Repair a Home, Improve a Child’s Health: CAPP+

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>>Shi was diagnosed with asthma about two
years ago. It’s scary because she’s 4 now, but she still
can’t really explain, “I can’t breathe.”>>One in 4 children in West Philadelphia
have asthma. The Community Asthma Prevention Program is
a long-standing program where community health workers are going into homes and they’re really
proving that they’re actually keeping kids out of the hospitals by reducing the triggers
of asthma. And so to that end, when we looked at CAPP
Plus, we thought we could do much, much more by really going deep into the homes and looking
at mold, looking at water intrusion.>>We’ve seen things that are really out of our
control that requires professional home repairs.>>We see so many children coming for Emergency
Department visits, hospital admissions for asthma. This kind of program gets us one step closer
to making them healthier without ever bringing them to a doctor’s office.>>We do know that with CAPP alone, we see
a reduction of hospitalizations, from 40 to 50%, and we expect that to be even larger now that
we’re doing these major home repairs.>>My initial reaction when I learned about
the CAPP Plus program, I was ecstatic. Carmen is my asthma care coordinator. She told me that she can come out and do a
home visit and look over the house to see what thing can be done in the house to help
manage her asthma. So when Carmen told me that they would do
a lot of the renovation for free, to help Shi’s asthma, I said, “OK, that’s great, sign
me up, I’m definitely for it.”>>Being a single mother with three children,
she didn’t have the finances to do the repairs herself so we thought she was a great candidate
for this project.>>CAPP Plus would not be a reality if it
weren’t for a partnership between Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia. We bring the health expertise and they bring
the housing and zoning and code expertise, so together this makes a great partnership.>>We sat down with Philadelphia Housing Development
Corporation in the City Planning Department, and we had a discussion about housing and the
social determinants of health. There’s much more to health issues than meets
the eye. Poverty can be a problem; poor housing can
be a problem.>>We thought this would be a good way for
us to partner with CHOP and the community as a prevention program repair low-income
Philadelphian homes. We’re really excited about the opportunity
to work with CAPP Plus and to help the children of Philadelphia.>>Hello how are you?
>>Hi.>>Miguel Torres from PHDC. Here to do the inspection? Every house, within this program will be different.>>Partnering with PHDC is gonna to be amazing
because they’re able to go into the homes and address some of these triggers: mold,
dust, pests. It’s really going to make a huge difference
for families.>>I am the CEO and founder of Adkins Management
Inc. We are a minority-certified company who has
been doing business with PHDC for more than 18 years.>>It was very important to us that we promote
a program that promoted jobs in the community.>>We see CAPP Plus as an opportunity to address
the inclusive economy, to put people to work.>>There’s a lot of minority-owned businesses
and women-owned businesses that are in the Philadelphia area that are just looking for
an opportunity to show what great jobs they can do.>>We’re doing something that’s going to change
the quality of life for children which really excites me.>>Kids are affected with asthma spend a lot
more time out of school, which means they don’t progress as much as their peers. It’s gonna give kids an environment to
live in, that gives them a fighting chance at having a wonderful life, having a better
life than they have now.>>When she has asthma flare-up, it’s very
scary, but to have a plus like this, a benefit of the program that will help you to make
it less likely to have flares? It’s great. I feel like the air feels better. She has not had an asthma flare-up since. She’s been able to just do her regular preventive
medicine without having to use her rescue inhaler.>>We’re investing dollars in CAPP Plus because
we have the evidence that this will work and achieve great outcomes. We think with philanthropic support,
think with public support, we’re gonna be able to sustain this work for years to
come.>>I cannot be more satisfied with anything. Seeing her just being able to run and crawl
and jump and roll around with the puppies and all of that, makes me feel so great. What do you like about the kitchen?>>Sparkly.>>Yeah, it’s sparkly. I love it. I love everything that they did. ♪♪

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