Reducing Allergies at Home : Reducing Allergies: Dust Mites in Curtains

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Continuing the discussion about dust mites,
it’s very important when a child’s in a bedroom or if you have a bedroom that you spend a
lot of time in, not to have a lot of drapery or a lot of material hanging around. For example,
we do not have any kind of curtains on my daughter’s windows because she does have severe
environmental allergies. Instead, we have blinds that we use that offer the same protection
as curtains would. The curtains tend to have a lot of dust mites and they collect dust,
and you wouldn’t even think about washing your curtains. Some people have the same curtains
hanging up for years and have never washed them. But if you do take a closer look, you
find that dust has developed on the outside of them. If you have curtains you can steam
clean them or throw them in the washing machine to get rid of those dust mites. It’s very
easy to clean blinds. Just take your micro fiber cloth to wipe them off to get the dust
that’s accumulated on them. They have these really great tools that I do not recommend
to clean blinds. It’s a stick, it’s really fluffy and people just go like this to clean
in-between the blinds but what happens is, it ends up blowing those dust mites all over
the place and the dust is flying through the air, when in fact you want to make sure it’s
sticking to something so it gets out of the room.

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