Reducing the Symptoms of Asthma with Salt Therapy

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I have asthma and allergies and rashes
that come along with the asthma and the allergies as well as polyps in my sinuses. And so I thought, I’ve tried a lot of things over the years: medication, surgery, a lot of different things and so I thought well I’m gonna try this. I like a lot of natural remedies and holistic things and it seemed like a good thing to add in to what I was already doing. I come twice a week when I can, sometimes I miss, sometimes vacations things like that, but typically I come twice every week. And the first thing I saw was the rashes
going away and that probably happened within about 30 days. And these are rashes that even like prednisone doesn’t get rid of. They’re not topical they’re just related to the allergies and the asthma that I have, and within about 30 days those went away and have not ever returned. The second thing that I started
seeing results was my sense of smell returning. And that is because of the polyps in your nose. So the only way the sense of smell can come back is if the polyps are reducing and over time that has just gotten better and better and better. It’s been slow, but that has gotten back to where I would say maybe about 75% and I’ve been coming here for a year. The third thing would be a reduction in the medications that I take. So I am down to only using one inhaler and I still use it every day, but I take two other medications that I alternate every other day, so literally they’ve been cut in half. So I’m down to just those three and I started with 11. While I still use the inhaler, I don’t have any asthma attacks. So it’s now controlling it completely where before even though I was using it, I was still having attacks, I was still having to use a rescue inhaler, I was still having shortness of breath, and different things like that. I can tell that even that is going to be able to be phased out or at least reduced. Salt therapy is a good adjunct to other things that you’re doing. I don’t know that salt therapy would cure asthma for me, but it’s something that is really good to add in. There are no side effects so there’s like no downside and it’s just a very calm and relaxing; restorative. I’m Theresa and salt therapy has worked for me 🙂

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