Respiratory Therapy Program at South Texas College

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careers in respiratory therapy are
growing at a rate of 19% over the next several years and South Texas College is
helping meet the demand for these life-saving health care professionals
at our expanding nursing and allied health campus students can earn
credentials as an entry-level certified respiratory therapist or an advanced
associate’s degree to become a registered respiratory therapist
basically what we deal with is there’s four critical life functions which is
ventilation oxygenation circulation and perfusion and as a respiratory therapist
we deal with the first three so we work in different areas of the hospitals the
ER adult ICU PD ICU with babies on the floors we treat patients that have for
example anything from asthma lung cancer students are required to apply in the
spring for admission in the fall the program is a selective admission program
meaning that we can only accept about 33 students per year and the process is a
little bit different than other programs because we do have to pick our students
so for example there’s an interview we do look at the GPA they have to do a
letter of intent while I was a student at South Texas College um we got trained
I believe very well we start with the most basic things nebulizer treatments
why we’re giving them what type of medication we’re giving to the most
invasive treatments once we go into the program in addition to rigorous training
in the classroom students get plenty of real-world experience in clinical
settings we do have a wide range of hospitals that are associated with it
with us so they go to Mission McAllen Regional, NAP, DHR, Edinburg Children’s
and then we have specialty rotations where they can go like from surgery
sleep studies they do rounds with the pulmonologist and they also do ask my
education for elementary kids so it’s a wait a wide range of activities that
they do many of our students are courted by employers even before graduation
because of the demand for respiratory therapists and because of the quality of
our program when I write took my board exams I was ready I didn’t have to go to
a school for four years so I can do the way I did on my exams I would definitely
encourage them to come to this program it’s very very rewarding knowing
that you can provide another breath at an East for a patient for more
information about the respiratory therapy program and all healthcare
programs at the South Texas College nursing and allied health campus visit
us online or call us today

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