Respiratory Allergies: patients testimonies |

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Francesco, Italian (allergic to pollen) : It’s
a disease but people underestimate it. Emma, English (allergic to dust mites) : I’ve
been considered a fragile child for years. Jeremias, German (allergic to wasp) : When
you can’t juste take a walk with nothing on your mind because you’re afraid of getting
stung by a wasp. It’s frustating! Emma, English (allergic to dust mites) : And
then at work, my colleagues always thought I had a cold and was contagious.
Francesco, Italian (allegic to pollen) : I still see myself revising, tired as ever,
with my eyes itching, my nose constantly running. Emma, English (allergic to dust mites) : Going
to the cinema or the theatre is a real issue! Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : I turned
into a tissue box collector! Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen)
: Do you know what it’s like to sleep with your nose blocked for two weeks? You’re always
tired, people don’t realize that! Francesco, Italian (allegic to pollen) : It
weighs on everyday life. Even playing sports becomes complicated.
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : It sometimes makes it very difficult to focus on anything.
And you easily get grumpy at these times. Emma, English (allergic to dust mites) : So
you try to stay at home as much as possible. Because it’s the only place you can try to
control a little. Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen)
: For quite a long time, I used to say it was a discomfort. And that I had to learn
to live with it. But to be really honest about it…
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : I’d say it’s a disease.
Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen) : I tried everything for seven years.
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : There were home remedies.
Francesco, Italian (allegic to pollen) : Antihistamines. Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen)
: It’s hard to see clearly when you have so many options…
Jeremias, German (allergic to wasp) : Summer meant danger! Emma, English (allergic to dust
mites) : I litteraly asked everyone on earth for advice.
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : Pharmacists. Francesco, Italian (allegic to pollen) : General
Practitioners. Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : You end
up giving up. Francesco, Italian (allegic to pollen) : The worst thing
is that it even got worse over time… Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen)
: I had the feeling that I was becoming allergic all the time. Even outside of the pollen season.
Emma, English (allergic to dust mites) : I’ve spent years looking for a solution. Somebody
ask me why I didn’t go and see an allergy specialist.
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : An allergy specialist. That really was the first step
towards a solution! Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen)
: He had to find out precisely what I was allergic to. So that I could be treated.
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : The allergy specialist prescribed the adequate treatment
for me. A few drops under the tongue. Something simple and easy to use.
Francesco, Italian (allegic to pollen) : Thanks to desensitisation my immune system has finally
been rebalanced. And I have adapted to my everyday environment.
Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen) : I’ve dreamt for years of reading in a park
like this. Without having to worry about what’s around me, before I sit down.
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : Desensitisation was the solution that treated my allergies!
Emma, English (allergic to dust mites) : What a pity I wasted all those years!
Alain, French (allergic to pollen) : What a relief when it stops. No more itchy eyes
and runny nose. That’s all over, I’m free! Jeremias, German (allergic to wasp) : Wasps
can fly around me. I’m not afraid any more! Andrea, Spanish (allergic to tree pollen)
: The treatment is long. But it’s really worth it.

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