Reverse Cognitive Decline – Cost – Opportunity -Data Issues – Series Video #2

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Hi! Doctor Urban here. This is the second
video in my video series about cognitive decline, dementia, brain fog, Alzheimer’s
and any type of cognitive decline. This particular video is titled
“Reverse Cognitive Decline – Cost Opportunity & Data Issues.” But first,
Dr. Dale Bredesen, in his book, “The End of Alzheimer’s,” talks about 36 contributors
to Alzheimer’s and that he has not met anyone in his over a thousand
patients so far, who had only one conbtributor. That’s a little disconcerting in that
you probably have more than one contributor, but let’s work with the premise that you do
have more than one(contirbutor.) Let’s just accept that if you are in cognitive decline or have cognitive
issues, you’ve probably have more than one of the contributors,You could have
several. So how do we know. Well, let’s just let that hang out there for a
little bit and go on to the opportunities. We have cost opportunities but your money is limited. What do you do with someone with
$50 worth of discretionary income/ month and they borrow that as well. If you
have unlimited insurance and unlimited private funds, you can get all the tests
you want, but the test results, as we find out, can be suboptimal(?).
There’s also an issue of data. Data rules. I am a retired orthopedic surgeon. I’ve
had cognitive decline issues(lipitor induced) been tested etc. I have an insiders perspective on cognitive decline. I can relate to it. Now I’m an information curator. I go out and find people with information, put it
together, see if it makes sense & then I present it to you. If you’re
a Medico and that’s one of the groups who might be watching this you might ask, Who’s this guy to qualify as a treater of cognitive
decline, dementia, Alzheimer’s brain fog etc. Well I’m not a treater. I’m a curator of
information. You take the information. I’m not telling you what to do, put the information
together and come with a good plan Oh It may not be the plan
that I would chose for my life, but I’ll give you the information in these videos. Okay
there’s one other thing that we need to discuss. You can be your own control. I can tell you from personal experience if you take something or several something’s
and your memory is better, you’ll know it. if you recognize your granddaughter for
the first time in a long time, you’ll know it. If you remember what & why you’re doing something and what you were doing three minutes ago, you’ll know it. You get
the picture, you do the crossword puzzle, work on the compute
recognizing your wife, get your smile back on your face, you will know it
in your heart long before people will recognize it. You’ll know it so we can
say one that you probably have more than one problem and you may not ever know
what the others are. You may test for contributors factoring in hat we don’t know
exactly what normal is. Now I’m using my interpretation. There are normal
ranges, but optimal? Or you you may never know what the other causes. But you do know if
you’re better, So… if you try something and it doesn’t help or it does help, even
though you may not be sure why, because you may be trying more than one thing. You’re
on the right path in my opinion. You need to know that I cannot treat you or give you
medical advice. I can tell you what the information says so you need to read my
disclaimer which will tell you that I can’t treat and that this video
insight is for informational purposes only. Keep that in mind and be sure to subscribe to my channel. Remember, I’m going to try to do this for as inexpensively as possible. You know those costs. that person with 50 bucks. He doesn’t need to be sending it to me.
I wish you well in your journey. The curious –
come along, the medicos – be open-minded and interested parties – make your
contributions. Thank you very much and be in good health, Dr Urban

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