” I have really weird fantasies (No sh!t?) I love the smell of incest (Go to school) Fun for the whole family What’s your major Mini Ladd:”Youtube” Communications Yours? I’m doing biology I want to be a pedestrian (someone please find that post and tell him it is pediatrician A what Like I want to be a doctor for kids Pretty sure they mean pescatarian Next comment; Pretty sure it was p3d0phile. Hyuugmm, *other words subtitling sounds of disgust* Bad taste. *giggles awkwardly* To be a pedestrian. And I want to be the best like no one ever was But we all don’t get what we want Martha So sometimes I skip over some bad ones but this one I was thinking about skipping over it- Don’t y’all hate when teachers use to coffin skate your phone The only reason I include this one Is the fantastic little picture that is cut off at the bottom. Coffin skate Not confiscate- coffin skate *giggles* This isn’t r/BoneAppleTea, this is- *giggles has evolved into chuckles!* Sorry- I read ahead and I started laughing How does a brain anas rhythm *Uncontrollable laughing* How does a brain anas rhythm instantly kill you I know it has something to do with blood clots maybe? But how do you just die instantly? Anus rhythm. Oh that gave *stutters*- That was a sensible chuckle A proper sensible chuckle I need to recover Give me a second- Why was I born in this generator *chuckles* Sounds like the start of a horror game WHY WAS I BORN IN THIS GENERATOR?! PLEASE, SOMEONE, LET ME OUT OF THIS GENERATOR! I can use the sides of my webcams to pretend I’m stuck in my webcam I’m not stuck in my webcam But Y’KNOW This one I disagree with… so Benedict Cumberbatch- so people are saying like: Benefactor Cobblestone, Benadryl Cabbagepatch SO This isn’t r/BoneAppleTea, this is- Watch… So this a legitimate thing. it’s a Tumblr page called: Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator so let’s have a look at Benedict Cumberbatch, you got: Bumbleshack Cheddarcheese Honkytonk Crucifix Bendydick Cottagecheese Butawhite Cantbekhan Butercup wafflesmack Johnnycash cuckatoo Barister Crackerdong Brendadirk Curdledong Wimbledon Tennismatch There’s my personal favorite! Billiardball Cuckooclock Wimbledon Countryside Bulbasaur Collywog Beetlejuice Candygram Cogglesnatch Cumbersome Syphilis Coddleswort Bumblebee Cumbersome *music in background starts to get more menacing, realizing this might have gone on a little too long* One of my personal favourites… Wanda’s Crotchfruit I’m gonna leave it there- *chuckles* Please feel free to go on this website and try it for yourself. just- *giggles* Benedict Cumberbatch’s name is Fantastic. Fantastic name. I love ripping it to pieces. Thank you all so much for watching! Before you go- Y’got any more recommendations for… dumb shit like this I can buy, please let me know down below! Also as well, Reddit recommendations! Don’t forget! Twitter! My Subreddit if you want My Instagram! Go follow me up on, uh, on all of those please it would mean a lot Link is in the description to that @MiniLaddd, no space three Ds I appreciate you guys Also I uploaded a video on the second channel! Of the MrBeast $200K battle royale, if you haven’t seen my perspective side go check it out! Here’s a clip! *Epic music plays* ‘Kay. BWOOOOOOOOM And thank you all so much for watching! And that’s really it, Like, Subscribe, all that stuff! And I’ll talk to y’all in the next one NOW! Videos! You can go and watch the last reddit video over here if you want Or! There’s another random video over here I have no idea what the hell it is Click one of these! If you’re brand new to the channel I try and do reddit videos two-three times a week CLICK ME! AND I WILL ENTERTAIN YOU! OR I WILL AT LEAST TRY! CLICK ME OR I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING THAT YOU KNOW AND LOVE! *nondescript screaming*

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