Reductionism and the Deficiency Mentality

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72 thoughts on “Reductionism and the Deficiency Mentality

  1. It is so ironic that our understanding of human metabolism has increased so much, yet lifestyle diseases are continually on the rise. Good point regarding nutrition. It is much more than getting vitamins and minerals. I certainly agree that prevention is better than a cure.

  2. I study nutrition and health. I wish my university would focus more on prevention of diet-related chronic diseases and offer a more holistic approach. Instead, I'm learning about the effect of hop extract and its main flavonoid Xanthohumol on nitric oxide production by LPS induced macrophages…

  3. Does dr.greger state anywhere a specific outline for the diet he recommends? I know it's whole foods plant based, but does he lay it out in detail anywhere?

  4. I agree with most of the content in the video. However there might well be a lot of health issues that might well be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

    I also think it's very possible that a lot health conditions are misdiagnosed that could be vitamin/mineral deficient related. Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome are a few examples that might be caused by deficiencies…

  5. some cyclist's say "you're not eating enough, eat 8000 calories a day" it's so hard to eat that much, could you please do a video on glycogen stores, how much is enough for elite level exercise ? how to eat more !

  6. This is so right. It sums up everything that has been going through my mind that I couldn't put into words. Could you cite the sources so I can read them later? I'm very interested. Thank you!

  7. why don't multivitamins work as well as plant foods? Cuz there synthetic? or cuz some vitamins cancel themselves during digestion? Idk

  8. Cha-ching! : ( This is a bugbear of T Colin Campbell's as well, and I wish the medical research complex could be decoupled from isolating chemicals for patenting and profit generation, and instead do research for inquiry, disclosure, and preventive care. Thanks!

  9. I have learned to check Like before even listening to Dr. Greger's videos, but this one knocks it out of the park. It is more than nutritional advice, it applies to all of Western science, and explains the reason why we have reached a wall with reductionism.

  10. they wanna make synthetic version of those natural compounds to sell to sick sheeple duh zombies dont care about you (they dont even care about themselves) they just follow impulses. the synthetic versions dont work exactly the same as the natural ones and thus can mess you up a different way and also you not getting the rest of the compounds found in the fruit and veggies which calibrate those compounds correclty in the body.

  11. Liquorice leaves have traditionally put in tobacco, and smokers have also been found to have a reduced risk of other health conditions. The leaves for healing the nations. Some people died within two years of giving up smoking.

    Liquorice is good people with specific health conditions, although it has to be taken in moderation.

    So for instance how many people are aware that too much Vit C can remove the skin from the lips. Skin coming off the lips can also be a sign of 'diabetes'.

    Interesting that the skin came off of my lips after the doctor had prescribed some 'anti-biotics', and 'pain-killers'. Memory is very important to the bigger picture.

    Because if a person was suffering any trauma when eating a specific food, the body will remember that. I've found that when that is the case, those people have a physical bodily 'aversion' and high sensitivity to those specific foods.

    In one specific case, it was a past life situation to do with a 'wheat' allergy due to what happened to her in a wheat field. Now if a person was really happy and in love when they began smoking, the body will remember the happy memories associated with it. If they began smoking due to peer pressure, the body will remember that.

    I also know of a nurse that ate too much fruit, and the hospital doctor told her that she had worn out her pancreas. There is a lot of natural sugar in fruit. So the message is don't swing to far one way with plant foods, or the other way with a meat diet, take the middle path.

  12. I totally agree with this concept! People associated foods with a couple of vitamins and minerals rather than considering the whole package of what they can offer! Yes, meat has protein, but it has cholesterol and can increase a person's risk for heart disease. Beans have protein too, and only good side effects (except for farts, but it can be somehow managed).

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Greger!

  13. This is exactly what's wrong with the recent surge in pro-GMO advocates like Unnatural Vegan, who've fallen into the reductionist mindset trap. We've altered our food enough over the years, and are entering an age of even greater changes with more unknown consequences.

    It's easy enough to avoid most medications, supplements, processed foods, etc. and stick with real, whole foods now, but in the coming years companies are going to be modifying the food we eat itself more and more. We might not have any choice whether or not to consume the latest creations of food and pharmaceutical corporations in future, if we don't do something (educate, refuse to buy GMO, change laws, etc.).

  14. I am 67, have lived a simplistic raw food diet for 16 years, no supplements or vitamins of any kind ….. I feel better than ever! Thanks Doc for your videos and all the great info you put out.

  15. yeah but I want to have my cake and eat it too. I dont want to be seen as different by my friends, I don't want to alienate my family who has a meat/dairy/beer history, I dont want to do whats difficult now for a potential payoff later.

  16. Dr G Ummm Question I just blended kombucha with half 2 fingers of organic ginger root with a tablespoon of Tequila sounds good will that work? Ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 I mixing drinks for people so i tasted it it tasted super d yum since people <3 Drinking Poison 🙂 What do you think of this twist on Alcohol I im helping there Microbe Gut Brain barrier ::) Super silly and crazy <3 <3

  17. Great video. Reductionism led me to a point in life where I was taking handfuls of supplement pills morning and night. I'm glad this channel and others helped get me back to real nutrition from whole plant foods.

  18. If you are not eating a whole plant diet, then you are slowly adding plaque to your arteries and eventually you will have a heart attack. The answer is not vitamins, but whole plants.

  19. The same people who sell us drugs like statins are the same people who sell us a bunch of vitamins that don't do any good. Just eat whole foods. Stop being tricked, brainwashed, and believing all that crap in the health food store is going to save you. It is not. The only thing that is going to save you is WHOLE PLANT FOODS….

  20. parents are like I bought turmeric apparently it's good for you….. then they….. fill a. pan with oil, take a dead chicken and fry it and eat it alongside a few roast veggies drowned in oil, eat ice cream after then tea with honey and milk…. and wonder why they are sick every few weeks, over weight and unfit ^.^

  21. I KNEW A GIRL IN GRADE 9 NAMED NAOMI WHO GOT SCURVY !!!!!! Idk what she ate but she was not a healthy person at allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  22. I have a question. Has "failure to thrive" on a vegan diet ever been asked? I've seen it addressed by Dr. Michael Klaper but, I can not find any information on nutrition facts. I'm experiencing way different results from my husband who is doing AMAZING. Yes, he reversed diabetes, blood pressure spot on, cholesterol bravo and 50 pound weight loss..

    Me? look and feel like death… Small gains in cholesterol numbers is all I've had (I'm grateful for that after 11 months) We eat exactly the same way. He just eats more.

    I'm hoping you could do a video on your opinion of this phenomenon. I feel like I'm going crazy because I'm not remotely even seeing "vibrant" health or energy. Oil is pretty much gone (avocados) and no junk food. Husband is the picture of health and I look like I've been drug through the mill and feel the same.

  23. I'm so glad I'm an independent dietitian. No boss, no lines to follow, except my own….ahhhhhh…sweeeet.

  24. Here's my insight. Plants contain a wide variety of toxins to defend themselves from microorganisms. We can't eat holly berries or poke berries for instance. Look up the manchineel tree if you want to really see toxic fruit. Most animals would die from eating an avocado, and dogs cannot eat chocolate. Even mold is toxic and most likely our paleolithic ancestors ate quite a bit of it. We cultivate plants that are not toxic to humans, but those plants still contain toxins. By chance some of the toxins help to fight microbes that cause human disease. Hormesis is an example of how toxins can be beneficial, at least if the dose is low enough. When we don't eat natural foods our body lacks the toxins that help keep microbes at bay. A lawn needs more than nutrients, it needs weed killer too. Virtually everyone in modern society develops numerous chronic ailments, poor nutrition is part of it, but a lack of beneficial toxins also plays a role. So, for optimal health we need both the nutrients and toxins that come from a natural diet. It's great to know that cherries are good for gout, or the benefits of turmeric, but there is a fundamental reason why plants foods have benefits. We should not look at it just from a nutrition perspective, we also need to consider the benefits of harmless plant toxins. Anyway, if some researcher would like more on this theory I'd be happy to share why I believe this to be true.

  25. This is amazing, I love where my nutritional studies have taken me, it's been such a wild ride to the good information and you know it's good information when you apply it. I'm living the benefits. Whole food plant based high carb low fat, eliminated all supplements but the B12.

  26. Awesome channel. Can you do a video that summarizes what specific fruits and veggies we should try to consume every day in our diet? There's so much information in these videos it's hard to summarize it all into what a normal day should look like.

  27. Can you make a video about this silly article I found stating that eating a low-carb and high fat diet reduces
    cardiovascular morbidity and mortality?

  28. Oh the irony! All NutritionFacts videos are precisely about reductionism and reductionist studies. Is this meant to be a joke?

  29. Just eat your beans and potatoes, drink your water and black coffee, and stop using automobiles. That's all the nutrition and exercise you'll need in order to live and die.

  30. Can anyone tell me what software is used to make these videos? The highlighted text and page turning effect in particular.

  31. I went into a hospital (In Europe) the other day, the canteen was filled with sugar-bomb type foods, the healthiest thing there was a 50 gram packed of raisins, brazil and peanuts. The "Sugar free" section contained salted peanuts.

    If you can't even get the centres of public health to stock healthy food, what fucking chance do you have for the rest of the world?

  32. The fact that smoking is high on that list should make you wonder what other everyday catastrophic consumer products are just waiting to be discovered. Research that.

  33. Food industries and pharmaceutical company thrive in reductionism concept. We as consumers must have a knowledge what form of nutrition we need, not only trust on what the ads or medical people recommend or suggest. I agree that plant based whole food diet is what human need.

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  35. At Mor's Nutrition & More we offer multifaceted Nutritional Consultation Services, focused on improving overall healthy lifestyle choices to high performing, high stress individuals including executives, athletes and health challenged individuals.

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  36. I eat a vegan, mostly whole-food diet and have done for over 2 years now. However, I have recently been diagnosed with IBS (really bad IBS!). I've been trying out this FODMAP diet but since doing so I've been experiencing symptoms akin to iron deficiency. Upon further investigation, the FODMAP diet seems to have cut out a huge chunk of iron-rich foods I was getting before. I can't win with the natural approach so have, reluctantly, resorted to supplements 🙁

  37. Scurvy is more present then you think, but not ALL scurvy is the same, some got it in "not so" dangerous forms. like bleeding of the gums while brushing, or periodontitis.

  38. Well, then I'm looking forward to the upcoming update of your optimum nutrition recommendation list:

  39. our psychology tells the story of our past. scarcity / deficiency was our biggest threat until recently, hence we are terrified of it.

  40. A reductionist video about reductionism…….. very interesting.
    All of this applies to non-food plants as well. In the search for patentable medicines, as customers, we have lost interest in the abundant medicines at our back door, freely available to those who know how to use them.
    Doctors need to feel unafraid go back to using clinical experience more.
    And Medical schools need to refuse big money from the drug industry, and food industry. It takes away their ability to make independent observations.
    Every clinical case can be learned from, not just studies that can be flawed or purposely skewed for legal and financial purposes. If we rely only on these reductionist studies we will be blown by the wind of whatever agenda is the flavor of the month, which just confuses people.
    Nutrition, and foods, ingredients in cooking, dietary recommendations have become legal terms. We can't let lawyers, politics, propaganda, trade agreements, and mass advertising be the primary influence on our family meal choices.
    We have let these influences break the chain of knowledge passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter.
    Almost every culture had a healthy diet, lifestyle and social cooking style until recently, when culture became defined by industry.
    Industry studies what benefits industry. Mothers study what is best for their child and their budget.
    We have let convenience determine nutrition, and lost the interest in cooking and preparing food in our own kitchens, and sharing that food with family and friends. Have you noticed that most schools have no kitchen anymore? Just rooms where pre-packaged foods are handed out.
    Antibiotics are not food, yet all artificial preservatives are actually classified as antibiotics.
    Paint is not food, yet all artificial food colorings can be used as printer inks.
    Neurotransmitters are not food, yet neurotransmitters are added to food and drinks as sweeteners.
    Addictive substances are drugs, not food, yet we allow addictive substances to be called flavor enhancers.
    It's legally ok to completely tear apart every food into its constituent parts and then put it back together in a different configuration, and still call this by the same name on a package label. But what is legal isn't the same as what is safe and healthy to consume.
    It's legally ok to add known toxins to foods as additives, as long as the dilution is correct. But who wants poison added to their food at all?
    It's legally ok to have pollution contaminants in foods, such as copper, arsenic, DDT, radon, lead and mercury. But don't wait for that to be outlawed before you try to avoid it.

  41. Yes! This attitude still very prevalent. No matter how often l say WHOLE FOOD, still there are concerns about sodium (or protein of course) or insistence that oil from olives is better.

  42. 4 (unhealthi i'm sure haha!) thumbs down
    2 this fantastik video so far not veri happi?….

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