Radiation & Dose Response Curve – Exam Practice Question

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welcome to another MedCram comm board
vitals question so this one’s a pretty simple one this is a dose response curve
for radiation and the question is is which of the following dose response
curves represents a linear threshold response to radiation so the key here is
the words linear threshold response and so what we’ve got here is we’ve got four
different choices a B C and D what we’re looking for is a threshold and a linear
response to that I think the first thing that we can eliminate here is curve D
which is this one right here because of the fact that it’s not linear so then
the next question becomes is it a B or C and again we’re looking for a linear
threshold response and so what we’re looking for is a dose above which a
certain threshold gives us a response and you can see here that with curve a
we already have a response even before we’ve been given a dose so that can’t be
the right answer with B as soon as we have the first photon of dose we start
to see a response so that would be like ionic radiation even to just one photon
okay that’s not the right answer if we look at C we can see that there is a
dose that occurs up to a certain threshold which is what we’re looking
for and then above that threshold we get a linear response to the dose thanks for
joining us you

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  2. Incorrect answer. The answer is "b". Line is "C", but the answer here is "b". This is how people lose points, please pay attention.

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