RENO 911! – Terry’s Tacos

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[indistinct chatter on radio]Buenos noches,Pedro. – Hi, Terry.
– ‘Hey, Terry.’ Whoo-whoo! (Jones)
‘You wanna know why we’re here?’ Why, is there a fight? – No, there’s not a fight yet.
– Yeah, they… Terry we got a call that, uh ‘somebody, an employee here’ ‘was turnin’ tricks
up on the roof.’ – No way.
– Yeah. – Yes way.
– Yeah way. That’s no, not cool. – Well, what’s not cool…
– You know anything about that? – You know anything about it?
– No. I’m afraid of roofs,
so it wasn’t me. I’m allergic to ’em. – You’re allergic to roofs?
– I’m allergic to roofs. – Uh-huh.
– ‘You can ask my doctor.’ How does that manifest itself?
How are you allergic to roofs? If look at them, I throw up. You know what I’m allergic to?
Lies. We had a description about a
gentleman of your height your stature,
with a little hat. What did they have…
What was the person’s name? Well, I guess,
you know, it might rhyme with Mary or Harry. My name isn’t Mary or Harry. My name is… ♪ Terry ♪♪ – Well, hold on, Terry.
– What? There’s something
I wanna say, okay? – What?
– Listen. You know what? You’re misunderstood, okay? – I’m totally misunderstood.
– You-You’re misunderstood. And, um, I wanted to know what if you and I were to… …go up on the roof? How much would you… …would you…
I mean, how much would it be? For… [whispering]
For what? If I wanted to get
like a little bit of… …[bleep]. How much would it be? [grunts] [whispering]
Five dollars. – Terry, I’m a cop.
– What? I’m holding your hand.
And I’m, I’m a cop– – I said $5 for the taco.
– You, you just… You just solicited a sexual ass
[bleep], you know. Ouch. What are you guys doing? Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos
is self-served tonight ladies and gentlemen.
Sorry about that, Pedro. Call the police. I’m being
arrested by the police.

100 thoughts on “RENO 911! – Terry’s Tacos

  1. I'm sexually attracted to those lime shorts. but I'm straight, so seeing them just now on Nick was like when a toddler trys their first lime.

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Nick at The Grill Concept in SJ when he was doing a weekend show at the improv down the street from the bar. He's one of the nicest, welcoming and chilled dudes you can meet being a celebrity, comedian, writer, actor and roll model.

  3. "We had a description about a gentleman your height, your stature…with little hat. "
    "What was the person's name?"


  4. Reno 911 reminds me of being a kid and trying to peek into the living room while my parents watch this and having them yell at me to go back to bed. This and Family guy I was do interested in at the age where I wasn't allowed to watch iy

  5. Hey Reno, I just wanted to say I hope you're doing well and I miss you. If you ever want to get uncanceled or whatever, call me.

  6. In an interview, one of the cast members felt it necessary to say that the actor who plays "Terry" is actually married to a woman.
    I was so relieved.

  7. Nick did a show at my college it was the funniest show ever he did some Terry routines, laughed for 2 more days afterwards!

  8. If in going to commit a crime, in gonna do it with terry. Once we got caught by the cops, we're gonna sing our name. Terry FTW!

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