regenHU History

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I remember back in 2007, I met the
Stanford University professor who told me that if we could combine cells, signal
molecules and extracelullar matrix in a three-dimensional environment with
spatial control, we would have a powerful tool to tissue engineering. So, with my
team at regenHU we set about developing just such a bioprinting platform. And in
this process we came to understand that every scientist has specific needs and
individual applications. So we evolved our bio printing platform to a
biofabrication solution with a high level of customization to optimize it to
each individual needs and challenges. You need a partner able to convert your
ideas into biofabrication solutions. You need a partner providing reliable and
high quality equipment, supporting your research from early laboratory stage
towards clinical and industry environments, providing good laboratory
practice, GCP and good manufacturing practice. And this is our mission. Our
mission is to support scientific advancements with cutting-edge
biofabrication solutions. And it’s in our DNA
to provide you customized and tailored solutions.

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