Reducing Allergies at Home : Reducing Allergies: Humidifier

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When you’re dealing with mold, it’s very important
to make sure you have a fine balance of having moisture in the air of your house and having
too much moisture in the air of your house. Because with too much moisture, mold spores
are actually airborne. You inhale them and it can cause an Asthma attack or allergies.
For example, we have a humidifier. Most furnaces have a humidifier where when the temperature
drops low enough, the humidifier automatically kicks in to provide moisture. It actually
has water running through it. Which in turn, the water turns to moisture that’s blown through
the air. So it’s great if you have dry skin or even just keeping your airways nice and
lubricated by having moisture in the air. This for example is not a good example of
a humidifier to have in your home especially if you have allergies. This is a kind of humidifier
where it’s a sponge that sits in stagnant water. When you have stagnant water over just
several days, mold begins to grow in it. And that mold is what’s being circulated through
your vents. So one thing that I recommend is having a drip through humidifier. Those
are the more current ones. This furnace is very old, as you can tell. It’s having a drip
through humidifier so there is no standing water in your humidifier. So you don’t have
to worry about that gross air with the mold spores being circulated throughout your house.

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