Real DOCTOR reacts to CELLS AT WORK! // Episode 5 // “Cedar Pollen Allergy”

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  1. I'm back! Been a busy few weeks for me, but so pleased to take another look at Cells at Work! Hope you enjoy… Anyone wondering about the hair curl I have throughout the video, it's a homage to Red Blood Cell and not a grooming malfunction 🙂

  2. If cedar pollen season happens at the same time each year… and RBC and WBC haven't seen cedar pollen before… does that mean they're both less than a year old? (I know irl RBC's and WBC's don't live to be a year old, but apparently in Cells at Work, cells dying naturally of old age is represented by the cells replacing their worn out uniform instead of having beloved characters die.)

  3. Bursa of Fabricius is involved in B cell development in birds!

    Even as a vet student, I loved the show and I thoroughly enjoy your explanations throughout the video. Looking forward to your future videos!

  4. In my grandpa's case this episode would be well played by just some harmless smell like deodorant or hair conditioner hahaha
    Love your reactions and explanations doctor!

  5. Love this series, im so glad you are reviewing it. You have a wonderful way of explaining the facts.

  6. what i don't understand is how you get allergies. i've never had pollen allergies but about two years ago, i started having seasonal allergies with pollen. maybe i just don't understand…?

  7. I had to turn on CC for a second because I thought I'd heard, "bloody paw prints." It makes so much more sense.
    Speaking of CC, have you ever considered having subtitles made for your videos? The CC gets confused when you're talking over audio.

  8. So we have a Doctor reviewing Cells at Work and some idiot at Sony thinks he cares if you copy strike him. I hope this is one of those auto-generated copy strikes as that dude should totally be fired for stupidity alone.

  9. We were taught that b cells and t cells are both produced in the bone marrow and that b cells mature in the bone marrow, thus b cells. On the other hand, t cells are named that way because they mature in the thyroid.

  10. 7:00 That would be so cool; the 2nd season did get announced last month, no date however yet… there is also a version of Cells at Work that deals with an alcoholic person (Hataraku Saibou Black), though it's a manga and has no anime adaptation.

  11. Astronomer reacts to CELLS AT WORK: that meteor impact… wasn't very accurate. Meteors either zip through the atmosphere at tens of kilometers per second (yes), in mere seconds, and make a huge mess of a cunami when impacting water, OR they slow down to freefall, and kind of just plonk into the water. But if they're just falling, they're not melting and red hot anymore, if anything, they cool down from the wind rushing by. E for effort, show.

  12. The b does not only stand for bursa fabricii but we still keep using the name b cells bacause it can be used for bone marrow as well. T cells hint to their birth place – the thymus- too. So mastcell calling him bone head was not exactly wrong!
    English is not my first language, i apologize for any mistakes.

  13. 14:20 Totally agree on the naming thing in medicine. I'm studying to be a nurse and it's crazy to hear some of the names and the stories behind them. We'll be studying the brain and the teacher will say "These are the mammillary bodies, and they're called that because the guy naming them thought they looked like breasts" (mammary is the medical word for boobs). Yeah, great to know the people naming body parts were so creative. I like to imagine that it was like someone looking at the clouds and thinking "what does that cloud look like?", except instead of clouds they were using our bones and organs.

  14. I want to give big praise to the translator who chooses the word "Bonehead" as an equivalent word of "Baka", both of which has B as a capital. In most of Japanese-English dictionary, there are only "idiot" and "fool" as a translation of "Baka".

  15. Hi Dr. Hope! Great video, thank you for your explanations!

    I do have a few questions though… So in an allergy, what happens is that the body's cells react inappropriately to something that isn't supposed to be harmless.

    However, how does incurred allergy works? For example, I used to be able to eat chicken and take Paracetamol for my fevers. Now, if I eat too much chicken, i start getting itchy bumps forming a mountain range on my fingers. If I take Paracetamol, my throat itches and my chest begins to feel heavy.

    How does this work? Would really appreciate your insight on this matter, thank you!

  16. Could those antibodies attack a fertilized egg? I know this is about allergens…but I was wondering if those antibodies/surface antigens could be the cause of women having miscarriages

    Just a theory I had

  17. When i watch it with my brother, i also taught that the for medication thing is anti hystamin. Too bad it is steroid.

  18. I honestly love this I just can need watch the entire way through and not pause because I’ve already watched it all and just hearing Ed correct things that happen later in the episode makes me like shake

  19. In nursing school, I was taught that B-cells and T-cells are so called because they mature in the bone marrow and thymus, respectively. Never heard of this bursa of whoever 😉

  20. As someone who has allergic rhinitis, this episode represented perfectly how I feel when there is pollen in the air

  21. In the scene where the cells get a damage report the pollens are causing, as well as that one cell talking about their house being destroyed, I think it is purely the case that the pollen wasn't actually doing anything but because the cells reacted and were running around, they pushed the pollens and made them fall onto the houses and such and causing damage, and the pollen gets blamed for it.

  22. this episode was so funny, I can totally relate to it. Every spring I'm like "why boby, why?! it's just pollen!"

  23. What about sinus congestion? Like in spring the air pressure rises or drops and u have a MASSIVE sinus headache because of it? That wouldn't be the same as an allergen would it?

  24. I'm firmly convinced you now do this simply to watch Cells at Work; and honestly, I'm here for it. I stan for you Dr. Hope. ♡♡♡

  25. doctor i have a question. why do we tend to be very sleepy whenever we take anti-hestamine?
    like when ever i take one, i tend to sleep most in one whole day. if ever im awake, im so disoriented.

  26. I have just discovered these videos and I'm addicted to them, now😅
    Even though I don't understand everything Dr. Hope explains, but welp, It's still enjoyable.

  27. I suffer from allergic rhinitis due to dust particles getting thru my nose. Dunno what's wrong with my immune system

  28. I can relate to that issue as well, when I spill my tea, it feels like I have committed a cardinal sin by accident..

  29. Im 13 n learning ab dis in school right now n dis helps a lot, u make it very easy to understand, thank u 😊

  30. I'm allergic to the medication Zythromax. I was prescribed it once when I was young and I remember blacking out

  31. WOW! I always thought B cells were named because they mature in the bone marrow, and T cells were named because they mature in the thymus! Super interesting.

  32. Yeah… Maybe you should, like, give the show a bit more trust. You sometimes explain something right before the show does it.

  33. Actually hay fever is a serious problem in Japan.
    After the WW2, Japanese government planted many Cedar trees at the same time. Because of that, we have "Attack of pollen" by Cedar trees from March to April every year.
    I heard about 30% of Japanese are suffering from hay fever. That's why most of us hate cedar pollen and they were described as a humble meteorite…..

  34. I had a love-hate relationship with this episode.

    I mean, you try watching this knowing you have food allergies and basically seeing the anime-style way of why you can't have nice things. ;_;

  35. u my man just got urself a new sub! can't wait to continue watching and learning with u from this anime! one of my good friends is currently in med school not sure if he likes anime or not but i think he'll appreciate how much people can learn just by watching this anime 🙂

  36. Omg when you said the comment about relating to the tea spilling, I choked on my water from laughter lol love your content on this channel so much! All your side comments in this episode were very insightful and comedic gold.

  37. Apparently something like 80% of Japanese people are allergic to cedar pollen. I lived there for 4 years and was fine at first, but steadily each year I developed worsening allergic reactions every season. I ended up getting an injection the last year I was there to help release the symptoms throughout the season.

  38. Right on cue, he calls out a commercial break that his show took, so YouTube decided “okay, sounds like a perfect idea, time for a couple of commercials!”

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