Risk Factors for Asthma – John R. Balmes MD

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My name is John Balmes, I’m a physician, scientist at the University of California- San Francisco and also at University of California- Berkeley, School of Public Health. Asthma is a classic gene by environment
disease, and there are multiple, environmental risk
factors in additon to heredity that can influence risk of asthma and risk of exacerbations of asthma and this slide shows many of those. In the far left corner you see individual characteristics like
age, sex, race, and genes. and then around to the right various exposures such as tobacco smoke,
outdoor and indoor air pollution, infections, obesity, etc. that can impact asthma, and there are neighborhood
factors such as: how how much crime? how much extra green space? how much
access to good quality food there? also play a role, and then finally stress and social economic status, which is
related to stress, can also play a role.

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