Research Internship at UAB Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care

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I kind of know that my interests lie
with biology and medicine. This really feels good that you can use the
knowledge to help people in a very good way through medicine. My name is Tao Xu, I am a rising sophomore. I’m a biochemistry and molecular biology major. This summer I’m interning at University of Alabama School of Medicine – division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care. Dr. Ding’s team is working on a project on
acute lung injury and I’m assisting in the research project. So acute lung injury is a
disease characterized by edema in patient’s lungs and severe inflammatory
response and patients often die from respiratory failure.
Starting an internship early really helps you to experience research
and the life of medical scientists or PhD student would be like. And it really gives you a lot more to consider with your career and thinking whether it’s a good
choice for you or is that really where your passion is at. Many people say,
including my professors, say it’s very early for me to start an internship in a lab
but what I feel is that medical schools and PhD programs are really looking for
research experience. My education experiences are rather internationalized
and diverse. Until sophomore year in high school I studied in our international
school in China. During sophomore year I transferred to Maryland- Rockville,
Maryland, where I was studying in an American high school, where then I
applied to Dickinson. I’m moving to a lot of places from China to Maryland to
Pennsylvania to Alabama. I think I’m experiencing a full scope of an
American education, with an internationalized perspective.

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