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Welcome to Sketchbook Stories. Today we’ve got an ignorant, entitled parent
who does something extreme to proove she’s right. If you’ve got a story that you’d like Nova
to draw, check us out in the r slash Sketchbook Stories community on Reddit and submit your
story there. Entitled mother doesn’t understand food allergies.
by u/Duck_man776 This story happened to me a few years ago,
so my memory might be a little foggy. Some parts filled in by my classmates and
parents. Important for the story; I am deathly allergic
to tree nuts, such as pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, you get it. Lets meet our cast;
EM: Entitled Mother EB: Entitled Brat
Me: Me F: Friend
C: Coach This story takes place during an after-season
pizza party for my youth soccer team, probably 14-15 young kids, maybe 9-11 years old each. We had a perfect season, only losing 3 games
out of around 15. To celebrate, the coaches and parents chipped
in to buy pizza and soda for the kids. Only about 3 parents actually helped with
the party, one of which was our EM. EM’s child, EB, was an extremely entitled,
selfish, and attention-hogging kid. During our season, he had severe anger issues. He would pick up the ball in the middle of
a game, and throw it at the other kids, or into the woods/away from the game. He would push the goalie over and kick the
ball in, even if it was our team’s goalie. Nobody could ever stop him, simply because
of the fact that he’d either hit them or EM would have a screaming fit. EM, from what I heard in later years from
my parents, had blackmailed the coach into forcing EB to get almost constant playing
time. EM had tried to bring the team some extra
treats for the party, most likely to help for our school’s nearing PTA elections. She had brought Hershey’s chocolate bars,
all of them with almonds. This is where our dialogue begins. EM: Alright kids! Come and get your chocolate bars! The kids run over to grab bars, me in the
back, as I was already preoccupied and was late to arrive MeF: Uhm, Mrs. EB’s mom, this have almonds
in them. Me is allergic. EM: Oh? I have never heard this before. Me: I’ve told you multiple times. (Note: I wear one of those red bracelets with
a message on it, listing off what I’m allergic to and emergency numbers to call if I somehow
eat something) EM: This is a lie. You’re probably just making this up anyway,
you ungrateful brat. You probably just hate EB! Me: When did I say I hated EB? EM: Unwrapping the chocolate bar Young man,
you need to take this bar. It’s very rude to deny a gift. Me: No, I’m allergic. I’ll die, see? I show her my bracelet EM: Rips the bracelet off my wrist, as its
only bound by one of those cheap plastic clips you find on a backpack
EM: This is probably fake anyway! You’re lying about your allergies because
you hate me, you ungrateful little shit! EM then proceeds to take the unwrapped chocolate,
grab my wrist, and force it into my hand. This causes an allergic reaction: my hand
became numb, red, yellow, and purple, as well as swollen and covered in hives. (All this took about 1-2 minutes after she
did it). While it was happening, I had thrown the chocolate
bar on the floor and ran to the bathroom to wash my hands off, with F trailing me, holding
my Epi-Pen in her hand. I washed it off, but the damage was done. I went through the injection process, breathing
heavily, while F went to get the nearest coach. EM and EB had followed me, without me noticing. EM: What are you doing? You’re injecting yourself with drugs in front
of my baby? Me: Heavy breathing You idiot! I’m allergic to almonds, and this is my Epi-Pen!
i hold it up for her to see, then sit down on the bathroom tile, feeling
very light-headed and nauseous Another 10 seconds and F and Coach have arrived
C: What the hell is going on here? EM: This little shit injected drugs in front
of my precious EB and is lying about his allergy! C: Me, what happened? Are you okay? He walks over and looks at my hive-covered,
red and swollen arm, then at the used Epi-Pen I’m holding. Me: Still heavy breathing and half crying,
holding on the sink as I stand up EM said I didn’t have an allergy, shoved that chocolate
on my hand, and then yelled at me while I was trying to fix it.. C: Okay, I’ll call your mom and she’ll come
get you. EM: But..but..that little fucker took drugs
in front of EB! He should be arrested! EB: Yeah! He’s doing drugs and he tried to hit me! Starts fake crying
C: Yelling No, bitch! You need to be arrested! And control your entitled brat! EM: What did you just call my little angel? I can get you fired! F: Shut up EM! Look at Mehim, he’s going to die if we don’t
do something! Coach escorts me to the school’s office and
gets a hold of my mom, who rushes out. It only takes her about 5 or so minutes, as
we lived close to the school. “Hello. Yes. Your son has had a medical emergency.” “OMG! I’ll be there in 5 minutes!” After she picked me up, I was taken to the
hospital in a neighboring town, maybe 10 minutes away. I ended up fainting/passing out on the way
there, in and out of consciousness. All I really remember is F coming with us
and telling my mom what had happened, and both of my parents taking me home afterwards. We never spoke to EM again, threatening her
with a court case on ‘child endangerment’. My dad told me that she ended up getting kicked
off the PTA and was barred from school grounds. She ended up taking EB and moving out of state. Wow that was unbelievably wreckless. She could have killed a kid. I think she got off easy by just moving out
of state instead of getting the child endangerment charges. Hope you guys enjoyed that story. As a new channel, we’d appreciate if you subscribe
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