Reducing Allergies at Home : Reducing Allergies: Using a Steamer

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I’ve discovered another way to do some cleaning
that is very effective, and it involves having a steam cleaner, having a steamer. This steamer
is great. All you have to do is unscrew the top, you add water, let it sit for five minutes
until it’s ready and the indicator light is shining, and you’re ready to go. There’s a
lot of different attachments to the nozzle here but I find that this nozzle works first.
What you do is press on the button, and you spray all the different areas. The steam is
so hot that it automatically kills every bacteria and cleans whatever it’s aimed at. It’s great
for bathrooms, for kitchens, it’s wonderful for cleaning upholstery, and you can also
steam your clothes while you’re at it. It’s a wonderful tool that I like to use especially
in the bathroom with the toilets instead of using bleach. I find that when I do use bleach
to kill molds and different types of bacteria, it triggers an asthma attack almost immediately.
It’s a very harsh chemical that smells very badly. It involves having to open windows,
my children have a hard time breathing when I use it, so I try to stay away from it if
I can use alternative methods. It’s great for the bathtub, as well as using baking soda
to clean your bathtub. It gets the mold off of the edges around the top, and it’s just
a great tool to have if you’re finding other ways to clean without using harsh chemicals
that you could buy over the counter.

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