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You don’t get to decide who is and isn’t
allergic to something, period Long
EDIT: Not sure if these are actually allowed, but I just wanted to say that we have posted
about what happened on a legal advice subreddit and are consulting with a professional on
this – thank you for all of the comments and advice that we have received. So this has basically just happened, apologies
for the ranting and the mobile format. My boyfriend and I were out for an anniversary
lunch. We went to a slightly fancy place because it’s a celebration, but somewhere we had
been before, so we knew it, and most importantly trusted them. This is because my boyfriend
has celiac disease – he was diagnosed years ago, before going gluten free as a fad began.
This means zero bread, zero pasta, zero pastry – simple enough to understand right? Apparently
not. So we went to this place before because they
claimed to have contamination-free areas for preparing dishes for those who requested it.
They also had specific ‘free’ products, including gluten free bread and pasta. They
were as good as their word – my boyfriend had a great meal, and didn’t have any pains
or repercussions afterwards, something uncommon for us. It was a no brainer to go here again,
and checked online to make sure that there weren’t any bad reviews or red flags about
dining with allergies – not a cross word. This time was different. We got there in good
time, were sat down and ordered drinks, and decided on what we wanted. The menu, as it
had done before, clearly stated the gluten free options available – we’d seen online
that someone had ordered a gluten free filled pasta, which is something my boyfriend loves.
Our initial waitress was as helpful as anything when we asked about it, saying that they did
indeed have a filled pasta but served it in a slightly different sauce as the kitchen
couldn’t promise that the original sauce was safe from cross contamination. My boyfriend
was happy enough with that, and ordered it as his entree (he had a plain salad as his
appetizer, which we were also told was gluten free). Appetizers come and are eaten, we drink wine
and shamelessly flirt because why not, and wait for our entree. They both come out promptly,
but it’s clear that the sauce served with my boyfriend’s pasta is the normal sauce,
and not the sauce that the waitress said would come with it. We queried it, and the waitress
said that it must have been a mix up with a normal meal placed at the same time that
she hadn’t clocked in time – she came back a few minutes later saying that the kitchen
had already sent out the gluten free meal, but were making a new dish already and it
would be out as soon as possible. She also comped our appetizers, and said she’d see
if she could sweet talk the shift manager and get us a free dessert since it was our
anniversary since we’d be in there for a little bit longer. I can only say what I saw, which was the waitress
going over to a middle aged woman standing by the bar, talking for a minute, and pointing
over in our direction. The next thing we know, the woman has sped over to our table and is
asking what kind of scam we’re pulling. We said nothing since we were confused about
why she was being so confrontational, and she started going on about how the pasta was
definitely gluten free and we had no reason to send it back. My boyfriend started to explain
that it was the sauce that was the issue since we were only going on what we were told and
apparently it wasn’t safe for celiacs. The manager then started snarling about how she
was so fed up with the craze, and that kids like us (we’re in our early 20s, so were
probably just arrogant millennials to her) are so sensitive that we need all these labels.
The waitress brought over the new dish of pasta at that point, but the manager snatched
it from her and started taking it back to the kitchen, saying that the ‘precious table’
couldn’t eat anything unless the chef told her that it was all safe to eat. I really wish we had left then, but the waitress
looked so nervous that I felt like we had to stay just so we could tip her well when
we finally left. The manager and the food came back a couple of minutes later – she
kept a tight hold on the dish asking sarcastically if we felt safe yet, or does she need to drag
the head chef away from his job to please us. My boyfriend said that everything was
fine and even thanked her for her level of care (he’s the calm and collected one, I
was ready to flip) and started eating as quickly as possible, if only to get out of there.
I was halfway done with mine anyway, so we just sat and ate until we were both done – I
was seething that our anniversary had been ruined so soon by the manager’s attitude,
but the worst was still to come. We flag down the waitress as soon as we are
done and say we want the bill, she says she understands completely and apologises for
everything. She’s gone for a little while, and comes back as white as a sheet. She says
she went into the kitchen to check on another order and saw a pasta dish that looked exactly
like the dish my boyfriend had sitting alone on a side. She asked if it was meant to be
going out, and she is told that it’s the one that the manager brought back in about
15 minutes ago. The waitress says the manager brought it back out to the customer, but she
is told that the manager cornered the chef who was doing the pasta style dishes and told
him to drain some normal pasta and serve it with the gluten free sauce for a particularly
demanding customer who didn’t ‘need’ the gluten free pasta. Guess who just ate
a whole dish of gluten? My celiac boyfriend. The waitress had comped more or less everything
but the wine. I insisted that we paid for all of my dishes, and then gave her a pretty
big tip on top – we didn’t know what the deal with comped meals was, but she didn’t
deserve to lose out on a table because of her jerk manager. To cut out the gruesome bits somewhat, my
anniversary afternoon and evening has been and will be spent with my boyfriend shut in
the bathroom as things come out of both ends. His stomach has bloated so much that he looks
several months pregnant. He will be having repercussions from this for weeks, and maybe
even months. I am so annoyed that I daren’t write a review about it since I will end up
threatening the manager on a very aggressive, personal level. I want to call anyone and
everyone, from my mom to the local news, about this. I keep on bearing in mind that if I
go nuclear, and I can, then people like the poor waitress who served us will be out of
a job. Until I get my head straight, this is the only place I can rant, so thanks, and
well done if you got this far. Telling a mobility impaired person to take
the stairs Long
Boyfriend and I travel A LOT. He travels for work and I follow him around the state during
my free time (I’m a college student, senior) and so before I get locked down into a 9-5
job next year I’ve been enjoying going around to every tiny town he goes to and eating in
small cafes and seeing the sights each has to offer. We traveled down to Fort Worth, TX to go see
the only cattle drive currently running in Texas down at The Stockyards. We would be
staying one night before moving onto the next town and so we checked into a major chain
hotel that we have become loyal to. I drove down from my college town to meet up with
him and he beats me there by about 10 minutes. Now before we get to the issue, some background:
I was injured during a horse training accident and have pretty problematic damage to my back
and legs. Because of this I use a service dog. He is a large breed mountain dog cross
and helps me with balance, forward momentum and retrieving things. He’s has been trained
to assist a disabled individual and has completed 2 years of formal training in order to go
with me. Boyfriend checks into the hotel as it is his
reservation and notes that there will be a service dog in the room. Having a service
dog means you’re exempt from the pet fee as they are classified as medical equipment.
Hotels are not housing so the ADA applies. The woman asks if he still wanted the free
upgrade if there was going to be a service dog? “Uh.. yes.” “Oh well the person with the service dog
can’t use the elevator and you’ve been placed on the fourth floor. “ “Why not?” “Because she has a dog with her.” “You’re not going to let a disabled person
use the elevator?” “Again sir, we are happy to downgrade you
to the first floor if that’s an issue. “ “Nope. I’ll let her handle this when she
gets here…you have 10 minutes to prepare. “ What the woman does not know is I handle ADA
Compliance training for front desk people at hotels, businesses, restaurants, etc. to
make sure they are not sued or that fake service dogs are not allowed in where they aren’t
supposed to. I arrive at he hotel and my boyfriend leads
me past the front desk waved at the woman at the front desk and took me past the elevators
to the base of the stairs. “What the freak, does the elevator not work?
Why didn’t you get moved to the first floor??” “The elevator works just fine. “ “Then why…?” points to dog I immediately turn around and since we have
already been checked in and they have officially been out of compliance with federal law I
happily cut the very long line of awaiting arrivals. Now I am normally not this rude
and I could have waited my turn but I had driven a very long time and I was in a lot
of pain and needed to go lay down in the hotel room we already checked into. “Hi! Is the elevator broken?” “No ma’am, unfortunately because you have
a dog with you, we cannot allow you into the elevators.” “Well do you understand that you are out
of compliance with federal law by now allowing a disabled person to utilize the facilities
available to them?” Boyfriend notes that the annoyed customers
in line relaxed when I loudly explained my predicament. So I didn’t feel all that horrible. “I’m sorry ma’am but it’s this hotel’s
policy” “Which means it trumps the national government’s
rules?” “Uhhh… well… we normally only allow
service dogs in the first floor rooms.” “Again, that is out of compliance with the
ADA because if you look at the frequently asked questions page, question number 11,
you cannot assign a different room due to having a service animal” “Well you still can’t take the elevator” “I have a mobility impairment that means
that I can’t use the stairs so I have a service dog” “I’m sorry, but you can’t use the elevator” “Can I speak to a manager?” “Sure, one moment” Manager who’s personality is the epitome
of a children’s tv show host: “HEY! How are we doing?!” “Not great.” “OHHH NO! How can I fix that?!?!” “I’ve been told by your staff that I am
unable to use your elevator due to having a service dog. Unfortunately I am unable to
use the stairs because of the disability that requires me to utilize said service dog.” “That information is NOT correct! I’m
so sorry. You have been COMPLETELY misinformed!!!” “Great, I’m going to go use the elevator
now, is that ok?” “OFFF COURRSEEE!!! You have a wonderful
day!” So I freak off to my hotel room and am laying
down for about 10 minutes allowing my back a break when I get a phone call to the room.
It’s the manager apologizing and giving us a comped meal for the evening. I told him
about my consulting work and gave him a hotel location within an hour drive that I do multiple
trainings with and asked if he would liked to hear more about staying in compliance with
the ADA. He of course says yes so I go downstairs and meet him in the business center and we
spend about an hour and a half of talking through the ADA FAQ as a starter to the training.
He takes notes and asks important questions. We talk about ESAs and how they aren’t given
the exemption of pets fees, etc. in the end he thanked me and gave us 10,000 hotel points
to our account and we had a wonderful time for the rest of the trip. This is the only
example where a manager or a higher up has been accepting of the training and was willing
to be educated on how to be better. She obviously didn’t care anymore, because
she had nothing to lose. Medium
I’ll start this off backwards, because when I found out that the store was closing down,
and all employees were going to be laid off anyway, her actions were much more more understandable. It’s not that bad, anyway, but it made me
chuckle. Supermarket. I gather it is /was a local chain.
Certainly not as big a store as the major chains, but definitely larger than an individually
owned singleton. Number of cash lines was 6 (though only 2 and self check open). Gives
you an idea of the size of the store. Anyway, I am the customer, I have about a
dozen or so items, so I went on one of the regular lines. It was actually going very
slowly, as cashier was spending a fair amount of time with the customer ahead of me. She
sounded like maybe she knew him as a regular customer, and he was definitely a senior citizen.
Senior senior. Moving and talking very slowly. I wasn’t in a big hurry, so I didn’t consider
moving lines, and the old guy seemed quite happy to be in a conversation. As they finished
up he said goodbye to her and then, very friendly, turned to me and wished me a good day. I smiled
and returned the sentiment. He leaves. Cashier turns to me and says, “Welcome to
Supermarket. How are you doing today?” Thinking nothing of it, I cheerfully return the greeting,
and transaction goes smoothly. As I am getting my change, I hear the other cashier greeting
her customer exactly the same way. Again, not a second thought. Yet. I take my groceries and I am still putting
the bags in my cart (hmm, must have been more items than previously stated, because I had
3 bags), cashier thanks me and says goodbye. I return both the thank you and the goodbye
back. I am starting to put my wallet away, and getting
ready to push my cart away, when I hear the cashier address the next customer: “Welcome to Supermarket. How are you doing
today?” The customer is busy loading his groceries
and doesn’t seem to notice. The cashier repeats, “Welcome to Supermarket.
How are you doing today?” Still nothing from customer. Cashier stops all movement, other than gum
chewing, and repeats, “Welcome to Supermarket. How are you doing today?” Still no response from customer. Cashier is standing totally still and raises
here voice, “Welcome to Supermarket. How are you doing today?” Customer at this point just stares at her,
obviously confused. Louder: Welcome to Supermarket. How are you
doing today?” I can see the customer totally uncomprehending
the situation, and stared at his groceries, untouched on the belt, back to her, back to
the cashier, still totally confused as to why she was not doing the cashier thing. “Welcome to Supermarket. How are you doing
today?” Finally, he blinks a few times, and says,
questioningly, “oo-kay?” She says, “Good.” Nothing else, but finally
starts to ring him. He was like struck dumb, and I left, trying
not to laugh out loud. (Standing there I heard the word-for-word greeting once again from
the other cashier) Obviously they were instructed that they MUST
greet the customers in this manner, and with her job going away anyway very shortly, she
was not about to go through that without being acknowledged as a person, by the customer, dangit! 🤣

36 thoughts on “r/talesfromthecustomer | Manager serves poisonous pasta on purpose?

  1. That restaurant needs to be sued and the manager needs to be =personally= sued, if not prosecuted for endangerment! I'd absolutely go nuclear on her ass! Call the cops, the local news, call the health department, whatever it takes. She, personally, needs to be blacklisted so hard that she'd have to change her name to work in the food industry again.

  2. #1 id go to the hospital for documentation and I’d press charges and they’re responsible for everything and compensation . I’d get documentation from the waitress so she could sue for wrongful termination and help her sue them also. Chef better get ready if he knew what the manager planned and went along. Chef should have fired her immediately and escorted her off the property.

  3. That hotel manager VERY wisely knew he could have been sued down to his knickers. And I've been a grocery store cashier. We want to be acknowledged as human beings, not treated as machinery. Some people insist on treating us as if we aren't human. It grates, sometimes.

  4. I'm hoping the OP whose boyfriend was sickened someday posts about getting that manager in serious trouble! I have Crohn's Disease, a disease of the digestive system, and that woman made me want to punch something! The old low residue diet said no chocolate, yet my aunt made a giant chocolate chip cookie for MY birthday party. Everyone else got to eat my birthday cookie, and I got nothing. 😖

  5. People have died because of allergies from food, I'd say report the manager to the authorities as they need to be banned from the food industry.

  6. I'm celiac, but have never experienced something like this, but my older brother who has a simple wheat allergy faces this all the time

  7. POST #1
    The celiac post. That was 11 months ago and they looked into taking legal action on r/legal advice. No updates so far, but we'll see. Maybe.

  8. I'd be calling a lawyer about that first manager. She could kill someone with that kind of bullshit behavior. I get that people faking allergies to get their way is annoying, but you never know when someone is telling the truth and CANNOT make that choice for someone else.

  9. That Front desk person lady who was NON agreement about OP using the hotel elevator…. DID OP UPDATE ON WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LADY cause She should have been On the Spot FIRED in front of everyone and Humiliated like she thought SHE was the boss!!!

  10. For those that don't know Celiac disease ranges from minor stomache discomfort to full blown nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It isn't a "fact sickness" it's a genuine disease and can really mess up those who suffer from it, it's on par with Crohn's or Colitis and on top of that it is extremely easy to work with and around

  11. That first story ! 👀 That manageress should be held accountable for poisoning a customer and sacked!! I cannot eat certain things due to an allergic reaction to quite a lot of foods so I don't eat out a lot but when I do I tell the server and explain why .. I, luckily, have never had a problem or been treated with such a lack of respect .. I certainly would never go back to that place if this happened to me .. I don't know whether to be shocked or disgusted!

  12. This first story about the guy with celiac disease is EXACTLY why I am constantly birching about these stupid little idiots who, almost to a person, claim that they have "social anxiety" and are "on the spectrum" when they're posting their fake "I don't work here lady" stories. They have indeed made it a fad and thus minimize and endanger the people who truly have a problem. They all need to read this. Hey, you! YOU did this with your stupid bids for sympathy and attention. Feel better now?

  13. The restaurant manager needs to lose her job. If this happened less than a year ago, you can still sue the manager in civil court for the suffering she caused.

  14. I really like the last story. Employees are human beings.
    Never forget that. If you don't want to interact with a human being, take yourself off to self check out.

  15. The pasta one is not "Almost criminal". It is criminal. As in it's crime to feed something a person that they have been informed will cause harm.

  16. Of course the hotel manager was going to bend over backwards to please the ADA compliance rep. That's a serious lawsuit right there. Doesn't mean he's going to do the same for the next service dog client who's not as familiar with their rights.

  17. get proof and call the main about the manager and tell them that the server was not at fault or the cook as the manager decided on her own to do this.

  18. Take your boyfriend back to that restaurant to "work through" his discomfort in the manager's office. Then go through with a lawsuit.

  19. Someone who actually had celiac's would have gone to a hospital and documented the incident. Sorry, but this story smells funny. (pun intended)

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