Raising a Child with Allergies Ep 1

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So today I’m going to be talking to you
about my daughter who has severe food allergies and our experiences that we’ve
had dealing with it so far. I see you! Hey everybody! So I decided to make this
YouTube channel because when I found out that my daughter had severe food
allergies, I didn’t know where to go, I looked online and there was people who
had food allergies, but not to the extent that my daughter had, there was no real
recipes out there that helped me, there was nothing out there that was helpful
to the extent that I needed. There were some things that gave me some ideas, but
I thought, you know what, I can’t be the only one out there who has a child who
suffers from extreme food allergies or even if you suffer from the extreme food
allergies. I found out a couple months ago that my daughter was allergic to
wheat, soy, eggs, milk, corn, almonds, peanuts, tomatoes, salmon all kinds of stuff and
all I could think of was where do I go, what do I do?
How am I going to feed my child? They’re all the same everything has the same
thing it’s gonna have soy, it’s gonna have dairy, it’s gonna have wheat or
it’s gonna have corn, corn starch, or corn so I was like what am I supposed to
do? When we had our tested even the doctor didn’t believe me at first that I
said, “Hey my daughter, I think she has food allergies”, and they said, “Why do you
say that?”, and I said, “Well because I fed her baby SpaghettiOs and she broke out
in hives, the only reason why that could be is because she’s allergic to
something, you know probably the tomatoes so they were like, “okay” and so they
tested her for very basic things, basic food common food allergies and when the
report came back even they were shocked at what they found. She has 4 EpiPens
because of it the peanut one is the most severe and the wheat which is a concern
of theirs but all I can think of was, “What am I
going to do? How am I gonna get through this to figure out what to feed her?”, so I
wanted to make this channel just so people out there who are suffering with
the same thing or even if your food allergies are not to the extent that my
daughters are, you’re not alone and that we can get through this journey together,
for me it’s been a lot of trial and error with recipes I’m trying to come up
with recipes you know my daughter sees me eating a
cookie she can’t have it so can I come up with a gluten-free
dairy-free soy-free nut-free corn-free egg-free cookie or bread or anything,
cake, what am I going to do so going to be a long journey of trial
and error but I definitely want those out there to know that you’re not alone
that somebody else is trying to figure it out too if you guys have any
suggestions if any of you are like oh my god that’s so me or hey I know somebody
and this is some of the stuff they did please let me know give me some feedback
help me out. That’s what I’m gonna be trying to doing for you guys too is to
just show you what I’ve done I’m not a doctor I’m not a medical professional or
nutritionist, it’s just trial and error what I’ve done and the steps that we’ve
had to take over the last few months. My daughter’s 11 months old, so she’s just
starting to discover food, real food and now it’s been limited for her we’re just
trying to figure out you know what to do and just I’m hoping that this channel
would be helpful for anybody out there who’s suffering with the same kind of
stuff that we are, so let me know in the comment section, I’m gonna keep trying to
upload videos as I go with updates on my daughter, like, “Hey this is what we found
out” or “Hey we tried this food and she had a reaction”. We actually just did a
trial for bananas I was like well let’s just see, she’s allergic to bananas. She
her entire face just got all super red and she was scratching it really bad and
I was like oh my god well what about cantaloupe, same thing
happened and we’re like “Oh my god”, so it’s kind of sad because she suffers
when we do trial and error you’re like oh my gosh I feel guilty, but we’re
learning like oh she can have zucchini and squash, awesome.
She can’t have melon, okay, moving on. So it’s gonna be a lot of trial and error
these new recipes combining creating recipes pulling from gluten-free vegan,
I mean everything and just coming up with a mix of stuff trying to see, hey if
we can make this work or what we can do to make this work. It’ll be a journey and
I’m happy to be sharing it with you guys and helping anybody that we can.

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