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Martin Macík Jr.
Pilot in truck category
7 times Rally Dakar participant Jan Rýdl
Spokesperson for Road and Motorway Directorate According to the police statistics from 2018, truck drivers caused 11500 accidents and 56 fatalities. The most common cause of the accidents
was inattentive driving. I see what often happens
behind the steering wheel. Drivers eat breakfasts, tidy up the cabin,
look for something, and don’t even get me started
on mobile phones. Calling without hands-free, messaging, or browsing social networks. I have seen professional truck drivers that were even watching films while driving. Come on people, don’t be crazy! When you are driving, just drive
and do nothing else. I know how little it takes
for a disaster to happen that you can never ever take back. I have seen those that never made it
to the finish on Dakar, but also on public roads. All it takes is a moment of inattention. Respect is a really cool thing. Let’s try to control our egos and realize that the main thing is to arrive alive. Public roads are not for racing.

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