Raw Video: The President Talks With Young Asthma Patients

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The President: They
were right here? Female Speaker:
Right here — (laughter) The President: What’s
your name, sweetie? Female Speaker:
Jordan, and I’m 10. The President: You’re
Jordan, and you’re 10? Female Speaker: Yes, I am. The President: Oh, that’s
a good hug right there. (laughter) The President: You know,
the guys are kind of cool, so they got to
do (inaudible). What’s your name? (laughter) Male Speaker: Davian. The President: Davian? All right, you
(inaudible)? Male Speaker: I’m 10. The President:
You’re 10 years old? Okay, what’s
your name, man? Male Speaker: My
name is Larry — The President:
Good to see you. Male Speaker: — and
I am eight years old. The President: You’re
eight years old? Male Speaker: Uh-huh. Male Speaker: How are you
doing, Mr. President? The President:
What’s going on? Male Speaker: I
have a question. The President:
Yeah, go ahead. Male Speaker: Do you
have asthma as well? The President: You know, I
don’t have asthma, but I was telling the docs over
here that Malia has a little bit of asthma, and
she got it under control pretty early. And now, she’s on
the track team. What kinds of things on a
regular basis do you do to try to avoid
having an attack? Male Speaker: Well, we
have this medicine and an inhaler we take in the
morning and at night — The President: Uh-huh. Female Speaker: I try to
drink water a lot more than sodas. The President: Ah, that’s
— yeah, absolutely. Female Speaker:
I eat healthy. The President:
That’s great. Female Speaker: Exercise. The President:
Exercise, too? See, well the First Lady
is happy — Michelle Obama is very happy to be — Male Speaker: Approaching
asthma in children, Mr. President, is really
a lifestyle there, taking the medicines, avoiding
the triggers in the home and in school,
staying away from anything that burns, right, guys? Multiple Speakers: Yes. Male Speaker: Cigarettes,
candles, incense. The President: You’ve got
some fine young people here. We’re proud of them. They make a good
presentation. They’re so quiet when I
was in the other room. That was impressive. (laughter) The President: We
appreciate everything you guys do, and this — we’re
using this as a backdrop to highlight that
there also health effects to climate change that
have to be attended to. I remember going down to
the University of Chicago emergency room and seeing
kids who, you know, were coming in once a week, and
others routinely, and a reminder that, you know,
everything we can do to prevent some of
these things, these chronic illnesses,
especially for kids. Well, it’s wonderful
to see all of you. Male Speaker: Yes,
wonderful to see you. The President: Now,
let me ask about that. Do you think that M&Ms
have an adverse impact on asthma? (laughter) Male Speaker: Mr.
President, I’m a firm believer in moderation
in all things, including moderation, so a
few M&Ms — yeah. The President: So I think,
like one box of White House M&Ms — (laughter) The President: Here
you go, sweetie. Female Speaker:
Say thank you. Female Speaker: Thank you. The President: You’re
welcome, you’re welcome. All right,
guys, thank you. It was great to see you. (inaudible)

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