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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel Hi, how are you in today’s video? We’re doing my first ever ASMR now if you have no fucking idea what that means I’m gonna throw up the definition right here People get off and enjoy calm and quiet voices now this video is gonna be a Little bit difficult for me to do because I have one of the biggest mouths in America this thing right here it’s a Bitch, I have a big mouth so in today’s video. I am going to try my god God’s honest try I’ve been very calm and collected and we’re going to use our inside voices and today. I thought girl Instead of getting rowdy and clapping back and getting crazy. Let’s just read some brutal Evil mean hate comments that maybe 10 years ago would have made me want to kill myself… But now I’m a strong girl, and I can make it like a champ every day. I get a lot a comments 95% of you out there watching this Y’all fuck with me, and I get a lot of love all day long but sometimes It’s fine to poke fun at how crazy people are oh was that offensive I hope not but you guys know what I mean like some people they’re just scrolling they see my picture They throw up. They get nervous and they just have to sound off so in today’s video We’re going to be reading some amazing comments from people that have just passed by my page And we’re gonna enjoy some amazing sounds ok now. There’s a lot of people out there. Oh I bet enjoy the sounds of people Snails there’s people that enjoy the sounds of drinking People enjoy a lot of different sounds That is so satisfying listen I’m deceased are you guys so I thought before we dove into the comments? Waited quickly take a hit Get really lit and just have a ball because what I’m about to read to you Is so dark and twisted there’s some sick people out there, so We’re not allowed to show marijuana on camera lighter That’s Getting here the butane Amazing we’re gonna put up a picture of me and Nathan just so you can stare at us while I could I be right back Alright everyone we are back Hi, all right, so I’m gonna put up a few comments here on the screen We’re gonna get to know everyone, and then I’m just gonna keep reading up alright and quick disclaimer. I am gonna go through the Flagged section of my YouTube channel where you click and you see all the crazy hate comments and one so some of them May be about me and my friends or people I’ve filmed what this week some of them are mostly Probably all of them are just about me, so just know that before we dive in so let’s get started and if you are offended by any crazy words like Faggot or queer or tranny I could call those every single day You gotta take the power away from it Laughs and do not take a life in Syria People online and strangers will come at you any day of the week And they’re just sitting there angry and they wanna vent and they want to get out of their pain Absorb it. I am your sponge. I can take the abuse some can’t I make a joke of it Let’s get started. Let’s pick the first one BAM Mary says Why are you being a woman? It’s just not okay? You were born a boy men So be it hashtag woman Thank you for your concern I bless you all right super Siena fan says piece of shit Go kill yourself Well the thing is I really enjoyed my life, so I’m gonna stay right here But thank you for the concern and offer Paige Paige says The only thing on your face later is gonna be your cum Michael because your bf won’t suck yo dick pussy yes because you’re so ugly you throw this up when you guys go to fucked so you gotta suck your own dick I thought we’d take a little pause a little break and Just do a little Refresh into my face sometimes all these lights things get really you know dry we’re gonna use the Hydra beauty that has since mist remember Chanel I Think that was like five dollars coming out the bottle Let’s really stop my face All right you guys, let’s dive into some more amazing comments first Next comment the super Fabio 64 says I am fucking disgusted with this humans face Bitch my mom had to have a c-section to get this face perfect Watch your mouth Jalen says 7:37 you think that’s the time of the video You are dude You can’t get pregnant. I don’t care if you’re trans you’re still a dude and Here’s the part of YouTube. I don’t understand I get like Hundreds and hundreds at these comments a day. I’m gonna flash up a few you fucking fat. Oh Every day I’m sitting on the couch at my boyfriend’s next to me naked and all my dogs are next to me I’m Fanning myself in sapphires and rubies I Just don’t care being all the faggot Lets me this next one you you guys are very bad sinners Jeffery is super ugly and you guys don’t deserve to be alive. You know you’re going to hell The only thing offensive about that comment is that she spelled my name, what the why yeah, it’s really hard to breathe in here I’m gonna get out my event inhaler The medicine in there Really hard to find guess these Calabasas bitches be buying them So fast so if you’re watching this and live in the area save something from me What a fucking waste of oxygen Subhuman degenerate lowlife where as faggot fucking abomination scum Wow After looking at me made you excited I’m proud Lucas says Faggot I’m actually around his creativity you put the parentheses you book off in the beginning a forever Katie sick fucking faggot Transvestite oh I think this it oh, okay. I think they’re trying to say Take this fucking Faggot transvestite off youtube fuck you too You’ll fucking show anything my brain hurts Geoffrey that nasty demented god is going to ruin your brand Stay away from people like her Now they were referring to miss Kathy Griffin Hey, don’t think Kathy cares she lives in a mansion just won two Emmys We just want a Grammy and she is legendary so Relax, don’t call her this c-word again. That’s my name You got to pick something else I’ll pray for you trans faggot Thanks, baby Hanky, says ugly Me Jessica says what are you this country is going down the crapper toilet emoji this gross tranny fucking dudes everywhere Well if you get a bad sport you get both anywhere you want because I’m not going anywhere You can Hurry, no I turned 18 in a few months cried bunny face That was sweet my girl, but then the person below it responded you want a dude to suffer mental illness and a weird that woman who can’t Get her life straight to adopt you. Is your kid suicidal never kill yourself That’s one idiot less. Oh my god you guys okay real quickly before we read anything else my teeth are made of sir gaudium crystal I know He’s so These are all crazy rounds right just listen This sounds I Think I found my new calling alright guys Clean guys kill yourself greetings from Germany My family’s Germany hi. I don’t want to kill myself, but thank you for the offer Cassandra says is there anything that can cover your ugly inside I? actually never felt any anger towards anyone on YouTube But like I do towards you because of the way you trash talk people how much attention do one person needs sigh Yeah relate, okay, so someone just wrote and said we’re here All right, let’s give a very generic Fucking shit Okay That was just like Life is I don’t know why any of? Their bodies Know I Want them to hear like a really big You know what okay? Just close your eyes everyone listen All right you guys this has been such an amazing first ever ASMR on my channel I think This was a little challenging. I have not used to whispering for this long I want to rip this wig off right now and just scream Which I’m going to do, but listen. I am gonna. Have a few bloopers in a minute so if you are getting into a calm collected state pause this video But if you wanted to lapse Finish to the end. I love you guys so much Thank you for watching today’s video, and I will see you on the next one. Bye guys You’re good soccer Katie I’m so convinced America you’re really embarrassing me right now. What’s up, Delta Airlines. What’s your team?

100 thoughts on “Reading Brutal Hate Comments In ASMR | Jeffree Star

  1. It’s amazing how he doesn’t care about the hate comments but makes a joke out of them and it’s makes me laugh and I’m pretty chubby so I might explode 😂

  2. How the hell did he bite that cupcake and his lipgloss was still fucking perfect!? Lmao 😂 I need to learn how to eat like that!! 😂😂

  3. I always thought you were a little strange but like it’s kind of just envi towards how successful you are and how many designer things you own but you are very pretty and I LOVE LOVE YOUR NAILS LIKE GIRL WHERE DO YOU GET THEM DONE 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. I’ve never understood why people need to say horrible things online, knowing they would be eating your ass in real life if they got half a chance

  5. Hi. I love your videos. Don't listen to the negative comments people are saying. Just be yourself don't change for anyone. They are just be hateful for nothing. Your and Nat live a happy life. Love ya xx

  6. I don't care if Jeffree is a boy or girl.If he wants to be like that,than he can be like that!Is his life,he can be like that!

  7. Dont mind them Jeffrey. You have are happy and wealthy because you wok hard for it. So you deserve it. You will always be my inspiration that one day ill be able to reach all my dreams. Stay awesome!

  8. That's super Cena fan she pissed me off I don't tolerate bullying whatsoever whether the person beat just somebody walking down the street an enemy of mine or a superstar or a famous person you're not supposed to believe anybody it's just wrong what is wrong with this girls saying this obviously she has problems and she's taking it out on you and on behalf of all the people out there who aren't famous I am so sorry that she felt the need to say this to you, she should be totally ashamed of herself.

  9. the way that you answer these people is so classy I just love it, that just shows how classy and sweet you really are

  10. I'm literally laughing my ass off somebody tells you to go to hell and you say no instead I'll just apply some Foundation I just I love you so much Jeffree Star you are awesome

  11. Go girl you are so strong and powerful and you dont let everyone take that from you i wish i had this confidence

  12. Whatever! Small minded people are the worst. They have nothing better to do with their lives.
    And first of all, probably half of the men has a hard on for JS and most of the women is jealous. Fuck them!!

  13. This was the loudest asmr I have ever herd but I love you Jeffrey ❤️ lol there mean but your comebacks are better

  14. Hi, i REALLY love your makeup! My best friend made my makeup like an e-girl type from tiktok. I don't really like makeup, though :/
    Also, I'm bi and my hair is very short. Like, Eleven S2 short. I get misgendered a LOT and when i say I'm a girl, people think I'm trans. It makes me feel bad but then i watch this video and it makes me feel great.

  15. Those messages are very crual and mean. Imagine if you would say that to someone that isn't like jeffree *sorry of i wrote his name wrong*. Jeffree can laugh at it and not get offended and all but not all people are like that so please all you haters keep your hate to your self. Because you could fuck up someone's life. So think twice before publishing those comments.

  16. Tbh there is nothing wrong with being a trans an jeferee your comebacks were stronger than there comments

  17. I don't understand haters -_-
    Don't judge a person by how they look or who they are, everyone are beautiful and so is Jeffree!

  18. Jefree you fucking cool ass! God I love your fucking videos. You're the most careless person and I looooooove itttttttt

  19. LGBTQ+ is no crime, no sin, no accident, no experiment, same love shade never made anyone less gay. There are damn many reasons to go to hell but for sure being gay doesn't count to these reasons. Amen

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