Raleigh Chiropractor – How To Help Your Allergies Naturally

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Alright happy spring everybody i just got to enjoy a great weekend with my family sunshine is about 70 degrees and spring is definitely sprung and with that also allergies have started I didn’t really realize it but i had about 30 or 40 people complain this week you know they came in sniffling and they got the running nose and itchy eyes and everything and they are asking me well what do you do for our preventing this or helping this the other than taking medication. That’s a great question it’s a huge topic to so in fact some of you may know but a lot of you may not know that the reason why I originally got into chiropractic was because on it actually helped my allergies i had injured my neck playing basketball in ninth grade I started seeing a chiropractor after that and after going regularly for quite some time I notice one time the fall camera on my allergies were gone which is a huge deal for me because you know I used to take allegra and claritin and nasonex and you know every single follow is just brutal really affected my quality of life and you know I would you know the medications causing to be drowsy and tired all the time and just really not feel well and it really stumped because I love to play sports and you know we’ll spend time with my friends so when my allergies were gone one fall I went to my chiropractor I said you did you anything to do with this and he said well actually you know I didn’t do anything directly but as you’ve got adjusted your body started functioning heal the way that should so allergies shouldn’t happen that I was blown away and said sign me up and I really didn’t understand it totally at that point I thought chiropractic care is good for your neck pain and allergies and I said well that’s good enough to help millions and millions of people with that so i went to chiropractic school you know just for that so I’m truly passionate about helping people you know deal with their allergies and help really hopefully reverse them naturally because I suffered with him for many many years so I don’t realize is too but after moving in the Carolinas a lot of you notice that North and South Carolina are actually two of the worst states when it comes for allergies just due to the number of pollen you know from trees and weeds and grass and all those things and really the most important thing is to understand how allergist happened the first place so I’m really the main thing is that allergies in any allergy to anything whether its peanuts or dogs or or ragweed or tree or grass pollen whatever the case may be is actually an improper immune reaction to do something that’s naturally need to think about this is that why would somebody be breathing in pollen and they would have a severe reaction to it and this person next time would have no reaction it’s your body having a bad reaction to a natural thing so what happens is that your immune system recognizes that pollen also known as an allergen as an invader and have what’s called a hypersensitive immune reaction to it and specifically it’s an anti inflammatory reaction which is why your nasal passages will swell or you’ll get a mucus formation or you’ll sneeze a lot because your body thinks that it’s breathing in something that’s harmful even though really tree pollen or grass pollen or any type of allergen ended up self like that is not so you know understand the true cause of why these things are happening is very important because then you can understand that taking a medication for word what is an antihistamine or steroid or you know nasal spray whatever is only treating the symptom is not dealing with the cause of the problems and why that’s such a big deal is that these medications on their known side effects is that it causes things like a lower lower libido anti-histamine specifically cause you to eat more increase your appetite they’ve been shown to cause anxiety and depression and making you use more easily prone to stress and actually long-term use shows that causes cognitive impairment meaning that it makes your ability to even have memory normal memory and recall things diminish so you know that among many things is a major reason why you to seek alternative options are then taking those medical actions but the other thing is just like any medications that they only treat the symptoms and I never correct the cause and so you always have to take those medications for the rest of your life if you don’t deal with the cause of those problems and also talking about that we specifically talked about allergy shots to NY i’m not a fan of those at all along with the medications what they do is they’re they’re literally depressing and shutting down your immune system so it doesn’t have that reaction if you think about that why that’s such a big danger is that if you’re showing on your immune system yeah you may be able that shut down the reaction that you have to the allergens but it’s to get also gonna make you more susceptible to other invaders like bacteria and viruses or make maybe make on cancer growth in your body more prolific or or easier to happen so you got to avoid these medications at all cost I’ll give you some natural solutions here number one is you get adjusted and I know I’m only speaking of my patients here but this time of year more than a ver is the time of year when you do not miss your appointments studies have shown that every single adjustment you get improves your immune system increases your b lymphocytes and increase improves your interleukin I two cells it improve your lymphocytes and improves your arm you’re on national cancer killing cells every single time you get adjusted it helps your signs passengers be clear and it also helps your immune system so that is number one and knowing that if you’re having allergies it means your immune system is not up to snuff yet and so on me to keep working on that now one thing I can recommend to which is which is very handy is downloading also the weather channel app I’m going to show it to you here in a second it looks like this see the weather channel app all right and what’s great about it is that it pulls up the local weather and i’m gonna scroll down towards the bottom and you can see here is that it shows the pollen index you can see that tree was high for today the grass was none and then the weeds also were none but you can get an idea before you get out of at how it’s going to be and just helpful to know if you’re feeling some type of sinus drainage or HD is rather than thinking you have a cold and starting to take medications but I know that’s just your body’s reaction to the pollens so here’s some other natural things you can do and the key is that even if you haven’t started experiencing the symptoms now and you know that you’re sometimes susceptible the tip to them in years past do this before your bodies and you know gets hit hard so number one is drinking water and you know again mild dehydration even that studies have shown is that it can make your histamine response so again the HD is the watery eyes runny nose all those things actually be worse all right now if you get sinus congestion on you know one of things that can work really well r is a neti pot okay if you’re not familiar with what those are it’s basically like looks like a little teapot it’s for your nose and you literally dumped on basically saltwater into your nasal passages and what it does is that it just basically hydrates them and helps you flush out excess mucus so you know just use that you know as as needed and it does actually help kind of get rid of that major congestion also there’s some good essential oils that can be used like peppermint oil good for clearing the nasal passages and I know there’s some other ones as well and you can google them by peppermints the main one that I use for that another thing too is that actually not only showering to start today but showering before bed is a good thing to do to help get a good night’s sleep and what it can do is you know it’ll wash off any of the pollen that maybe your hair on your on your you know in your nasal passages on your skin at all just can’t help me clean hopefully get a good night sleep as possible now as far as supplements go here are there’s four major ones that you want to use number one is omega threes and you should be using between two to six thousand milligrams of that per day or two to six grams that per day is optimal mega-selling office and i use i do like 23 24 capsules of that per day the Omega threes are good for as an anti-inflammatory so blocks inflammatory immune response or allergy response you might be having also probiotics i would say about 10 billion cfu spurred ACF use that’s how you measure of probiotics and CF use CF use have a hard time saying that 10 billion a day on the healthier your gut and your digestive system is on since eighty percent of your immune system controls your gut it’s going to be for to find strength of strengthening that again other good foods would be Kombucha tea I’m sauerkraut or any type of other fermented food like kefir alright magnesium is also another great one again being deficient in magnesium which I’ve read that one ninety percent of americans are what the experts say are deficient in magnesium will also worsen your histamine response magnesium is also very good for relaxation and sleep on you know if you have restless legs are kinda painting you’re in you’re in your vascular system magnesium is great for that two milligrams a day minimum for that but number one by far is going to be vitamin c vitamin C is nature’s antihistamine I’m really during this time of the year I take two to four thousand milligrams of vitamin c per day just as a maintenance dose it’s also good for keeping immune system strong even though we’re out of the quote on quote flu season now really yeah i just keep doing your round because vitamin C helps protect against cancer is necessary for collagen which is what your skin is made out of your ligaments or tendons are all made out of vitamin C so you want to keep that and well supply inside of your body but if you’re having really really really bad allergies right now here’s what you do here is what the protocol is for vitamin C therapy your what you’re going to do is you do 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C every single hour so with our vitamin C that’s one scoop it’s a little tiny scoop you doing one scoop of that so 2000 military times every single hour until you get to what’s called bottle tolerance and what bottle tolerances is well there’s no white nice way to say basically you get gas or a little bit of diarrhea or definitely is often still it’s called bowel tolerance and what that means is that your body has enough vitamin C inside of it ok because it’s a water-soluble vitamin so let’s say it takes ten scoops for you to get there so after 10 hours you’ve had twenty thousand milligrams of vitamin c you get a little bit of diarrhea with your next ball movement then you know that I’m a little bit less than twenty thousand milligrams would be your dough so i would say 18,000 so the next day you do 18,000 scoops or eighteen thousand milligrams of vitamin C so nine scoops of vitamin c and to keep your body and saturate saturation you’ll see that your symptoms are way less and you just keep doing that one scoop every two hours until you get diary and you keep less than less than less than tell you get down to a dose that you’ll be regular and again i do a 4000 milligram maintenance dose every single day so if you have any questions about that you can email me at INF 0 at dr greg barneys.com info at dr greg barneys.com or you can see me in the office for for that if you just have any meaning clarifications the key is that use a high-quality vitamin c you know if you’re just going to go buy something from GNC or even from whole foods i wouldn’t recommend si taking that much vitamin C because if you’re not a hundred percent sure that it’s a whole food source on you i would just be hating your put synthetic junk and garbage inside of your body but we have a great one great whole food vitamin C available in the office for you and it’s perfectly measured out for 2,000 milligrams so hope everybody has a great day i also want to make a reminder that coming up next monday the 23rd at seven o’clock we’re doing our dinner with the doc experience we’re going to be doing at our office and actually be catering food from zoe’s kitchen you’ll get a nice lettuce salad meal you’re going to get either chicken or steak kabobs with that it’s going to be a great meal i’m going to be doing our talks i’m going to do an abbreviated version of what our event with dr. hardik was last Saturday so if you miss that or you have friends that you want to expose to maximize living and how it can help them with their health this is the perfect event to do this the cost is free we just need to sign up at the front desk or email us and we’ll put you down along with your guests name so again be four you and any number of guests or family members that you want to bring that are not patients i’ll pay for the food will do a great talk on nutrition and chiropractic and how maximize we can help them and start transforming their lives and also i’m very excited to announce that we’ll be doing a dinner in wilson at the Olive Garden on Sunday March 29 @ put on my calendar here it’s going from the time at six o’clock at the Olive Garden Wilson so if you have friends or family and wilson for your patient with yourself and you want to bring some people out to that we’d love to have you can you have to call the office at nine 1979 0805 for reserve your spot for that I hope everybody has an amazing week and keep working hard and transform your life and you know living the five essentials bless you all bye

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