Rayla and Callum in Minutes

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Prepare to die human! Oh my god, I want his babies, I want his babies, I want his flocking babies! Why are your cheeks turning red Shut up
And your pupils are very dilated Dont make me cut you ding dong human
Eeek Hi my name is Ser Snuggles, and today we will
do a little chitty chatty about the best ship in the history of television, Rayla and Callum,
also known as the Rayllum Ship. But before we set sail, I must refuel my cravings for
nuggies. Our story begins with a broken testicle, that
was harassed by a boomer, in which started a fire between the kardashians and the kermits.
Get it? Cuz they’re lizards, oh nevermind, kermits a frog. Anyway, the family with the
harassed testicle decides to hire john wicks ancestors to give the perpetrators a proper
ball kicking. One of those ancestors is this angsty teen elf named Rayla. Let’s do a little
intro. Rayla is a moonshadow elf, probably at the age of 30, because elves take twice
as long to age, so technically Rayla commited a crime by dating a minor in the near future.
Besides the fact that she likes to go full on suicidal mother bear protector mode every
time somebody threatens her precious baby, she actually has a tender heart shaped by
some good old childhood trauma, after mommy and daddy decides to buy some milk at midnight.
So she basically became a lost puppy, then John Wick decides to adopt her, and taught
her the martial arts of stabby stabby. Fast forward to the present timeline, Rayla finally
gets a secret job with her step dad in which sounds kinda wrong, but her step dad is gay
so it’s chill. Anyways, the job is simple. when the bat signal lights up, she needs to
transform into Batman and kick the balls of the king and his kiddo. (bat signal)
Raylas first target is this helpless male, so she chased and cornered the helpless little
male into a corner to end his misery. however when the helpless little male turns around,
she was enchanted by his puppy dog eyes, and now she wants his babies.
I don’t want to kick your balls. Because i really want your precious babies
(In mind) So tell me where prince ezran is and you won’t
be ball-les. I’m prince Ezran
Flock No I’m prince Ezran
You dumb butt You lying sack of precious balls
Ezran, flash her your thing But it’s kinda hard to get out.
Just do it! (Kachow)
My Precious So Rayla chased her precious baby into Lord
virens dominatrix dungeon and the three of them found something they shouldn’t be seeing.
The broken testicle, it’s alive! And it’s so thick.
So they decide to team up instead to return the stolen testicle to its mommy to end the
war between the kardashians and the kerm-lizards, kerm-elves, ah flock it. And so their journey
to return the stolen testicle begins. During their journey, Callum did a couple of interesting
things, he learned how to blow, and he gave a lot of strangers blows as it is his only
job in the team (wink wink). Rayla on the other hand, did all the hard work and still
got underpaid due to the unequal gender wage back in the old days. She also got this scotch
tape on her hand that gets tighter everyday. Hey that look like it hurts
Don’t worry, I love the pain Really, cuz it seems
Turtle moans Ok ok, chill
However due to Rayla being a teen mom without proper parental guidance and all, the baby
testicle started to die. So they went to the top of a mountain to take the most logical
course of action. A cpr. Please be a baby yoda if you crack
Clear! Thunder or cpr sounds
Oh flock me. I actually think it’s kinda cute.
Oh yes yes it’s very cute. Nom nom.
Oh my, I flocking love you! So rayla and callum tried raising this baby
lizard and started teaching it the essential things in life, like flying.
How are we going to teach zim how to fly Leave that to me
Yeeet. Sheet.
After that the team went to Lujannes temple where callum upgrades his magic to level two.
Also Claudia and soren came by to seduce Callum. However Callum was a turbo virgin so he is
practically untouchable. Then they had this confrontation where Soren and Claudia tried
to force a lizard into submission. So Rayla tried to rescue the dragon from bondage by
crawling like a lizard while Callum does a dark magic hentai power move.
You dare use my own spells against me potter! Nyesss. In the name of the dark lord chin
chin, I shall turn the chains into tentacles. Close enough.
You shall not pass Beach shut up
After that event Callums little bro decides to leave the team because apparently their
daddy died and now he can eat all the Jelly tarts hewant Humhumhumhum now I can have Callum all to myself What Nothing
So they went into Xadia and had a few cute moments together, until they went into Rayla’s
stepdads bungalow. Hi daddy.
You are dead to me. Oh my flocking god, the moment that I have
always feared have succumbed to this point, which is really not a good time because i’m
trying to impress this cutie next to me. (intense crying) Hey, Rayla. Your step dad is sheet. Oh my god you trash talking about my step
dad is really turning me on. (in mind) I’m gonna flocking kill you. The preceding joke was brought to you by, men Anyways after that, this pigeon lady tried
to steal their baby lizard, failed, (clear) and got saved by Rayla instead.
So why did you save me back there? Its cuz im hot right?
No, it’s because she’s a hero, and that is, hot, as, flock. Oh my god french kiss me callum (in mind) And so begins my 3 weeks of loneliness and
depression. Anyways, after that kissy kissy scene, they
went up this mountain, where Callum gave Rayla a blow, cuz that is his job, and kissed her
in front of his underaged lil bro who apparently came back after he got bored with jelly tarts.
However, Ezran’s actions gave Lord Boomer, the ability to muster an army, and so they
had to prepare for this invasion. Meanwhile, when they tried to return the baby
lizard to its mommy to end the war, the mommy is apparently in a coma.
Do you want to build a snowman? Flock!
Anyways, Rayla decides to tell Callum something before facing their certain doom.
Babe, I need to do this alone cuz I need to avenge my pussy ass mommy and daddy.
Flock no, I need to come too, no pun intended. I need some space.
Sheet. But suddenly Callum had a brilliant idea.
Bing, open Raylas parents browsing history. Hey babe, ur parents didn’t pussy out. They
just gave lord boomer the advice to harass the baby instead.
Noice. Anyways, they started to sketch their strategy
plan. Callum decides to become a camping pikachu Pikachu! nani Electric type is not effective against rock type Flock! while rayla decides to repeat her parents
mistake. But Immo do it better this time. Flock! However, Lady Opeli the beauty came to the
rescue, and bait decides to become helpful for once. Yes you deserve the burn you useless
frog. Anyways the little lizard tried to yeet himself off the cliff but Lord Boomer harassed
him quicker than he expected, so Rayla yeets the Boomer instead. Thankfully, her boyfriend
callum has the powers to evolve into a pigeon with a very buff neck which apparently can
hold an adult without snapping it. Rayla I love you.
Well I don’t think were at that point yet so,
You know I can still drop you right. I love you too Callum.
Then they lived happily ever after. However, If I don’t see any Rayllum babies in season
4, I would literally go into a mental breakdown and trash talk about the dragon prince until
I overcome my cravings for rayllum babies. aNYWAYS, That is all for today, and I hope
you choked on your wheeze during the video. Please remember to vote on the character you
would like to talk about next week on the info button over here. And don’t forget to
comment down below your deepest and darkest desires for my future videos. Also if you
enjoy wheezing, please click on the subscription button over here for a weekly dose of wheezing.
That is all from Ser Snuggles for now, thank you, and see you on the comments 😀

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    I'M DOING DA BIG SAD :((((

    but still i enjoyed my late wheezing experience
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  3. OMG the French accent part, I didn’t expect it. And 7:40 it’s just hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAHA I totally thought Callum had to exercise a lot his neck. XDD

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    7:48 I too need those Rayllum babies. GIVE MEEEEE!

    This video made my morning. Thank you. I wheezed so many times. XD

  7. "Rayla I love you"
    "Well I don't think we're at that point yet so"
    "You know I can still drop you right"
    "I love you too Callum"

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