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Beneath the gray skies Lies a concrete jungle with the veil of deception that covers the long roads and winding paths of everyday life In recent times, we haven’t covered some traders playing a dangerous game of selling dodgy meats Sasame in Tripoli a lot of originated in London were to pay a Memento, Sarah people no more who supports exactly people want to make quick money in the long term We’re going to affect the health of our citizens But there is another dance between money and greed tuning the health of the innocent and somehow forcing them to make small steps Against sickening odds. It’s a complex scenario, which is associated with a lot of issues tonight my investigation leads the dark veil in the mate industry and Tricks used by butchers in a world so corrupt and broken because of toxic selfish interests Elena of the movie as I sow the meat industry in the country a Thrived for decades different cuts different prices for different recipes There is a high demand for meat products in the country Mutton chicken and pork butt beef tops the list Injecting chemicals into meat to prolong shelf-life is not an uncommon practice in the country and other parts of the world it’s an old practice a source demonstrated to us how some poultry distributors and retailers Inject chicken with water mixed with this animal protein mainly pork and beef or protein powder The solution is mixed together to help the protein hold the water once injected into the chicken The solution is forced into the muscles of a chicken and sometimes binding agents in the solution I used to prevent the water from leaching out of the chicken or meat during cooking You Before you dig into your favorite dish a supermarket inside that tells us a dirty little secret No more continued network only malignant Polymer – a cozy Young effect won’t be home in K company me a Yes Yes, so Can you call me the comic too thin enough for Nakamoto V understand equality with the list which Comic you busy come on, honey business opportunity miss P is a Chemical aperture anomaly George’s per market and adamas you believe essential nutrient Utilization and in the Content Omar chief for announce it officially an epistle In Australia Our insider who works for one of the leading Supermarkets took us to the industrial area in a row be where they buy the chemical People On every no unit of us all He has worked as a butcher in several branches of the supermarket in a row B Not anyone can buy the chemical here They have a street name for it and it’s purchased at a particular hour of the day He pays and leaves with four killers of the chemical The chemical we bought is called sodium metabisulfite on the street name is Darin Yama or SMS It is a white powder used as a disinfectant Antioxidant and the preservative agent the issue of use of chemicals by butchers and by traders within them Little value chain is not a new thing The only thing that happens is that of late day shoes have been on the rise. Let me come on. Mr. Kamiyama Makhijani palico display integer a Yamaka chemical Analysis on the way to soften is a certain element in Your chemical enough aquarium affirmed again a common sea turtle Omar’s aprama Experiment nomina. Anatomica Our insider told us diced beef and minced meat are the easiest to lace with the chemical and trendy Come on come on Via Whatever the mother takes in that is what the baby is receiving and in the long-term Probably this child might have some health problems. I’m not sure but What if they developed asthma? What if They started getting that wheezing and coughing or got into shock You know nobody is going to think that it’s because of the meat That this baby was eating so we bought the chemical he was talking about and this is one kilo of sodium metabisulfite This is what they use. Do you read in the meat ultimately look fresh So we have a killers blade here and what we want to do. We want to get the solution in and see how Yashida so to all the cities of San Onofre necrosis for my lips. I’m on a final Collision wanna duel no capability macho camacho una pilota module wiki Trombone is intended to be a poll attorney it is Efficient occupant was equation are equal. It was not until March attorney so determine an emoji and Polina an additional Section resolved Sooner we do selenium Some okay with yucky You know this one, you know when each and ganya only general Chiang Ganga Ganga Ganga Martini me kill people movie in. Yemen is a party of guarantee a bomba It is a Capri vacation supporter one little easy addicted inanimate as any of you know necessary So hurting me man is a disaster Munakata limited display Available. How bad is the situation? The situation you might not be able to authoritative lycée quantify But if you listen to them in the few traders are being able to speak to They tell you this is something we talk it is something we do, but do not mention us because we have to survive we took the two balls of meat which are insider prepared on a Tuesday afternoon and This is what the meat looked like five days. Later Our insider was spot on The fastball with the chemical had a bright red color looked better juicy and fresh after five days without any refrigeration There was no smell The second bowl without the chemical had a brown yellowish slime coating on the meat Which had changed color with an overwhelming stench filling the air and the public also needs to be aware They need to look at the mitt if it’s all colorful. It looks like it’s almost from a storybook I mean, this is not real they need to avoid this kind of meat meat naturally should attract flies If it’s in our rural area say but if it doesn’t It means something is just not right for it to be a good piece of 84 the roommate You need to have very high, you know, very high amounts of it’s very to have an effect There’s more amount that we can we can recommend that we know the urban effect on its preservative without preservation of the red meats Our insider father told us there was another dirty secret So you can just move on Like two coins a monopoly a crazy community members panikhida for me. What can you end up in here? Key to appoint a commission which was living in my when this period was a dramatic music plays me feeling crazy when a courtesan a frenemy One act or easy when a claim are easy packaging Acadian nakamise honey, Achille, Camila sharp atop a tiny minimum resistance Timmy in a depilatory But only person in engaging and after will attend on opening up to nothing in make another drop We would go to an immediate Alicia the current yet Many butchers using this shortcut fear losing customers in the long run but ride on the ignorance of many unsuspecting buyers I Sought to find out from our insider what happens to the meat less through the sodium metabisulfite If no one buys it after a couple of days Pollack was promoted model or certain range No, such a fresh Routine Nepali season, Okinawa In America fish we saw In the so morning of the people operative to you know say in our Community from most of us picking good quality meat is a shot in the dark This is one kilo of sodium metabisulfite and our inside the houses back at the butcher section of the supermarket It was enough for five killers of meat. What is this chemical sodium metabisulfite? Do to the body once it’s ingested. The problem comes in when you have where? You don’t know how this component is being used as a preservative and the amounts That’s where the problem comes in Now we’re talking about the amounts if the amounts are excessive one of the things that This communal components we talk to causes the increase of incidence of respiratory Allergies so some people have asthma Will have now increased incidence of asthma it basically makes them have more frequent attacks People who are sensitive to sulfite beat in medicine or wherever If they take that kind of meat they’re going to get some reactions One of the things that will happen if you take this chemical is you’ll notice they have a lot of wheezing They may start coughing when explanation like you’ve not been exposed to anything you’ve not been having a call but you start coughing, but if it is taken in high quantities and For pregnant women if they’re sensitive to sulfate and they take this kind of meat then what happens They’ll experience all these symptoms and the flow of oxygen to the baby where the placenta is going to be affected. So That could be a danger for the unborn, baby We took the chemical to a clinical technologist to help us answer a few questions, see you It’s brought the chemical for testing Yes Besides they can cause automata by sulfides as you can actually we have it here I Me want to show you what the chemical is Yeah, they’re the same. They’re the same as the one you have It’s only that Okay, there is one where we we are glass in the lab The chemical like this one is corrosive It can cause a skin irritation So for me to protect myself, I have to be in my protective gear this chemical Actually is the chemical we use for? Doing some investigations in clinical matters and as you can see the chemical is in powder form Look at the work. What do you have brought here? I Can open it that okay Look at it it is in powder form this also in powder form You can see the other same The chemical from the nem sodium metabisulfite it is actually a combination of sodium and sulfides and Clinically, we use it in the diagnosis of psychosis and It can also be used in food industry Yeah, maybe as a preservative Health concerns associated with excessive use of this chemical as a food preservative for consumers sensitive to sulfites fault the US Food and Drug Administration FDA to prohibit the use of sodium bisulfite in meats vitamin b1 food sources and raw food cuts and Vegetables such as in salad bars of fresh produce in supermarkets That was July 8 1986 The FDA which is responsible for assuring that foods are sold in the US are safe Wholesome and properly labeled took another significant step that day towards protecting consumers Unordered disclosure labeling requirement for packaged foods containing detectable levels of sulphides the FDA Regulation based their findings on a government study of some 500 reports of severe allergic reactions mainly among asthmatics including 13 deaths in food industry like those people where practice were practicing that the the problem is they might not be using the right concentration and Why am I preparing? 2% of Solemn advice I’ll fight so that I don’t prepare an increased concentration That is going to affect the sales. I Whoa, I’ve said that if I Suspended he says in a highly concentrated solution Then says I went to lose what okay Generally the ruse water and they become now committed Okay, so it means when what happens when you take out of the assault? Yeah, you feed the Advaita because it now takes away water from from the boat Asthmatic people seeing the symptoms that come about even in healthy individuals like wheezing and coughing they are more exposed and more at risk and Some studies have shown that five to ten percent of all asthmatics are sensitive to sulfite that means it can be a danger and people using this product Should not do so because they are endangering the lives of some of the consumers What are the long-term? effects of This chemical in a human body one of the things that this component does once have ingested it It is a compound. That is the Buddhist able to break down but if you break down, there’s one of the compounds that they produce that’s a sulfide the sulfide Is also thought to cause a break other components. For example, the compounds a break is a vertical benzoic acid That means oeq as it can Is thought to be Kassadin carcinogenic in? Layman’s terms. That means that means it can cause cancer sodium bisulfite works by releasing sulfur dioxide gas which inhibits bacterial and fungal growth and prevents the discoloration and deterioration caused by common chemical reactions Using the chemical as a preservative on fresh meat by international standards is illegal some people even medically reacts to some compounds and You will consume thinking that it is organic meat which has more chemicals in it and When you consume you start reacting and that’s why you hear some people saying I have allergies to meat to beef It is not the beef It is the component within that piece some have drug residues others have those preservatives Residues and now they react and some people you realize they now put an X to consuming beef while actually it is not the beef that they are reacting to they are reacting to the components and residues that are in that piece of meat Unfortunately in Kenya there is no public case study on this chemical nor reported investigation into its use and effects in restaurants supermarkets and retailers The FDA was under pressure from the US Congress after a hearing that featured an emotional testimony By the parents of a ten-year-old girl who died after eating guacamole in a restaurant The death of Medea Hesper McPike who was asthmatic was the seventh suspected case from a sulfite reaction According to her doctors who listed cause of death as brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation following anaphylactic shock an allergic reaction the discovery widely covered in the u.s. Press Prompted the state health department to issue emergency regulation on the use of sulfites in food The Mexican restaurant was sued by parents of the ten-year-old girl and to food distribution companies The judge presiding over the 1988 case stated and I quote the ten-year-old girl became seriously ill Shortly after eating the guacamole are the defendant restaurant The judge father said the restaurant was negligent and the product was unreasonably dangerous Because they did not contain warnings on the package to alert the restaurant personnel that some as matic persons are highly sensitive to sulfites and that sulfites may be dangerous if used in excessive amounts or concentrations Our investigations led us to the final phase of verifying claims of the presence of sodium metabisulfite in fresh meat from some supermarkets falsely advertised on displays as fresh meat So I brought these three samples and these are from three different supermarkets What exactly you’re going to do with this three samples envelope? Okay. First of all, what I’m going to do is to measure the weight of these samples each of them I should get their weight and then I use a method called ammonia’s Williams method to Mona’s worth More Nia’s morning’s yeah Williams hundred method to process all these three samplers like a formula It’s like a formula or a metal rather. Whereby now it’s the one that is being used mostly that is the easiest one to use so that we get the content of the meta sodium metabisulfite in each of these samples if there is Along during this order this now attack us one week if we start it right away, okay We bought three meat samples from three different supermarkets in a row be labelled sample1 sample2 and sampled free We dint disclose to the lab with supermarkets that came from this prognostic is also used by pharma agencies Those are pharmaceutical agencies It’s also used by textile industries clothing and textile whereby they bleach the Clothes with it in such a case people who are sensitive tend to get that skin contact reaction They may start getting itchy They may develop hives or some kind of rushes But after several washes you find that they go back to normal and you see if one is not aware of this chemical They’ll not even relate the symptoms experienced prior to all those washes to sodium metabisulfite As We waited for the results Another data secret that is slowly making its way into our plates. Is that juicy steak? Unfortunately some cuts in restaurant kitchens are being held together Using meat glue to give the impression you are eating a premium steak It’s another white powdery substance known as transglutaminase or meat glue The powder binds proteins together where they collect pieces of meat as this YouTube video shows The process of making a fake steak is easy by sprinkling the meat glue on the chunks of meat tossing them around and Wrapping tightly to suck out the air Before letting it rest and then slicing as a normal steak You know, it is very sorry, but they just mix and spray other meat tons as you want It shocks me and it also depresses me Because in the long term we are going to affect the health of our citizens Our health systems also going to be overstrained and a lot of money is going to go into health care As opposed to other development projects The FDA says it’s safe But the problem is how it’s being used or abused The quantity of glue getting into the meat and the issue of stacking up chance of good meat with the ones having bacteria But to our lab tests on the three meat samples we bought from three different supermarket chains. And dr Martha Maggie had the results for us. Did you find interest? Well in the three samples that we obtained your are traces of sodium metabisulfite In all the three samples in the sample one. We got five fifty point four milligrams per kg sample to head 547 22 milligrams per kg and sample three head five forty five point four milligrams per kg What does that mean? That means the amount is? above the recommended amounts in food product as a preservative The test report shows the weight in grams for each sample We bought and the results indicate Sample one at seventeen point two grams had five hundred and fifty point four milligrams of sodium metabisulfite sample two at 17.1 grams at five hundred and forty seven point two milligrams of the chemical and the last sample at seventeen point four grams Contained five hundred and forty five point four milligrams of the sodium metabisulfite per kilogram of the metric bought from the three supermarkets did this result shocked you In a way it shocked me, but I was aware that sodium metabisulfite has been used He’s been using meat products, but I was not I was not aware of them amount that are being used. Yes. He’s a monster. Hi miss Alma I’m on to higher much higher than what I thought at what point in terms of levels Are we going saying this is now dangerous? Going by this resort anything above 500 Has side effects and then you can also think about the people who are handling these meats Of course, they they handle more than the 500 because this is in one sample. What’s your conclusion in this report? My conclusion is that the levels you are having in our meat products one? We are not supposed to have them sodium metabisulfite in our meat products because the other thing is that it inhibits therming Vitamin b1 in in meat products. So we shouldn’t be having these levels do the levels of the chemicals change There in the law when goes through the cooking process know the levels of sodium and amitabh I suffer do not change with boiling or with cooking it can only Be more concentrated because the meats it will water will evaporate so you have a more concentrated Amount are you aware that some supermarkets under your Association are putting chemicals in needs? No, we are not aware. In fact, I think it first came to light when you started their build-up to your article It is not something we are aware that is happening internally Especially within the membership that we represent There has been news about chemicals in vegetables, but the story on meat is a new one We are talking to our members to ensure that they have their numbers, right? That we sell 5 kilos a day So you don’t buy a 10 that way the opportunity or the temptation to do something to keep that meat longer does not arise Food standards agencies and some countries in Europe require retailers to label all food with the sodium metabisulfite In concentrations of over 10 milligrams per kilogram Our test results show the levels are 55 times over those levels and they are not disclosure labels There is another problem and by the way sodium metabisulfite is not only used on meat products there people were using it on chips that people were using it on fresh fruits and fresh vegetable Chips they put their chemical and the chips either before or after frying To achieve what result? Well, I think they are tastier with the sodium metabisulfite Yes, also using it on fresh fruits to preserve it As I said sodium metabisulfite inhibits growth of microbials Those are bacteria in the fungi so they can use it to prolong their shelf life Unfortunately, these are the amounts that you can not we are not able to measure So we don’t know how much much sodium metabisulfite that is being used or how its regulated Is it difficult to regulate the food industry in Kenya? I? Think the regulations are there but it’s an uphill task To monitor and follow-up sauce to ensure that everything is done. It’s really an uphill task because you find that almost anybody can sell food the use of Calcium carbide is prohibited, but you see there are people Who want to make money? Yeah, what what do they do? they can go for it so that they can quicken their opening of their fruits and that they make cash and That is now a problem we have in Kenya because If this is if the trend is going to continue like that You can explain the cases of of high cancer cases in Kenya that Is emanating for maybe they are stylish want to look at bananas? Which which have been assisted to ripen in courts They look the skin usually looks yellow but they stop the stocks usually green okay a natural natural process of ripening everything the the desktop usually it is becomes black and the skin of the fruit becomes yeah, we with black spots, but where Chemicals are used for opening You find that there is no spot factor, you see so that they can notice their sports and They can attract now people everywhere. This is good It is clear some butchers and some supermarkets are using and regulated amounts of the chemical or preservative The health dangers they are exposing to the health of what the children and adults is Worrying. There’s been an increased incidence of cancers, especially in children of Course people will argue that maybe diagnosis has improved Access to it has improved But also I think there’s actual and there’s an actual increase of cancers Yeah, it could be because of lifestyle Lifestyle changes, but some of these chemicals now that are available the chemicals artificial foods artificial chemicals density of the sodium Bisulfite all those are also being now more in the market. They’re more available. They’ve been used by the Industries and we are all prone to it because all of us a team from the spot markets We already ting from this game and for Chad fools You’re not going it in the food that used to it in a village you talked about the leukemia cases that are on the rise Have you identified specific areas where you’ve seen a big number? Yes of these cases one of my students is actually doing we are doing what to call prevalence Study on the children who come to Kenyatta hospital they may be say specifically N and We’ve identified two places at the moment three players actually one of them within our OB Nairobi environs The other one is the Nyanza region that one is Eston region miru around Meru amperage on the areas where we’ve seen like an increase incidence of these Cancers, we don’t exactly Why from those three? Yeah, the assumption is maybe Better health access but also changing lifestyle it’s better There will be a lot of district services that we are facing in as Kenyon’s could be attributed to some of these chemicals that really that are in food and We actually not even now we are and you’re not at a level where we’ve done studies To either rule out or rule in the effect on our health So things like hypertension Kidney damage or result from some of these chemicals that were exposed to Undeclared and unregulated preservatives in meat is not a closely guarded secret anymore Many retailers value sulfites above other preservatives because they do more than return spoilage They keep food looking fresh even when it’s not Since this is happening. What are you going to do about it? Within the last one year. There’s been a lot of conversation within the retail sector in regard to food safety But that discussion has been centered mainly on vegetables and fruits not on meat When you first did the promo for your article, we have had discussions inside Within ourselves trying to figure out as this happened within our particular sector or is it happening within? General people who deal with meat once a chemical is allowed to be used say as a preservative It’s allowed by a legislation. Then it means it is controlled. You cannot use it beyond a controlled concentration and it means there are instructions on how to prepare the chemical for use The critical thing is for the industry to re-instill confidence and trust from consumers on the products. They sell And for consumers there is need to make informed choices This is a red-alert before Kenyans become the ultimate guinea pigs Dame is Akari and TV investigates You

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