100 thoughts on “Ranting with Helium Balloons | The Big Blow Up

  1. Mythical Beasts-
    Thanks for your constructive feedback on the show. We want you to know we will be sharing our thoughts in tomorrow’s Good Mythical More!
    Talk to you then,
    Rhett & Link

  2. Wow, Rhett sounds so much like Steve Buscemi when he's breathing helium! It's hillarious because it's so similar!

  3. ):O how dare you speak hate on cats.
    I love cats, my cat is special because he watches tv, he fetches (he acts like a dog so he’s Asian), and he doesn’t purr but he doesn’t meow a lot either. (But I still liked the video)

  4. "…currently compacting in OUR colon." Now that's true friendship; when you're sharing a colon LMAO xD

  5. Same whenever link said the pterodactyl one. Everyone I'm my class says that they are dinosaurs and that Marine animals from long ago are dinosaurs but actually only land animals are dinosaurs.

    I'm one of those people who wear shorts and a tank top in snow storms and has more energy in colder weather

  7. I had to leave because cats and rain are my life and those reasons are nothing compared to my reasons. I love you guys but I'm gonna stick to watching the will it videos.

  8. Im laughing so hard send help they sound like angry chipmunks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I love all kinds of music, lol. I like Classical music, rock, heavy metal, country, techno- and many many more, lol. I also love the rain. If it rains, I go out and walk in it for a while, or sit on my porch and drink coffee, just watching the rain. Lmao. 😂

  10. hey y'all not to be a party pooper but did you know that breathing in helium actually subjects your body to beta decay, which is dangerous. BUT this video was hilarious

  11. "I hate when people use the phrase if these walls could talk! They can, they do, i hear them we all hear them!! Shut up wall Steve everything your telling me to do wall Caren is telling me not to doooo! I can't please one of you without disappointing the other….stay out of this ceiling Pete!!"

  12. By the way, I only listen to one kind of music, Classical. To answer your question at 3:00 Good Mythical Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I really do love the rain though. Uncoincidently I grew up on a farm, but rain is just all around good.

  14. I need more of these videos in my life!!! Please make some more of these guys!!! It was over to quick.

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