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  1. I had my BCG vaccination when I was a baby. Now I am 23 years old and required to do the TB test and TB antibodies test. What result should I get? Which result should indicate I should take BCG vaccination again or a booster dose?
    I also heard that BCG vaccination only valid for 20 years. Is that true?

  2. This was very interesting. In Russia we always consider PPD positive when induration is above 5mm. And we always take into account previous BCG vaccination to distinguish between vaccinal allergy and bacterial allergy.

  3. Just had a TB test earlier today. What if there is no induration whatsoever..? Also how long would it take for said induration to occur..?

  4. I live in China, which is an endemic country. And I took the PPD test the day before yesterday. The result was 9*7mm. It was considered positive by doctors in China because any induration that is larger than 5*5mm is regarded as positive there. I was really panic to the result until I saw this video. I think I fall into the Medium-risk category so I should be considered as negative according to the US criteria. Besides, I received BCG vaccination when I was a baby. I bet the BCG somewhat contributed to my induration.
    In all, thanks very much for making this video! It really makes feel much better.

  5. For people vaccinated with BCG, it may turn out that the person's result for this test is positive but it does not necessarily mean that the person has TB. This happened with my son who had BCG at birth. His PPD test turned out positive and the doctor advised us to let him undergo a second test, QuantiFERON-TB Gold test (QFT-G) to confirm if he really has TB. It turned out that he is negative of TB and the positive PPD result is due to his BCG vaccine at birth. This an example of a false positive.

  6. Awesome teaching skills! Visual and personal and the lay up from the ground up…WOW! You have rocked this. thank you for being such an incredible teacher.

  7. What if as a child the patient had primary complex and ten or eleven years later this child takes a ppd because this child was in contact with a patient with active tb

  8. I had a ppd skin test yesterday as the doctor suspected that I have tb. Its my first day today and need to wait until tomorrow/sunday for the result. I'am so scared to know the result, tbh. 🙁

    I have a bruise in the site where I got the injection and somewhat kinda reddish and just small. Is the bruise be counted as positive?

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