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♪ [music] ♪Okay. So, I’m going to tell you today two really
exciting things. One is, if you want to, you can become younger. So, many years ago, when I was younger, I
wrote my first book about how to actually slow down aging and it really is possible. And when I was writing my book, one of my
dearest friends came to me and she was 35, and she’d actually started going into the
menopause and no children. She was devastated and I went, “Look, you
can actually reverse the age of your eggs in your womb.” She’s like, “Really?” I’m like, “Yeah, sure.” So, I worked with her and she had a baby,
which was amazing. And then she did go back in the menopause,
but many years later, and she was fine because she had her family. So when I was writing my first book many years
ago, I met this amazing woman called Ellen Langer, and she had done this really cool
experiment. I’m going to share it with you . So she took
a group of men, all men of 75, and this was in 1979. I met her many years later. And she took these 75 year old men to a retreat
and it was a closed retreat. And that means that everything was shut, and
it looked as if it was from 1959. So all the music that was piped in was from
1959, all the magazines, and every newsreel, and every paper, and every program was from
1979. And, sorry, ’59. And it was furnished to be 1959 and it was
an experiment. Before they went in, they tested their age. So, this is what you can do if you want to
be younger, changing your thoughts and beliefs can make you younger, can make you live longer,
can make you look and feel better, can give you a great memory into your 90s and beyond. And it can keep you fit and active and healthy. And I’m not going to tell you I’m going to
show you because I’m a great believer that you believe it when you see it. So, you see there, it says they tested their
biological age. No point, your chronological age means you’re
75. That is so unimportant. Your birth certificate age, throw it away,
never refer to it again, it doesn’t mean a thing because we age on our own timetable. So you have an age, maybe, I’d say someone
here was 40. That’s your age of your birth certificate. If you’re a runner, then your age of your
organs is very different. A runner at 40 will have a heart and lungs
of 30, but knees of 50. And if they run in the sun, skin of 52 . So
your biological age is completely different and you can change it. And the thing that changes it is your psychological
age, the age you feel. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. So they did all these tests, their hearing,
their vision, their grip, even the length of their fingers, and their blood, and their
hormones, and all these things. And after a week of pretending it was 20 years
earlier, pretending it was 1959 not 1979, they all, every single one of them reversed
their age by a minimum of 7 years. Because they did all these tests again and
they were like, “Wow, these guys are 7 to 10 years younger.” Of course it was like, “Yeah, but it’s because
they had a holiday for a week.” So she has to have a control group. Sorry, I’m just getting used to that and the
control group also went on holiday for a week to the same place, but had normal furniture,
it was 1979, they actually got older. Guess they didn’t like that modern music,
but they didn’t reverse their aging at all. Anyway, the BBC said, “Wow, this is so cool.” So the BBC in 2010 said, “We’re going to recreate
this, but even better.” So they made a closed retreat and they made
it 35 years earlier. So they took a group of men and women, it
wasn’t just men, and they were between the age of 78 and 88, and they took them to a
closed retreat. It was 2010, but it all looked like it was
1975. The music was from 1975, the TV shows were
from 1975 , they have to wear badges of themselves from 1975, and every magazine was from 1975. And they found what was extraordinary is that
one of them went in on sticks, one of them could practically not walk, and the same thing
happened within a week. They had all reversed their aging by 12 years. That’s more than a year, a day, and they asked
one of them in particular, “What did you do to reverse your aging?” Because the one who was in there on crutches
was actually running around the garden. There was a woman called Silvia Sims and she
said, to this day, she now goes to old people’s homes and teaches them something, which is,
you can get older, you do not have to get old. And he said, “I forgot to be old.I slipped
back into that world of 35 years ago, I forgot I was 88.” He’d been really depressed, there was another
guy there called Lionel Blair, he was actually tap dancing on stage. So this was a great thing to do because what
you have to understand about aging is, it cannot be defined. No one has ever been able to define aging. There are tribes, there are groups, there’s
an island in Greece where they have some of the longest living people in the world. They all have some stuff in common, which
I’ll share with you, but actually, what we think of aging, do you know what it is? It is massive disuse of the body followed
by massive disuse of the brain because the brain is brutal. The brain has what I call use-it-or-lose-it. And if you use it, you don’t lose it, and
if you don’t use it, you do lose it. So once the BBC had done this test and it
was so amazing, they said, “Well, let’s do more tests.” So, they took a group of people, volunteers
off the street and they said, “Walk into a room and just make sentences of these words.” They had a few more words too, so they went
into the room. They filmed them walking in and they got a
pen and they made a sentence with wise, fragile, sentimental, obedient. When they filmed them leaving, they said it
was so odd they were walking 20% slower. They really thought they were fragile and
they were walking like they’ve got old. And then of course they took another group
in the room and they said make sentences out these words. And they said they practically bounded out
of the room. They were springing out of there, all the
same age because they were using young words. And the words you use have an actual effect
on your body. You see, your brain listens to every word
you say. If you go, “Oh my God , I look so old.” Your brain goes, “Okay,” and that’s permanent. But if you go, “Oh, I look a little tired.I
look a little dehydrated. I look a little stressed.” Your brain goes, “Yeah, but tomorrow you won’t.” Because some words are permanent and some
words are not. So, don’t ever go, “I’m so old. I’m too old. I look old. I can’t do that at my age.” I hate people going, “Oh, I forgot the milk. It’s my age.” Is that really? Because my kid comes home from school every
week without her swimming trunks, and then her lunch, and then she’s forgotten her PE
kit and I never go, “It was your age. You’re just so old.” And you only have to hang out in a children’s
cloakroom to see how much they forget stuff, but we don’t go, it’s their age. Or people go, “I need my sleep at night.” My four-year-old needed her sleep when she
was four, but I never added to it, it’s her age. Actually it kind of was her age, but as people
get older, they go, “I forgot because of age.I look old because I’m old. My knees hurt because I’m old.” You’ve got to start disregarding your age
. If you want to age incredibly well, never mention your age, don’t refer to it because
it doesn’t matter. So here’s the next. You see, this is what aging is, is an expectation
that you live up to. You can go to old people’s home and see people
sitting with their remote control, clicking through the TV shows, getting older, because
when hope dies, old age runs to meet you. But people who don’t do that, who still work. Professors of 90 have the same brain neurons
as professors of 30 because they use their brain all the time. So you want to age well, have a different
expectation of all aging is. Scientists know that you can boost your immune
system just by thinking differently, which is exactly what those people did with the
BBC test. They thought they were younger. Meditation can make you, I promise, 15 years
younger. Don’t believe me? Go and ask Emily. She’ll tell you because you can’t stop it. Yes, she’s really 62, but that’s a secret
. And I’m really 82, but we don’t ever discuss
our age. You see, you make different chemicals when
you’re happy. When you’re depressed, your whole immune system
is depressed with you. But this is my favorite thing that the BBC
did. Oh, actually that shouldn’t be there, but
we’ll come back to that. Never mind. Forwards, I’m so young, I can just work all
of this out. You know what, I can’t even look for this
one. It doesn’t matter because I’ve got a fantastic
memory because I tell myself every day, I have an amazing memory and I do something
called neurobics, which you’re all going to do. So, here’s the third thing that BBC did which
I love. They took some people and said, “We’re going
to pretend you’re a fighter pilots.” So they put on the overalls, they put on the
goggles, and they put them in Harrier Jump Jet flight simulators. And they tested their eyesight, and then they
had to pretend they were flying a fighter plane. And they said what was so weird is that their
sight improved in a way that is physically not possible. And actually, their sight didn’t get better
but their brain believed they were fighter pilots and their brain started to work so
hard to make them see better and they saw better. So how cool is that? That if you think you’re a pilot, your brain
starts to change your eyesight. And these are all documented, all in my book,
you can go online, none of this is made up. And you might even know this next test, I’ll
tell you one more. The Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Cleveland
in Ohio was showing these very sick kids on the ward a puppet show. And they had a policeman puppet and he was
here, and in this hand with the germ puppets. And the policeman puppet came along and he
defeated all the germs, already beat them up, but you could do that. That was like 10 years ago. So this policeman came along and he fought
all the germs and he defeated the germs, and all the kids laughed. And then they said, “Okay, close your eyes
. I want you to imagine this puppet show is going on in your body.” So they closed their eyes and they imagined
it, and then they took saliva swabs and they said incredibly, they are making so much immunoglobulin,
which is a protein that fights the virus. That their body actually believes this virus
is there and their mind is making a protein to kill it. So, every thought you think has a physical
reaction in your body and you can do so much about aging. So, I want to tell you about my favorite,
favorite thing, which is something called neurobics. Neurobics makes your brain younger and I just
told you about the brain being brutal. See what the brain loves is newness. Anyone here with kids, they start to crayon
and then they get up over here and look at a movie, and then they go over there and crayon
a bit more, and then they go and get juice, then they put on the TV, and they do new stuff
all the time. They don’t sit still. And as we get older, some of us sit still
for too long and so what the brain likes is newness. And neurobics just means doing something new. So here’s what neurobics means. When you clean your teeth, you want to clean
your teeth with the wrong hand, you want to put your…it’s very good to do this with
high heels, put your leg behind you, close your eyes and clean your teeth like that. See I can do it in stilettos because I practice. Not to go on stage here. I like neurobics. It just means do something new. I have my mother now doing Sudoku on an iPad. My mother’s on Facebook, my mother’s on Skype. She’s got a really young mind. My dad was a professor, he’s had cancer three
times, he’s had two strokes, but his mind is so sharp because he has that use-it. So, if you want to have a really sharp memory
into your 90s, you want to be sharp as a tack and remember stuff, you’ve got to do new stuff. And preferably, new stuff that’s young. So, singing, dancing, laughing, having sex,
that’s not new, but keep doing a lot of that in new places, if you can , but also do neurobics. And the other thing the brain loves, you see,
neurobics means mental exercises that make a new brain pathway. So neurobics, just clean your teeth with the
wrong hand, then you make that some mental exercise that makes a new brain pathway. You make a bigger hippocampus which gives
you a better memory and stronger brain power. And when you meet people like, well, you won’t
meet them, but people like Titian the painter, Rubenstein the composer, most artists live
until their 90s and beyond. I went to somebody called Molly Parkins’ 80th
birthday and she was telling everyone that she’d just had sex in a cupboard with a surfer
on holiday. She’s a great person. My daughter said, “I can’t believe she’s the
same age as my grandmother. She does all these crazy things.” But she’s a great character. She drank and smoked and was a terrible alcoholic
and yet, her passion for painting and always doing new stuff has given her an incredibly
young brain. So, this is, I’m not going to say this word,
but there’s something called wrong hand activity, and it’s so easy. It just means reach for your remote control
with the wrong hand. If you are right-handed, you’ll find that
wherever you set off from, you always go up the stairs on that leg. You can try wherever you set off from in your
house, you will always go up the stairs on that leg. Start to use that leg. That actually makes brand new brain neurons. Your brain neurons stay strong if you do something
new. So if you combine neurobics, like, cleaning
your teeth with your eyes shut and lifting your leg up just for a minute, with the wrong
hand activity, you can have an amazing brain. And this comes from New York University Medical
School. They found this and they now get people to
do this all the time. So, the thing is, you can trick your brain,
actually I’m going to play you a little song. So, we’ve got this song just for you. [Silence] Think about this song. It was written about a 75 year old guy and
he was not talking about his Zimmer frame, no, far from it. Mick Jagger doesn’t have moves through his
Zimmer frames. You see, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Little
Richard, are a great example of tricking your brain. They don’t juice, they don’t meditate, what
they do is take truckloads, well, they did take truckloads of drugs, a lot of alcohol,
and have a lot of sex. That’s what a young person does and if you
do something young, you can even bypass wild crazy behavior. So, Mick Jagger, I mean, I’ve met…I’ve got
a lot of clients who are rock stars, some of them old, they never dress old, they never
use old words. They don’t go, “Oh, this is so groovy.” They say something much more relevant. They don’t talk about boogying, we’re going
for boogie because they don’t live in that world. They live in now and they are very young. And if you saw Mick Jagger running around
the stage in Cuba for two and a half hours aged 75, I mean, people go, “That’s extraordinary.” How do you know that isn’t normal aging and
all the other stuff is extraordinary? Because if you do young things, you stay young. And it’s great to juice and meditate, but
if you do all that stuff feeling very stressed, it has less of an effect, but if you think
young thoughts and do that, you see, you don’t grow older till you stop growing and then
you get old. And The Stones will probably keep going until
they drop dead and why wouldn’t they? So, you see, I’m going to tell you something
else here now because you’ve really got to learn to trick your brain. If you don’t trick your brain, believe you
me, your brain is going to trick you. So, rockers trick their brain , musicians
trick their brain, pianists, musicians, painters and artists trick their brain. Let me ask you a question. Do you think your brain’s job is to make you
happy? Anyone think that? Because if you do, you’re going to be really
unhappy. Your brain has one job to do. Its job is to make you survive on the planet. And how it makes you survive on the planet
is something else that’s very, very aging, sugar. Sugar is probably one of the most aging things
you can eat. It ruins your digestion , it attaches to collagen,
makes your face very stiff, and it suppresses your immune system for hours. But your brain’s job is to make you survive,
and your brain still thinks that sugar is really scarce. And many, many years ago we were, women especially,
we were hunter-gatherers. We came up our little cave, and we went off
for a walk, and we found some berries, and avoid that hole, and we found some root vegetables. And we might have had fish, might even have
found some eggs. But sometimes we found honey and our brain
went, “Ah, oh my God, that’s that scarce rare hardly ever available honey.” And we took as much honey as we could and
we went home. And the next day we woke up and we thought,
“Ah, honey,” because your brain, get this, is hard wired to remember where sugar is. So who knows someone who wakes up and goes,
“Oh my God, I have Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge and is calling my name. I have chocolate cookies in the cupboard and
I just got to keep going back and eating them.” No one says, “Ah, I have celery in the fridge
and it’s got my name on it. I have peas in the cupboard and I just got
to keep going back till they’re gone. And I’ve got a bit of celery and I’m going
back.And I got more celery and I’m going back, and I just cannot stop eating that celery.” Your brain is wired to tell you where sugar
is. It is wired to make you remember where sugar
is because guess what, it wants you, it wants you to gorge on it because thousands and thousands
of years ago, we didn’t get it very much. There was no shops . You got honey maybe twice
a year and you would remember where it is till it was all gone. And when you had it, you gorged on it till
it was all gone and then that was fine till next time it came around. Now what’s so weird is that, that stuff isn’t
scarce. We have so much sugar but the brain still
thinks it’s scarce and your brain is tricking you. So let’s give a little example. You’re sitting at work eating a chocolate
bar thinking, “I really should stop eating all this chocolate. I’m eating so much chocolate.” But it’s like, “No, it’s really scarce and
rare and you might not get it again for a whole year, so eat more, eat more.” And you’re like, “How’s that working?I sit
next to a vending machine with Kit Kats in it for like 10 years.I drive past these stores
full of chocolate for 15. I go food shopping every week. It doesn’t feel very rare.” Your brain is like, “No, but it could run
out, so you need to have more and you’ve got to keep going back for more because one day
it might not be there.” And that is bad how? Since it’s not a great thing it’s like, well,
it’s just rare and scarce and scarce and rare and of course, it isn’t scarce and rare. Your brain is doing its job. Your brain’s job is to make you remember where
rare food is and to send you back. You ought to do your job and your job is to
say to your brain, “Hang on, I know you’re trying to help me, but you know what, actually
raspberries are rare, avocados are rare, but a steamed fish is rare.” And to stop saying, “This is lovely stuff,”
because you’ve got to change that wiring and you can do . And here’s another little hack. Not only is your brain wired to make you remember
where sugar is, when you see it, you want it. When you’re in a restaurant, they don’t go,
“Do you want a dessert?” They go, “Would you like to look at our trolley? We have a double triple chocolate cake. We have ice cream with chocolate. We have trifle.We have apple pie. We have custard and we have seven different
flavors of ice cream.” You go, “Oh, that’s got my name on it.Oh,
I’ve got to have that.” Sometimes they go, “You can have a bit of
everything.” Ever been to restaurant and they go, “Look
at our beautiful cabbages. Look, we’ve got red cabbages, we’ve got white
cabbages, we’ve got green. Aren’t they beautiful?Would you like a little
sample?” It’s like, no, because that’s not rare or
scarce, but actually, now it’s all changed. We go on planes, healthy food is rare. We go to work, we have a minibar. My minibar hasn’t got any salad in it. It’s got chocolate and alcohol. So you’ve got to have this dialogue back and
go, “No, it’s not rare .” And the third hack is that when you eat too much variety, it
actually stimulates your appetite. So, when I was working in Zimbabwe, the people
that worked in all the lodges said they couldn’t eat what we ate. They said, “Why do you have so much variety?” Because every time you introduce a new taste,
a new texture, and a new variety, guess what you do? You stimulate your appetite to want more. And you should have a varied diet, but not
at every meal . You don’t need to have a fruit served with 20 types of fruit, or even 8. Stick to three. You don’t want to have loads and loads of
ingredients. So, remember these things. Your mind is absolutely hard wired to make
you remember where sugar is and go back for more. And if food is in your line of vision, you
want to eat it. Who here knows an alcoholic who keeps a full
liquor cabinet just in case their neighbor wants a drink? Anybody? Anyone stopped smoking, keeps cigarettes on
the coffee table just in case somebody nearby might want one. Oh, if you have a problem with that food,
don’t keep it in the house. And if you have to keep it in the house, put
it in boxes where you can’t see it. Not when you open the fridge, there’s that
chocolate chunk cheesecake because your brain is still going, “Oh, double chocolate, triple
chocolate with sugar, yay! That’s amazing.” But your body’s going, “Oh, no. All that chocolate with actual chemicals and
preservatives and emulsify .” That’s not a treat. And when people say, you need a little treat. When I had cancer, I was waiting for this
diagnose and they kept saying, “You need to treat,” and they kept bringing me cakes and
chocolates and chocolate drinks. I’m like, “Yeah, I do need a treat but I don’t
really want to poison myself because that’s poison.” So, if you want to age better, all you have
to do is change your thinking. And I’m going to do one thing for one minute
and then I’m going to come off the stage. So, I’m just going to show you how when you
change one thing in your brain, changes everything. So put your fingers about an inch and a half
apart and then do this really quickly, so not too close together. And all I want you to do is to believe you
have two magnets on your fingertips, opposite magnets attract. Bring them a bit closer together and I want
you to imagine you have opposite magnets that are pulling your fingers together, pulling
them, pulling them, but as you look through your fingers, that opposite polar magnet is
pulling your hands together until they meet and touch. Okay? And because you’re thinking about a magnet,
your mind is creating a magnetic field that’s pulling your fingers together. Now, pull them apart, do exactly the same. Keep them quite close together. I want you to imagine you have magnets of
the same polarity, the same repels. This time your fingers cannot touch. They have to do that, they have to go past
over around. So, same polarity as your fingers as you push
them together, that magnetic force pushes them past each other. They cannot will not touch, but they have
to go past because you changed one word. Same polarity repels, opposite polarity attracts. Change your language if you want to be younger. Change your thoughts. Change your beliefs. Have a little Mick Jagger in you. Well, actually, no that probably wasn’t the
right thing to say. Have a little Mick Jagger in your mind. And yeah, well, do that too. And don’t give in to aging. Just defy it. It doesn’t even exist. Thank you for listening.

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    We don't even excises our whole life, just no dairy products in out diet. Stay in simple, very common, regular Hongkongers, Chinese diet.

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  21. Keith Richards is a junkie , He has his BLOOD changed every month . Jagger doesn't take any drugs and is tea total .

  22. I'm young now & forever ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’‹โ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‹๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ˜†๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ’

  23. OMG!
    Had no emotions or saliva formation when she mentioned all the desserts, the words associated with those desserts were diabetes, cholesterol, cavities & indigestion๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I never heard about this till now.

  24. Sorry but technology is going to make people stupid for sure. The tablets and social media may be fine as long as you don't sacrifice your abilities. Spell check, auto correct, speech to text, voice commands etc… these are all leading us into a brainless existence.

  25. lol and not to forget the parasites in our bodies that are millions of years older.. want all this food too….

  26. I don't understand your old to say groovy or boogie but it's ok to go on a retreat for a week with every experience from 1959 and 1975?

  27. Interesting the Alien face = subliminal & predictive programming & mass social engineering to set up the end of this 2nd WORLD AGE where satan rules for just a little more time delusion.

    Meditation on GOD/YAHUAH/YAHUSHUA = love truth life the way through the LIVING WORD/JESUS/YESHUA/YAHUSHA = SPIRITUAL ears to hear and eyes to see the WICKED and WILY ways of the devil and the devil & joy amongst your pain and eternal life.

    McJagger (sympathy for the devil end of the age alien instead of BIBLICAL return of the NEPHILIM and their NEPHILIM KING/ANTICHRIST/DRAGON sin programming in this lecture) and other puppets are satanist. He'll be cast in the lake for sure. She's promoting what she believes = satanic do as thou wilt Aleister Crowley 60's psyop movement philosophies mixed with some truth = lie = end of the age delusion programming.

    The government who govern the mental of the masses created both sides of the Satanic
    โ— Hegelian dialectic method
    Devide and Conquer method

    That's both the
    โ— UN NECESSARY WAR ( for their depopulation AGENDA) & the fake satanic upside down cross perverted version of
    โ— peace movement.
    Both provided by the
    Funded by the elite who have DUMBED DOWN FLOURIDATED POISONED MANIPULATED LIED TO SINCE BIRTH about most everything. Formulating our very ideas and thoughts and imaginations with their blatant easily debunked lies/programming !!!!

    You will die as if in a blink. You can increase quality of life without becoming your old sinning self if saved. And if not save reconsider a personal relationship with GOD/YAHUAH/YAHUSHUA through his SON/JESUS/YESHUA/LIVING WORD/BRIDGE to the FATHER

    You can be extremely healthy by leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping your eye on the CREATOR MOST HIGH FATHER GOD/YAHUAH/YAHUSHUA and having fun, staying fit & well, by good choices.

    We have to counter the ONSLAUGHT of personal attacks on our psyche/physical/SPIRITUAL life and all 11 internal systems by intermittent fasting , doing liver detox, flouride detox,
    Heavy metal detox, tech fast, sin fast, read the LIVING WORD daily, meditation on the LIVING WORD/JESUS/YESHUA.
    You'll be lifted more and more as the fog is lifted. You'll feel excellent

    Tips: Avoid
    โ— G.M.O. FOODS (depopulation)
    โ— VACCINES (Depopulation)

    Fight proactively for the life of you

    โ— 5G – Military INSTALLATION (mind control & mass death)

    Remember Billygoat Gates speech on decreasing the human population by 10 up to 15% through
    โ— VACCINES
    LOOK INTO IT!!!!!

    GEORGIA GUIDSTONES – #1 Decrease the human population by 95% –
    โ— REVELATION 9:11

  28. Yeah sure…they use adrenachrime dear and eat babies like they always did..that reverves age…also traumatise kids and them a kick and sniffing means group killing a human..for money in the wirst way…get real…this woman discribes the old mk uktra elite trickery..she talks like a dark handler witch…sorry

  29. She looks like 60, I canโ€™t stand when delusional women claim you can reverse aging but they look exactly their age

  30. That's a tranny. A castrated male with make up on, pretending to be a woman. If he can't be honest about that, how can you believe anything else he says? LMAO

  31. Do you practise what you preached? If so,why do you look your age? Sorry,somone has to tell you the brutal.Maybe it is just temporary and not worth the effort in the long run.

  32. What?Did you expect to be 12 still?Well please get real you aren't 12 just cause you believe you are.

  33. I tried that with my toothbrush and got toothpaste all over also I tried with my eyes shut and the dog ran into me and I fell and hit my head.At least I learned not to waste my time trying such foolishness again. l Will you please stop gaslighting the public.

  34. I'll be 72 soon and I recently finished carving a 9 ft. tall statue for a town.(and more carvings since). Two years ago I had my hair cut off to shoulder length and now it has grown past my waist and is still dark brown and thick. I learn new things (different forms of art – metal work, painting, making molds, etc) all the time, plus read, hike, do yoga and think of myself as young and strong. I've moved everything I own (!) three times in the last 6 months all by myself. My stick-shift truck with no power steering has kept my arms and shoulders very strong. I've been wondering why I look so much younger than others my age and now I know. Thanks.

  35. If you think something is bad for you, it will be bad. If you think something is good for you, it will be good for you and all else will be bad for you. Better to follow Mick Jagger's lead and focus on what brings you joy and fulfillment without allowing other people's thoughts and opinions to interfere.

  36. Marisa does go into the negativity of alcohol in other videos. She had a great background in psychology and hypnosis. Thinking young is awesome but alcohol is very negative. It turns to sugar. So these rock stars drinking alcohol doesn't keep them young, sex and rock can though!
    The brain is a computer. Consiousness is the ๐Ÿ’“. Getting in touch with the ๐Ÿ’“ will free you and really amp up youth. Being in touch with your higher self brings answers to any of your problems. The brain is only one aspect. The gut and heart are also important. Meditation and hypnosis are both extremely important to being happy and getting down to why we are addicted to anything. You can change temporarily but if you haven't,t got down to why you are addicted to certain foods or anything unhealthy you will slowly go back to the same behavior or transfer it to another. Addictions aren't out of our control just due to their addictive qualities they're out of our control due to subconscious emotional issues. Clear those up and no more addiction. ๐ŸŒž

  37. Good Thoughts Bring Good things.๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’˜ what ever u believe u Can make it happen.So what ever u are waiting for Let's do it.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜

  38. Wow! Just can't stop gaga googoo Marissa's Choos! or are they Louboutins? Red High Heels (Kelly Pickler), Pretty Woman, Fever (Patti Page) for my group 70-101 years old gals, if they can still wear them. Amazing for posture, spinal flexibility, attitude, primp, sashay & lots of laughs. Gotta keep updating our softwear.

  39. I luv her and have never met her. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you. Your gifts has blessed me to another level. Please dont stop changing lives. GOD bless you.

  40. This is a wonderful talk, really enjoyed it but celebrities arenโ€™t what you think they are, they are satanic clones designed to make us feel bad about ourselves because the creator of the physical world (illusion) feeds off negative energy.

  41. choose healthy food, meditation,good sleep,exercise ,positive mindset,,avoid processed foods, healthy environment,

  42. The mind does not stop learning it gives up when you do so lifelong learning is essential for self improvement. Retirement is the worst institutional mind programming for aging and premature deaths.

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