r/maliciouscompliance | EVIL Teacher Puts My Mom In HOSPITAL… Get’s Fired.

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How my new boss lost his fingers.
XL Back in the early 2000s I was a management
trainee for a manufacturing company in the UK, and I was responsible for quality control
and production management. I was 22 years old, keen as punch and ready to change the
world. About 11 months into the role, I got a new
boss, let’s call him “Fred”. Fred was also the company owner’s son, and was basically
a 45 year old freak up who had only ever been a drug dealer/DJ and now stood to inherit
the entire company. His management style was, let’s say, ‘interesting’ and he would deviate
from “screaming at you for the most benign thing ever” to “I can’t deal with the pressure
so I’ll go home for the day” in a matter of hours. He also thought he was a manufacturing
GENIUS. His ideas were batcrap crazy, but he would scream at anyone who questioned him. There was a 52 year old machine operative,
let’s call him “Roy”, who has worked on the same machine for over 30 years. Roy could
tell when his machine was 2 weeks away from a breakdown, just because it sounded different.
He was truly at one with his machine. Fred decided that we would modify Roy’s machine
so that we could extend the range of products we could manufacture. In order to do this,
he decided that we would add an additional spindle to the machine. The problem was that
each product would finish at a different time and you would need to remove a product from
the machine while the other one was still spinning. Roy protested and said he’d never use it,
but Fred went ahead and modified it over the weekend with a subcontractor. On Monday, Roy said “you must be joking, I’m
not using that”. Fred said “you will use it, or you’ll be looking for a new job tomorrow.”
Roy said “it’s not safe and I won’t use it. If you try to make me I will report you to
the HSE.” And then Fred said “if you report me, I’ll make sure you don’t find work ever
again”. So Roy smiled and said, “ok, fine, I’ll load
the next job but you can run it first.” Roy loaded on his next job, and took two steps
back…he also looked at me and said “stand back”. Fred started the machine and all went well….
for about 30 seconds. The first job had reached the diameter required
and Fred pressed ‘stop’, however he now had to lean over the other job that was still
running at 2,000 RPM. I didn’t see it happen but I heard an awful scream and then saw blood
squirting everywhere. Fred fainted onto the machine, narrowly missing the spindle with
his face and greasy long black hair. We pressed the emergency stop and picked him up, and
it was then I spotted his fingers in the machine. I picked up two middle fingers and gave them
to a colleague to put into a freezer bag, which was a waste of time because they couldn’t
reattach them, they were too mangled. Fred never came back to work. Apparently he
told his father he wasn’t cut out for running the company and I also left about 6 months
later. I saw recently that it was bought out in a management buy out and good old Roy was
the operations director. Good for him! Dont believe inhalers are needed, have fun
losing your job L
So this is actually a story that my mom told me from when she was in 8th grade. Sorry for
the length! She had this art teacher (we’ll call her Mrs.X)
who absolutely hated her. She was an older lady with only one year left before retirement.
This will be important later. My mom had P.E. right before her art class and she also has
really bad asthma. She had left her inhaler in her locker and when she was let out late
of gym, she decided to go straight to art, drop off her backpack, and then ask to go
grab her inhaler from her locker. Mrs. X, having hated my mom for some time,
told her to wait until announcements were over and then she could leave. She decided
not to fight and to go wait for announcements. My mom’s friends were ticked and they knew
she had terrible asthma so they were trying to convince her to just leave the classroom
because Mrs. x didn’t deserve her attention, being the witch she was. My mom said no and
waited patiently until she was allowed to leave. Once the announcements were over, she went
to Mrs.x asking if she could finally leave. Her response was “Well if you had enough oxygen
to sit there and talk to your friends rather than listening, then I don’t think you need
your inhaler.” At this point my mom is wheezing and had started to get a headache from not
being able to breathe. But again, she listens to her teacher, not wanting to get further
on her bad side and waits for class to end before she can grab her inhaler. Her friends
continue telling her to just leave since she isn’t doing any work anyway, but she tells
them to just wait, knowing full well how her body reacts to asthma attacks. At the end of class, her friends booked it
with my mom’s locker combination to grab her inhaler because my mom was in no shape to
run. However when they finally brought it to her, she couldn’t take in enough air for
the inhaler to be of any help. Her friends rushed her to the nurses office where they
told her about Mrs.x and how my mom couldn’t breathe. The nurse ended up having to call
an ambulance. My mom was rushed to the hospital, admitted
into the ICU, almost had to get intubated, and was there for 10 days. Her parents were
furious and my grandfather was ready to sue the entire state. The school, knowing that
Mrs.x was only a year away from retirement and not wanting to take away the benefits
she’d earn from staying, ended up striking a deal with my grandparents. My mom no longer
had to take art (even though it was a required class for 8th grade) so she aided for the
counselors that period. The school district was also in charge of paying for my mom’s
medical bills. My grandparents wanted her to lose her job, but agreed to the terms. But the story doesn’t end there. My mom’s
brother who was in 7th grade at the time of the incident had to take sculpting the next
year with Mrs. x, her last year. A few weeks into the class, my grandparents got a letter
informing them that my uncle was failing art. When confronted he told them that on the first
day of school, he had asked mrs.x a question and she had accused him of being disrespectful.
As punishment, she made him sit in a room that branched off from the main classroom.
Every day afterwards, she would falsely accuse him of something and force him to sit in that
room where he couldn’t get any work done, hence why he was failing. My grandmother called up the school district
in a rage telling them that the original agreement was now off because Mrs.x was unfairly taking
out her rage on my uncle and that they were ready to sue. Because the school district
never thought to get my grandparents to sign a contract saying they wouldn’t sue, they
were forced to fire mrs.x, much to the delight of my mother. She never got the benefits from
retirement. $20 minimum? If you insist, mate.
L This story comes from Melbourne, Aus, where
the liquor laws are pretty strict. TL;DR at bottom. We had a local pub near work that did $5 wines/beers
during happy hour. It was a bit of a dump but we didn’t mind. Three of us would go regularly
every Friday to relax. We usually bought rounds for each other, so 3 at a time, or maybe just
1 each if not all of us wanted a top up. Since this is a modern world, we’d pay by debit
and just tap our card on the little machine. Simple. Easy. One week I get to the pub before the others
so I went to order a wine for myself and reserve a nice table in the sun. When I went to pay,
the bartender informed me of the manager’s new rule: to pay by card is now a $20 minimum.
For cash, a new ATM had been installed in the corner that only gives 20’s and charges
$3.50 per cash-out, of which the bar gets a good cut. Now I know it costs for every
electronic transaction to occur, and it’s not unusual to find small coffee shops asking
for a $5 minimum to cover those costs, but $20 was outrageous, especially in a dive where
all drinks are dirt cheap. It wouldn’t even cover a usual round for us 3. The bartender
had to shrug and insist it was the manager’s new rule. I tried to argue against it, since
I just wanted a single glass. The manager came out and firmly reiterated that I’d have
to either buy 4 wines or get cash from the ATM. But I refuse to spend money in order
to access my own money. I ask for 4 wines. Now, I am a petite woman, it doesn’t take
too much to get me sloppy. I paid by card and sat there at the empty bar and pounded
these 4 cab-savs with the same speed that I’d usually nurse one. By the time I had finished,
my friends were still not there. I asked the bartender for one more glass of wine. The
manager was also still there, cleaning glasses. He told me again what he was instructed to
say before: there’s a $20 minimum, so… I ordered 4 more wines. The manager looked
pleased that his system was working. He was pretty smug about it all and wouldn’t budge
on any customer’s request. Before I paid for my second 4-glass round
with my card, I asked the bartender, within clear earshot of the manager, a pretty basic
question: ‘You’ve both got your RSA’s, right?’ All bartenders and bar owners are required
to possess a Responsible Serving of Alcohol licence, obtained through the state’s Commission
for Gambling and Liquor. It’s a heavily regulated industry, and a pretty strictly-enforced licence.
Plain-clothed officers will try to catch out bartenders who don’t carry their licence on
them while serving drinks, and they’ll sit to observe in bars for wreckless behaviour,
such as knowingly serving alcohol to an inebriated customer. I am not someone with any legal
authority, but I know enough people in the bartending/casino industry to be aware of
the laws. ‘Of course, why?’ the bartender asked. He
probably expected me to pull out a badge, but I am just a customer who wanted a glass
of wine. I explained that it seems pretty irresponsible
to serve a small woman 4 drinks simultaneously, when all I was asking for was one. Seems as
though, by the bar’s lack of attention, I have become quite drunk, and now you’re about
to happily process my second purchase of 4 drinks, knowing full well that I’m here alone.
8 drinks in less than an hour? Does that seem responsible to you? The smug look on the manager’s face quickly
turned to anger. ‘I think you’ve had enough, then.’ ‘No, no!
You’ve already poured 4 more. Here, take my card. Go on. Can’t let all that wine go to
waste. I mean, all I wanted was one, but if I HAVE to get 4…’ The bartender was very confused and a little
worried. Losing their RSA would mean losing his job. The manager refused to process my
order, and angrily poured 4 glasses of wine down the drain, a loss far greater than the
small electronic transaction fee that would have come with my basic wine order. I was sad to see the wine go, but I was happy
to tell them that I’m reporting them to the state commission for breaches of their RSA.
A petty move, but the manager chose greed over customer service and got what he deserved.
I actually downloaded the complaint form online and began filling it out there at the bar,
all while my body was now feeling the full force of 4 smashed wines. I was giggling while
doing it, and slurring my words while asking for the manager’s name and today’s date. The
bartender was very apologetic, and knowing none of this is his fault, I happily kept
him off the form. By the time my friends arrived I was pretty
drunk. After telling my story we decided to go somewhere else, and we definitely never
went back. I don’t know what came of the complaint exactly (likely a big fine) but the place
shut down about 6 weeks later and became a brunch cafe. Seems like they lost all their
regulars to a $20 minimum rule.

53 thoughts on “r/maliciouscompliance | EVIL Teacher Puts My Mom In HOSPITAL… Get’s Fired.

  1. for the school paying someones medical bill and have them skip a class is cheaper then a full lawsuit with no way to win

  2. Oddly enough, my art teacher was one of only a handful of teachers I had that gave a darn about the students. She was super cool and was the first person I knew who owned a computer. The 80s were messed up.

  3. I remember when I was 9th grade (I believe), my teacher (for a class I was taking) called on me to answer a question he had asked. I didn't know the answer, so he said "what are you? stupid or something?". I cried my eyes out and told my parents when I got home. My dad told me that he was going to go to the school with me the next morning and told my mom that he would deal with it. When we got there, I took my dad to the classroom (class had already started). My dad banged on the door for a minute or two and simply stated, angrily, "you, out here, now!" The teacher came out into the hallway and shut the door. What everyone should be aware of is that this happened back in the early 80's.

    My dad stood there berating the teacher for calling his son "stupid". The entire class was laughing at our classroom teacher (who was the high school coach). Back then, there was absolutely no soundproofed rooms. Down on the main floor, where the main office was, everyone could hear my dad's shouting match at the teacher. My dad could be a prick, an asshole, when the situation called for it but nobody called his children stupid, no matter who they were. At this time, the principle/dean, the vice principle, the school liason officer all came up to the second floor to find out what the ruckus was all about, until they saw my dad as he turned around.

    I could see the look of fear on their faces when they saw my dad. He was very intimidating and after a long discussion, they told my dad they would deal with the teacher. I was told to wait in the main officer until my next class and they would eventually transfer me out of that class into another one. The teacher/coach was removed from teaching. I don't remember what happened to him after that but that whole confrontation with my dad had the whole school talking. I didn't have any other interactions with that teacher after that incident.

  4. I would just sell 30 cent breath mints and set the minimum to 1 cent over the cost of a drink. you buy your 4.99 wine, and then either buy a second one, or pay your credit card fee in the form of an overpriced mint.
    or just charge a credit card fee to cover the transaction cost, if that's legal.

  5. In my city, there are plenty of those little shops where you buy cigarettes and stuff and also pay to play the lottery (no, usual supermarkets don't sell tobacco products and lottery products here). There is one near me that has a 10€ limit (mainly due to customer traffic in that location) which I can understand. However there is one at the Main railway station that has no debit card minimum, but a 40€ credit card minimum. Which I find complete BS, since another location has no limits on card transactions whatsoever and has less customer traffic. So yeah, it depends on the owner mainly.

  6. There's a restaurant where i live does the $20 card fee I buy a ton of there stuff do to D&D games friends and i play we order we go to the place next to it is a dollar store and get drinks there and when we know our pizza is done we eat first then start the game

  7. a small bar and grill in my town added in a small fee for credit card processing, a lot better than a $20 minimum charge

  8. Teacher unions are the worst. They don’t care about the kids, so they’ll defend all but the worst teachers so they can’t be simply fired. A big part of why the american education system is so fucked up.

  9. Mrs. X was lucky that it wasn't my parents she dealt Wie her hide would have been nailed to the school entrance for what she'd done

  10. I've been to many bars that had a minimum $$ if you were using a card to pay, but I've never had a bar charge per "round" but rather they kept a tab open, which makes much more sense to run a card once instead of multiple times… i guess things are different down under perhaps

  11. my dad works in a factory, a couple of years ago one of his friends got his thumb caught in the machine and got ripped clean off. he had to pick up the guy’s thumb and put it on ice so that it could be attached

  12. 3:44 Jake: "Fred came back to work."
    OP/captions: "Fred never came back to work."

    How in the hell can a man without fingers come back to a manufacturing job?! That's literally the exact opposite and only the most glaring mistake.

    You include four to five ads in ten minute videos that you don't even review, but have the nerve to question why your channel doesn't get enough subs compared to views!

  13. For like the 50th time LESS ADS you haven't even got the right title in your video I dont believe this is choosing beggars the quality of your videos are really going down hill

  14. 3:00 Never put severed fingers in a freezer bag. Butting them in icey cold destroys the tissue and any hope of reattaching them. Also, it will contaminate the severs finger making it dangerous to reattach. Call 911 (or 999) and follow their directions.

  15. Story 2:
    OP's mother did, but did NOT know how her body would respond. Mrs. X nearly killed her, but who cares, I guess?

  16. the last story is just dumb, the ouner policy of 20$ payment is stupid but is your choice to oblige or not. They go out of bisnes just bk stupid managment desisions, and that have nothing with malicious compliance.

  17. Great video, good job, thanks. I dunno why don't more people leave a like. lots of views not so many likes, these are great videos

  18. Reference Teachers
    Back in 1950s GB,, I was 5 and ready for school, I was the only pupil to start after easter hollidays, My mother spoke Irish as did Me,, 9,00am in class I was told to find a place there tables for 4 and little chairs, I found a table but no chair, I stood up until playtime 10,00 am and the teacher could see I had to, I knew no one so I was first back an took a chair a little girl started screeming and that I had stolen her chair (they were marked) The teacher pulled me out by the ear and shouted in front of the class I don't want your thieving Gypsy ways here you should have asked me (even that she could see me standing for an hour) later the same week she said William Redfern come out here, I had ONLY ever been known as Billy so I sat there she yelled it again then pulled me out by the ear, the following week she said William Patterson (another pupil) come out here, so I heard ,,William,, and went out front and got yelled at again,,remember I am only of 5,years
    That was only the start far worse was to come,,
    Another teacher said in front of the class to me are you a Gypsy Boy Obviously at playtime the kids were running round me shouting Gypo Gypo I kicked 4 of them hard on the shins the same teacher was on playground duty and come across and got hold of me so I kicked her even harder, a letter was sent to my parents
    It's hard for young people to believe it could be like it then But it's true others my age will tell you that many teachers were very sadistic and
    got away with it,
    ,, in the end my farther stopped me going and made out I was in Ireland,, Best move ever,,,,

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