Rahim – Dram, Romantik ve  Bilim-Kurgu 720p Türkçe Dublaj Film İzle

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It’s over. I will always talk to you … … I don’t care if you don’t say anything. Just because you’re gone doesn’t mean you’re still not here. Maybe all I needed was this gift. This is the gift you gave me when it was all over. Translation: unnamedfeeling Have a good time. UTERUS – Should I read you a book? – No thanks. Good night grandpa. Hello! My name is Tommy. What’s yours? Rebecca. Have you just moved here? No, my grandfather lives here. I’m staying with him too. Rebecca is looking for your grandfather. He fell asleep. Shall I wake up? No, it’s okay. He can stay here tonight. Goodnight. Tell me, where are we going? Until now he had only seen the grass. This must be like a different planet to her. Let’s take her to the beach tomorrow and show the sea. I won’t be here tomorrow. I’m going. Are you going home? – No. – Where is he? – To Tokyo. Japan? Why? My mother got a job there. – We will live on the 72nd floor. – 72? It has been high. I have to go. Hello? Rebecca? Where are you? I’m on the beach, I came to look at the storm. When will you go tomorrow? – I’ll take the ferry at six o’clock. I come to fly you, I have a good idea. Rebecca? – I’m here … Tommy? Hello, Tommy? It’s time, Rebecca. – Sorry. – What can I do for you? – I came to see Tommy. – He hasn’t lived here for a long time. Your face looks very familiar. Have we met you before? I’m Rebecca. Rebecca … That little girl going to Japan. Tommy ate our flesh so we could go to Japan for a long time. Thank goodness then he forgot. Where does he live now? Do you know the small port of the embankment there? You can find him there. Nobody? Who are you? What are you doing here? – I looked at Thomas. – Just me. Who are you? Hi, Tommy. Hello. Who is this girl? How was Japan? – It was fine. – 72nd floor. Let’s do this job like normal people. I’m Rose, it’s Tommy. What is your name? – Will you be back? – No, I completed my education. – What did you read? – Maths. So now? What will you do now? I design software for Sonar devices. Tools that detect small cracks in underground tanks. Like tanks at fuel stations, they can sometimes crack. That’s good. So Bingo just let you in? I’ve never seen him do it, he usually hates strangers. Especially from women. Once he bit a girl’s hip … … then we had to wear a leash. Maybe he liked the smell. – Maybe. Maybe you two should start sniffing each other. How many years passed? – It means 12.- 12. I’d better go. Does Rose know you’re here? I do not know. She was your girlfriend, right? A girlfriend? I saw it for the first time in my life yesterday. How long has your grandfather died? Long time. So strange. It was up to me that the house was bigger. You said you had an idea and would come to passenger me … … but remember that night you didn’t come? What was your idea, do you still remember? I thought you would never ask. That morning, I wanted to give you this. It would be a great adventure to see Tokyo. Actually, I fed him for a year after you left. He was able to eat and shed at the same time. It was pretty impressive. It looked very healthy. And one day, it started not to look like that. He was dead. Why did not you come? I fell asleep. But now I’m awake. You’re cold. Strange. Is not it? Yes. – What are you doing this weekend? – What are you doing. No way. – I have to go. – I’ll come with you. I have to go alone. It will only take two days. Where are you, I’m there. This is a place you can’t come. So you shouldn’t go either. Drying the swamp … … they piled up thousands of tons of ferrous concrete there. They completed the construction in a record time of six months. On paper, a health center. They named it “Luminous Park”. Incomes will come largely from virtual prostitution … … dressing in front of the camera, plastic surgeries, animal copying. They opened last week. This will be their first weekend, or our first weekend … because our group will be there too. Is your group? Pollungroup. An environmentalist activist group. It will be a planned action, it has 23 participants. We’re going in and creating a social hysteria, Rebecca … … this way, we will draw the attention of security guards elsewhere. At that time, the outsiders to the entrance and the parking lot … … they will have poured cement that dries quickly. Do you know the quick-drying cement? Do not you know? Do not mind, forget about it. Anyway, then the press will come … – How will you create that social hysteria? Are you ready? Do you see the bags? We will spread the carafes from the shops into them. In fact, the most crowded almost to the pools and restaurants. “Luminous Park”. I have six backpacks. – Where are you going? – Away. – What are you carrying these? Backpacks. – Come and have a coffee? No, not now. Can’t I get a kiss? – What? – I loved your plan. Did you think of everything yourself? Yes, of course. What? I’m just an ordinary carafer breeder Rebecca. I hope I’m good enough for you. I’ve always dreamed of meeting a decanter grower. I have to pee. – Is the situation bad? – That’s pretty bad. “No matter how long it takes, I will wait for you.” I can’t eat Rebecca. Sorry. At least sit down. I can not sit. Can you tell me why you invited us here? Of course. He can be here with us again. – Again? Thomas? Genetic Production Center Permission to Open Tomb and Take Tissue Sample Who will give birth to him? Ralph. We are atheists … … and raised Thomas as an atheist. But this does not mean that we will dig the graves of our dead and copy them. We are not farm animals. We accept what life gives us … … what they got from us. But… What is it? But life also gave us this opportunity … This gift. Don’t you see? If I were you, Rebecca would have painted this room white. Ralph? Thank you. Would you like us to move elsewhere? No, stay. He loved the sea, he will love it again. We can no longer stay here. We are moving next week. Okay. Thanks Ralph. Rebecca … think about it. You can still change your mind. Thank you. – Hello. – Hello. – How old is your baby? – Three months. Would you like a slice of pie? I cooked it myself. Thanks, I will not take it now. I need to go home. – All right. – See you. – Bye. Nothing, baby. My belly is beautiful. We only have two. Tommy? Get out of it a little bit, I’ll tell you something. – What? – Get him out of your head. I know I will start primary school on Monday. Yes, you will start school on Monday. Get out of it now. I can see you quite comfortably from here. We need to talk to you about your father. Your father died in a car accident before you were born. – Really? – Yes. – I thought he turned to his own planet. – Your own planet? – Yes. – This was the father’s planet. Whoops. Listen, Thomas. Your father was a real person, a biology student. And a car hit him. Did you understand? Hay, who talks a lot and does little work, finds the garden. If it propagates and releases hay, the root, the land and the sky. As it falls, snow falls from the sky, the bird on the wall jumps down. If it flies, the bird becomes winged and turns into an eagle. If it grows, the sky is up, the lion is at your door. When it comes to the sounds of the door, it hits the back of the dogs. When it starts, your back hurts, the dagger injures your heart. And when blood flows from your heart, you’re dead, you’re dead, and you’re dead. I’m dying all the time! Try again. Mom? Eric is staying with us tonight. Hello. Can I get you something? Hello mother. Look at that little bunny. So cute. What is your name? I’m Dima, this is Tane. – Snowflake or just Snowflake? – Just one. Anyway, let’s go. See you, Tommy. Do you want to come and play with us, Dima? No thanks. – I can smell it. Joyful? – I got it too. What did you smell? – Smell of copies. What? Copy smell. Copies have a strange smell. – Where did you hear that? – Everybody knows mom. They smell like glass cleaner. It comes from fragrance skins. What happened? Eric said he invited little Dima to his home. Yes, so what? Look Rebecca, we don’t have any problems with human copying … … we even think that some clones are good people … … they have their own lives and rights … The thing is, this situation is very confusing for our children. We constantly hear these kinds of things in the news, but the truth is … … we do not want our children to face such things. I guess you don’t want it either. Dima is a victim of an artificial family relationship. Her mother gave birth to her own mother. Did you know this? If you knew, I’m sure you wouldn’t invite her to her home, would you? No, of course not. I am going. Come on, Eric. Come help me, Tommy. Your party is after all. Hello. Molly, I’m Rebecca. I wondered if he had received the invitation … But he… I understand. Happy birthday Tommy. – But the others are more … – We’ll just be two of us, my love. Both? Why? Others will not come. – Why won’t they come? Is it because of the copy girl? But we did not invite the copy, we did not intentionally invite it. Why don’t they come, mom? Will you please tell me? – Mom! Because their mother … Their mothers did not allow them. Why? – Because they’re stupid. – Stupid? Where are we going mom? I imagined just like that. – Did you like it? – Yes. It’s like the end of the world. Mom! Come quickly! I thought it was extinct long ago. Can I take one home? To home? We’re at home, Tommy. Tommy? I came. Now you can look. – Super! – What are you going to name? I do not know. Bingo? Bingo? No. Booboo. – Really? – Yes. Thanks mama. Hi, I’m Mark. I’m your neighbor. – Can I look through the binoculars? – Sure. Come up. Were you there when my father died? Yes. – How was it? – Where did he come to mind? I do not know. You know it’s an accident. What kind of accident? We were going on the road, standing on the sidelines, your father got out of the car … – … and another car hit him. – What kind of car was it? The minibus Tommy was coming very fast. – What kind of van? – I do not know. Why did you stop? – Why did you stop? – I had pee. Now I can do what I want to you. Stop. Tommy? Tommy? Good nights mom. Good night, Tommy. Everything will be alright my dear. Good Morning. Mom … Good morning. It was strange … I was at university … … I was a rusty piece of tin … … actually, it was not a tin, it was like some kind of container. I was passing through the stream like an old robe. When I bent down, a liquid with a rusty taste filled my mouth. He was awesome. Good Morning. Mom, this is Monica. Monica, my mom. – Hello. – Hello. What did you dream of? Nothing. Enjoy yourself. Did we wake you up at night? – I haven’t slept yet. – But it was dawn. Don’t you ever sleep mom? Sometimes I sleep. Monica went out to get her stuff, she’ll come back. He will live here for a while, if it is suitable for you. Mom? She looks like a good girl. I would be pleased to stay. What an idea? I like to think of these. It has been broken in the oceans, mountains, clouds for millions of years … imagine snow storms billions of snowflakes fell from the sky … and they are all different. It’s just like us. Like people? – Yeah, like both of us. I meant all living things, not just our faces and fingerprints … … capillaries in our lungs, our pupils, the structure of our brain … … and our nails, briefly everything … Think about it, how long have birds been? They came right after the dinosaurs. So long before us. Consider how many billion feathers they produce? From ostrich to swallow, from hummingbird to penguin … Birds from all over the world. It must be something incredible. Billion times billion times billion … And none of them are the same. This is a duck down. It is unbelievable to have billions of wonderful, complex templates … … they are constantly turning around us and they never repeat themselves. What happened? I don’t know, Tommy. This is so … … very childish. – Really? – Really. So what? – How so? – Do you like kids? Bride. Hello mother. It smells delicious, doesn’t it? Monica baked it, and I was a cock. – A very good patch. – Thank you. Thank you. – I’m not hungry now, then I eat. – OK. Mom? Goodnight. I think he’s been sleeping since the morning. – You should talk to him. When will I speak, he didn’t wake up. Mom? You slept next to me. Stop. – Wait. – Why? I need to take a shower. Let’s take it together. Tommy, don’t. Don’t, don’t! Stop it. – Wait. – What? I think he woke up. Aren’t you going to say anything? Hello. May I help you? Come on in, Tommy. Who are you? Who was that mother? Mom? Who was that woman mom? Tommy? Tommy? I know it. Tommy? Let me in, please. You’ve been there for hours. Please open the door. I am going. Mom? Mom. I have to tell you something. I was nine years old, I went to the seaside … The weather was very cold. – Then I met a boy. Which, which child? Which sea? Who cares? Who was that woman mom? No way. No way. I’m scared. I don’t know who you are. Who am I … Who are you mom? Who are you? Why did you do this? Why did you do such a thing? – Look at you, Tommy, you’re here. – So? So what? So what? What am I going to do now? What am I going to do with this shitty life? Don’t you have any idea who I am? Do not you understand? – What more could you ask for? – More than what? You’re here, Tommy. You’re alive. Get your hands off. Take your hands off me. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Thank you… … Rebecca.
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