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Part 1 – What would you say to someone who was
apprehensive or hesitant about going to PR classes? I’d say that it’s, it’s a very welcoming
atmosphere. And it doesn’t matter what’s wrong with
you or how you are feeling. You will be treated with kindness, patience
and respect and you can do what you want. It’s an easy exercise class and its easy
tutorials. And you’ll have fun. I’m proof of the pudding. I feel like a new person, it’s taken ten
years off me. Part 2 – What do you do now to stay healthy? I am trying to do a lot more walking. And I do sit ups on a chair. I have got a step at home that I use occasionally. So I need to keep, I would keep the exercises
going because it definitely did help. Having gone, attended the classes I now feel
I that I could actually start to think about going back to playing golf. And as I say, if I keep up the exercises that
will become an objective I will full fill within the next few weeks
As I said I have got leg weights to use. I also fill up a couple of milk cartons with
water and use them as weights. Tins of beans use them as weights. Different things like that. I have got one of my little pedal bikes. It’s not an exercise bike but it’s for
your feet. You sit and you watch TV and I do that. It can also be on a table to do my hands. I go to the gym twice a week. I swim seven days a week. I have gone back to attempting to play golf. I have gone back to fishing which I stopped
two or three years ago because I couldn’t walk too far. My life has gone back to what it used to be
fifteen years ago. And that’s basically from doing the pulmonary

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