READING the Big Book WIKI What I Know Is Tell Me Why WHAT IS ASTHMA?  ANSWERS Military Veterans

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hi guys okay I’ve got another video here
I’m reading from my the big book of what I know is which is WI ki and wiki tell
me why answers to hundreds of children’s and grown children of first adult
military veterans families and so you guys can take these words I want you
guys to be able to use them too and I want because this is putting it in my
own voice this is fair use public domain and Creative Commons I need to write
that on my the front of my paper but this one’s good it says what is asthma
asthma is not a disease itself but a symptom of some other condition when a
person has asthma he may find it hard to breathe because there is an obstruction
to the airflow in in and out of the lungs the barrier obstruction may be
caused by a swelling of the mucous membranes or by a constriction of the
tubes leading from the windpipe to the lungs when a person has an attack of
asthma he develops shortness of breath wheezing and coughing they attack me come
on gradually or develop suddenly and my brother had that happen when he was a
little little guy when he was a little baby now keep in mind we lived across
from a cornfield and so when my brother was born he was he was born across from
a cornfield when we grew up across from a cornfield where they were spraying all
the time there was a lot a lot of pollen and dust and fine particles blowing
around they used chemicals I even had trouble with swelling on my
knees as a child nobody ever diagnosed me with juvenile juvenile arthritis or
anything like that but I did go to a clinic because and when I got into
middle school we called it junior high school I wanted to play basketball
because I played basketball in in grade school and so they had us doing all
these exercises and things they had this thing called a suicide where you’d run
touch the floor and it would be in first and a quarter then a half then three
quarters and then touch the wall and so they just had us doing these
really really strict regimental exercises and things I just could not I
just could not do it because my knees swelled up and so he had and then he he
was changing how I was shooting which I get I get that you know they wanted us
going over our head because I learned my dad taught me from the chest but I had I
would have had to read learn how I was doing it and as a kid I should have
learned it over my head but he was teaching me like this and and so anyway
my mom took me to a clinic and my knees were swollen and they said well I could
keep playing and my knees would keep swelling or I might have to quit if I
didn’t want to have swollen knees and pain and things like that so there was a
lot of and so it says the only way to get rid of asthma is to find out the
cause and eliminate IT the cause maybe an allergy and emotional disturbance or
atmospheric condition this is interesting atmospheric condition I find
that really interesting if a person develops asthma before he is 30 years
old it’s usually usually the result of an allergy he may be sensitive to
pollens dust animals or certain foods or medicines and so that’s what I went to
the doctor when I was a kid Oh for my eyes my mom took me for my
eyes and that’s what they told me because my eyes were forever turning
really really red and they said well you’re probably allergic to dust but we
grew up across from a cornfield and there was a ton of dust there are many
dusts and pollens which cause asthma children especially tend to develop
asthma from food allergies which may be caused by eggs and milk and wheat
products and right now I know that for a fact because when I eat certain dairy
products which could be yogurt and some ice creams I’m not saying all of them
and I love ice cream I’m a huge fan of ice cream but if I eat too much of it I
get a bunch of swelling so I’m using the neti pot which drained you know with
salt and it drains my nose so I have to do a demonstration for you guys some
time of the neti pot doctors have also observed that an
attack of asthma may be caused by an emotional disturbance I did not know
that that an asthma attack would be an emotional disturbance and I’ve shared
with you guys some of my past history about some of my emotional things that
I’ve kept in which now I’m no longer keeping in for example if the person has
family troubles or financial worries asthma may develop in many cases the
emotional disturbances consist of a feeling of being unwanted or unloved
this produces a state which sets off a chain reaction ending in an attack of
asthma I didn’t know that that’s interesting this is why in cases of
asthma the diagnosis so that could even turn into mental a mental asthma attacks
word of this is why in cases of asthma the diagnosis by a physician is very
important oh gosh the physicians but the problem is if they actually have
listened to people instead of pushing something he will take a complete and
careful medical history of the patient he will ask all kinds of questions
notice how they’re using he in this book too they’re not saying she they’re using
he which is kind of interesting I wonder why let’s change it to she she will ask
all kinds of questions about the patient’s eating habits health habits
and about environment so they’re blaming it on the patient right here yes they’re
gonna blame it on the patient because even if you live across from a cornfield
I’m not so sure that that’s gonna go in the medical records if you live across
from the cornfield if if there have been even the slightest change in the
person’s routine she will investigate to see if it has anything to do with the
attack of asthma it may have come after a visit to relatives who keep certain
animals or a visit to the beach or after eating certain foods people who have
asthma are often put on special diets by the doctor
not anymore they refer you and then you’d have to pay for the referral and
it gets really really expensive and so yeah so that’s the thing that I would
say that I have actually had probably asthma you know with a sinus thing
because when I was a kid I’d always be true I’d be doing that and people would
get so mad but it’s really hard to explain that my sinus is swollen my
sinus is swollen and it’s hard for me to breathe in my nose and I don’t know why
and if it’s the food well shame on the food industry for putting bad food out
there for people which causes us you know but I mean all I know is my history
of where I was born at you know to where I am now and so anyway yes but that’s
something you guys can do by yourself to is keep track of this is what I’ll tell
you individually and independently keep a journal and a diary of where you live
and even do some research if you can about where you where you live at
because there can be things going on in your environment that you might not even
know have happened you know like here where I live now is is in the title basin
and so where I live used to be a lake and so so it’s kind of like the literal
example of draining the swamp and so then some people have alluded that
garbage has been buried here which is just truly insane but they hit they
shared pictures of the past and they’ve got huge pictures of piles of garbage
just being dumped in the swamp and that’s where in the past they encourage
people to dump garbage in the swamp and there is a oh it’s a Superfund cleanup
site here somewhere around here but if you live on the water table that water
can rise and with what there being well whatever they want to call it global
warming the the land mass shifting east the law the earth tilting and changing
the water currents shifting and changing and then piling on six to ten to twenty
feet of landfill you know dirt landfill not not garbage landfill but dirt
landfill that doesn’t help either because all the trees are cut down that
takes away all the the root system actually you know in the co2 and all
that that we need the trees and so anyway that’s it for this video let’s do
another one the next one we should do is what are sinuses that one could be
interesting too

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