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Martin Macík Jr.
Pilot in truck category
7 times Rally Dakar participant Jan Rýdl
Spokesperson for Road and Motorway Directorate According to the the Traffic law, a driver whose truck weights more than
3.5 ton and is over 7 metres in length cannot overtake unless he is fast enough not to limit anyone who is
driving behind his vehicle. I don’t know about you,
but that’s not what I usually see. I often see trucks that overtake
each other for even ten minutes. It’s fine on Dakar, but on public roads? Is it really a victory? Did they save any time? Will they arrive any sooner? I am not so sure about that. The risk that something bad happens
during these manoeuvre is quite high. And let’s not forget all
the other cars in the left lane that are waiting for the outcome of this move and when they will be able to carry on. For me, the most important thing is respect. Respect is a really cool thing. Let’s try to control our egos and realize that the main thing is to arrive alive. Public roads are not for racing.

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