Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

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Hey guys! Someone recently asked us to talk about the
possible signs and symptoms of diabetes in children. And so the first thing we wanted to remind
you is if you have any concerns or fears, you should immediately call your doctor or
your child’s pediatrician, and talk to them about the symptoms that you are seeing and
your concerns. But what the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
says about possible signs of the onset of diabetes, and this really applies to Type
1 or Type 2, is high blood sugar can cause drowsiness, or lethargic behavior, just really
tired and groggy. It can cause nausea and vomiting. It will cause dry mouth and extreme thirst. Also, frequent urination, like bedwetting
that is unusual for a child would be something to look for. People also notice that an undiagnosed diabetic’s
breath may smell particularly sweet. It sort of has this familiar smell to people
that have been through it. And also look for slow healing wounds or sores
that aren’t healing as quickly as them seem to. So those are the short list of items to look
out for if you’re concerned with possible diabetes, but again, call your doctor or your
physician right away. Talk to them about the symptoms. And it’s easy to do a blood sugar check,
a pin prick, and get an idea of where your blood sugar is, where your child’s blood
sugar is to know whether or not that should be a concern. Good luck and have a good week!

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