Relief of Asthma Symptoms with Block Therapy – Testimonial by Kathi Wirth

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My name is Kathy Wirth and I’ve just completed
the 3 classes of Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy. I’ve had chronic asthma for sixty years. I’ve
noticed a difference in the past 2 weeks because now I’m able to breathe through my nose which
was virtually impossible. I’m still whistling a bit but I’m working on that. I also have
nasal-polyps that make it kind of hard but I’m hoping to shrink those as well. I really
enjoyed the classes. My husband found the article in The Winnipeg Sun that ran a few
weeks ago. He said ‘Why don’t you give this a shot’? I decided I’d do it. I had nothing
to lose and I’m glad I did. I’m going to take more classes in the future and I recommend
it to anybody.

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