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CPR c and just two games remain in the regular season and here at Riverside
City College it’s the number two Tigers getting set to tangle with the Pirates
of Orange Coast College tonight live on Riverside TV hey everybody great to have
you along with us here from Wheelock stadium alongside Jeff Gorham I’m
Christian miles in Jeff we look at this one two teams on differing ends of the
footballing spectrum nevertheless both have the same goal and plenty to play
for tonight they do Riverside is playing for a possible national championship
it’s been 30 years since they won their last national championship and they have
a magical season going on so far this evening or this year well they will kick
us off early and receiving in will be Riverside City College and in return all
the way up to the 28 yard line pretty decent field position for the
number two ranked team in the state right now they come in as heavy
favorites and this is a big ask here for the Pirates I’ll tell you what anytime
you play Riverside and you look at the sidelines of website they are athlete
and Athleta athlete they’ve got eight running backs they’ve got quality
quarterbacks they are just special all-around a giant line a great
secondary they are something to behold offensively and defensively so a good
return all the way in the 28 Jacob arledge getting the start no Mike Irwin
tonight the usual starting he is out so Bartlett out of the pocket a quick
little toss over to the right-hand side to Joseph Griffin who bundles it all the
way forward to the 32 in a gain of four right off the bat and that really brings
up an important point no Mike Irwin the
will threat quarterback situation not in effect tonight for RCC so after the gain
of four second and six and it will be Griffin in motion and it’ll be Griffin
once again barreling forward all the way to the 40 and enough for a first down
and talking about Jacob Barlow Jacob Marley isn’t your dual threat guy but he
is the guy that could stand in the pocket and he can pinpoint with great
accuracy he’s got a cannon of an arm and I’ll tell you what he’s played in behind
situations and led the Tigers to many wins this season from the 39 out of the
gun once again barley a quick offense and they’ll hit this one to Reggie
Rhett’s laughs and he’s busted one for down to the 45 yard line and inside
pirate territory his RCC putting together a very good looking Drive
arrest laughs brings his lunchbox every single week a great player out of Corona
Centennial and he is the the focal point of that receiving crew right now now
I’ll be barrage quick toss rich slap again bust one breaks the tackle past
the 20 down to the 15 and run out about to the 7 yard line and a big game that
time for the Tigers who are really looking the part here and that quick no
huddle offense Brooks laughs amongst the favorite
targets you didn’t move inside the red zone here Jeff Tyler Kennedy one of
those other great receivers not playing tonight but wow they’re just deep all
around and parlayed once again in his short one to rest lap plus one goes
outside and nearly in for the touchdown but just about three yards short and
already three catches for Reggie rets laughs I’ll tell you what I don’t know
if anybody brought him down or that 5-yard line was a little elevated
because he just took a fall so they’ll be second from the third yard
line and his Bartlet looks to the bad shit he’s head coach Tom Kraft having
another fantastic season eight I know look at him and perfect ahead of that
big game next week against Saddleback barley John’s second down looks to the
right fires past qacomplete touchdown to Gio Sanders and just like that the
Tigers take the lead I’ll tell you what they can score quickly as you can see
pretty impressive drive here to start this ball game Senate three yard sauce
first touchdown so with that being said that will bring up the extra point here
for RCC it’ll be Ricardo Chavez the freshman from Moreno Valley gets it up
bad it’s good and Riverside City College with a nice start here at seven enough
in and that will give us time to check in with the third member of our
broadcast team it’s Brian Wilson Drive what he got for us
thanks talked to some of the RCC coaches before the game they mentioned that they
wanted to come out back they want it to be explosive and they wanted to get on
Orange Coast early back to you guys alright thanks Brian well I think they
pretty much read the script and did exactly what Tom craft wanted pretty
impressive opening drive Jeff I think I got about three blinks in there as they
scored that was the quickest we’ve seen Riverside this season they’ve really
started off slow the last few games we’ve had here on Riverside TV but man
I’ll tell you what very very quick red sloth and Barlett two very very great
players and they’re gonna stand out here for another year it’s scoreline you
mentioned last week in that 34:12 win over southwestern a lot of those points
coming into the second half but not the case tonight and this one kicked off and
on the receiving end here for March go so it’ll be fair Cox at the 5-yard line
so not the best field position here for the Pirates and we’ll get a look at
their offense under the center tonight’s will be the six
five sophomore Adam Carr from Hollywood California I’ll tell you what Adam cars
you look at him he’s 65 he’s got the perfect size 220 pounds but he only has
four TDs to eight interceptions that could be a problem especially against
his Tiger defense we saw the offense the defense might even be better at times
yes at enid only allows 316 yards per game that’s best in the southern league
here are CC and I’ll be all the way out to the 25 so out of the shotgun here for
a car back in the handoff this time for Hernandez and not much there and once
again that running defense which I talked to Tom craft about he said
they’ve really improved each and every week and they snuff it out earlier here
tonight yet they had problems early in the year
a lot of penalties but we saw them against Golden West the last time they
were on TV and they really seemed to shore up those problems they made very
few mistakes on defense and I’ll tell you what we’re going into next week and
you got a I know you don’t want to say hey we’re gonna play Saddleback next
week but the truth is Saddleback’s on the on the horizon and they’ve got
themselves a great great quarterback a local product here out of the Inland
Empire trying to stay focused on the task at hand a loss of two out of the
gun car that went bat it up it got intercepted by RCC and they’ll get great
field position at the Orange Coast 19 yard line as it all goes wrong for the
Pirates okay I’ll take just the quickness of that defense ball is tapped
and just to be able to get underneath it and get that interception
now I’ll be Eddy Calhoun on the interception on a John W North High
School first interception of the year so favorable position let’s take another
look at it here it’s that big pod that knock this one down and the big fella with the grab here
Jeff nice to see him playing again he was a great high school player we
covered him quite a bit here in Riverside TV over the years and
sophomore Riverside timeout on the field and they will talk this one over at
11:42 mark here at the 1st and indeed you couldn’t have asked for a better
start here for the hosts and what do you talk about hey let’s just get out there
and score as quickly as possible where were just a couple minutes in I couldn’t
even finish my cup of water out here and they’re already looking to score again
this RCC team I’ll tell you they’re explosive on offense and when they get
going early with a rhythm there’s some I mean I haven’t seen a team and I’ve
watched JC football especially here at Riverside for the last I’m 48 years old
I think I’ve seen at least one or two games every year this is the best
offensive team I’ve ever seen Andy the numbers really stack it up here Tom
craft their head coach the perfect eight I know as I mentioned in first place in
this southerly they got a big showdown against the perfect eight no Saddleback
who is victorious earlier today and that will put them at nine I know so it’s up
to the Tigers to keep pace and it’ll once again be bar leach out of the gun
the pass qacomplete touchdown number two for RCC role and
this white dirt on the grab as they check all the boxes well I tell you what barrage though just
the patience and the poise in the backfield from him I mean he’s he’s a
coach’s son you know he played in state championship two years ago with Valley
View High School he’s just one of those guys that you can count on doesn’t make
MIT very very few mistakes back-to-back passes and be choppy is
once again converting the extra point as usual and business as usual so far for
the number two team in the state of California look at the interception that
started this one off it perfect field position and enemy Bart llege not the
best of coverage that time Jeff if they’re gonna give you that secondary
this is gonna be a very long long night for the Pirates we’ve covered we’ve
covered a few Jason Keyes our community college games and I’ll tell you what
guys in the booth right there in the the truck out back are going this could be a
four at four and a half hour long game Jordan bunches they could put up triple
digits here if we’re not careful they could triple digits here at halftime at
11:36 left here in the first and already two touchdowns for the Tigers his
whitener grabs his second touchdown reception of the season and once again
on the kickoff here it’ll be Carson Reed the sophomore from Anchorage Alaska this
one caught at the end zone and filled it here by Orange Coast College had brought
all the way up past the 10 to the 15 and they don’t look to regroup divert what
has been a very shaky start yeah and I’d say it it’s gonna be a long night if
they cannot establish a run game and they are just going to pass the ball it
could be really hard on this pirates tonight now we’ll see what car can drum
up here it’s an offense of course I can’t put up some pretty decent passing
numbers that you’re throwing for nearly a hundred eighty yards per contest you
struggle on the running end of the ball you’ll need to regroup here if they want
to make this one a contest sokar direct under center one in the
backfield quick draw all the way up past the 17 to the 19 and a short gain of
about three or four that time for the Pirates and on the carry that time David
Hernandez the freshman from Anaheim and a graduate of survived the Trinity
League one of the powerhouses in Southern California the CIF southern
section going on right now teams are knocking each other off I think we still
have five city teams left in or four I’m sorry for city teams left in the CIF
playoffs I’ll bring up second and seven for the Pirates head coach Bubba
Gonzales they’ll go on the draw once again a short gainer not much on that
one again it’s just perhaps one and that’ll bring up a little precarious
about third and six and for Orange Coast did you say the coach’s name Bubba and
city cause I’m telling you right anytime your name is Bubba you’re a head
football coach exactly either a head football coach or a guy driving or a
spectra or a bouncer at a really bad bar in that case you call it you sir yes so
at the Twitter yard-line here for Orange Coast College you come in with a record
of one and seven off the back of five consecutive losses mooned victory of
course coming back on the twenty first against LA Southwest it’s a tall order
tonight and time-out on the field so let’s talk this one over just a little
over 10 minutes here in the first Orange Coast College in mr. bubble Gonzales
when I talked this one over here and and want to get a hold of this before it
gets away from them but a team that as I mentioned oh and three in Southern
League competition and trying to get things going here tonight but it’s going
to be pretty tough against an RCC team here Jeff that has just been going great
guns yeah and you look at the comparisons of these two teams I think
we have a graphic of that it’s it’s night and day
I mean offensively Riverside I should say Orange Coast doesn’t
averaged more than a yard and a half per carry on offense rushing that could be
really tough I know our guys in the in the van though we’ll bring up that
graphic here next time so third and six car out of the gun
joined by Hernandez in the backfield and on the draw the fake not fooling that
running defense for RCC to short gain it’ll be a punting situation here for
the Pirates in terms of rushing this is an RCC defense that allows just under 84
yards per contest that’s good enough for best in this Southern League here at the
JC level so the punting unit on the field here for the Pirates and it’ll be
hunter Nelson Peter the sophomore from Santa Ana and on the receiving end here
for RCC as its fielded missed at the 42 yard line a quick little – and moved
that time from Shaw door so there’s a really prolific returner in his own
right getting his way into pirate territory and once again good field
position here for Riverside City and the question is can they score in the next
minute and a half I’ll say it that clock is definitely ticking slowly our first
flag on the field I believe tough one for them to swallow so the Tigers dealt
a little bit may blow on that penalty and that will give a second chance here
for this occ offense roughing the kicker the call as you heard from the referee
so first down from the 25 yard line here for Orange Coast College had a mistake
you cannot do against really good teams games that could cost you say a car once
again on the draw this time they’ll bounce someone out for number 18
Kayla meant a Meredith the freshman from Page Arizona averaging just a little
over two and a half yards per carry right up to his average here doesn’t
miss too many tackles in that front seven so a gain of three here for the
Pirates for a car and company against a highly touted defense only allowing 19
points per game honor CC bests in the Southern League another handoff here is
they keep it on the ground and once again
nothing doing there on the short gainer so Meredith all new carry for the second
consecutive time but running into that wall of orange and black I’ll tell you
what if you are Riverside and you’re looking forward to next week you can’t
be complacent you got to play smart football because you got to get better
week to week and they’ve taken some they’ve taken some back steps during the
season like I said a lot of calls a lot of penalty calls but when you’re as
potent as an offense as Riverside they can look forward to a little bit next
week I think but not too much so 36 in the 29 on the drop it will be carp a
Scott complete but dropped pass intended for number 38
Dylan crook so it’ll be fourth down and three and out once again for the second
consecutive time for Orange Coast that after the interception on the opening
drive so door so back to receive here for Riverside gonna be El Cid Peter on
the putting and here for the Pirates dorsa has that breakaway speed signals
for the fair catch and it’s caught at the 38 and once again favorable field
position here for the number two Tigers and you know they’re gonna throw the
ball you got barrage in there there is a big big difference between me and he and
Mike Irwin Irwin really gets the Tigers going with his legs he’s he’s I’d say
Tim Tebow s but a lot of people would give me a hard time about that but I’d
say he’s strong he runs well and he makes great decisions Bartlett so more
the guys like I said can stand back with poise make the place bar llege out of
the gun fakes the draw looks downfield batted at the line of scrimmage in
completes barrage the proverbial pocket passer they get a little more
athleticism with Mike Irwin who’s out with injury tonight he will not play as
we look at this one here’s some good defense from the pirates just a hand up
the big paw from John Valdez the freshman from Laguna Beach second and 10
ball on the pitch out for Lauren breaks one he’ll get enough to move the chains
and out at midfield some good running after the catch from the sophomore from
Los Alamitos see there are just you you mentioned one guy and there’s three
other guys that come in and do the same thing simple screen is that running after the
pass another thing Tom Kraft told me that he’s very pleased from the
improvement from his team so first down from the 54 barrage short drop a Scott
complete in the backfield little shake and bake from Jemima glory flag on the
play as he barrels his way all the way down to the pirate 43 yard line hey
Jamal McGorry a great running back out of Arlington High School last year is
used more of as a receiver but the last few games he’s been their primary back
and he is very powerful very quick as you saw could stop on a dime but it’s
just one of those guys that you love to have in your program
he’s a yes guy he is a team guy I’ll tell you what talented as can be holding
on the call here at a 10 yard penalty assessed to Riverside City and it’ll
back it up inside their own territory on their own 41 and bring up first and 20
penalties have been an Achilles heel here Jeff penalize on the average just
over 105 yards per game second worst in the conference bar leach out of the gun
cot and intercepted by Kyrie Adams who barrels it past the 45 and brought down
just it bit failed and Kyrie Adams the sophomore from Millersville Maryland’s
with a huge grab and that may put orange coast back on the right track gives them
a little bit of a little confidence a little momentum and I’m sure coach craft
who is the Guru of quarterbacks is not too pleased here with his his young
quarterback who had a timing was just off and I’m sure he’s gonna get an
earful from coach it’s a good grab from Adams so the sophomore with a huge crab
and putting things right here perhaps favorable field position once again car
on the draw and I’ll go right up the guts once again in a short gain of just
about three or four Meredith they’re going with the ground game
tonight now are you a big Christmas lights guy I love it
we we have the festival of lights that’s coming down to the Mission Inn I don’t
know if you’re familiar with this but it is the greatest thing in the world
November 29th is going to be the official lighting and it’s downtown
Riverside and I’m not getting around with the Metrolink bringing in people
from Los Angeles from Orange County the beach there’s like a million people in
downtown Riverside and they take the mission in and it is one of the most
spectacular lighting ceremonies in the entire country in fact if you go to USA
Today you go on their website you can vote for the best lighting display in
the country and Riverside is in that list
so go on to the USA Today website and vote for the festival lights at the
Mission Inn I’ll be there my my other partner pet Fernandez as well it’s one
of those thing in fact I feel like I’ve made it as a broadcaster if I can work
the festival of lights and I told I told that to Scott Brosius our director in
the in the truck and he goes what’s wrong with you I go it’s my it’s my goal
in life my kids want to go my wife wants to go but I’ll tell you what is the best
thing Riverside puts up every single year and looking forward to it November
29th sounds like a good time you got a little one I’ve got I got a
few more games to go before I get the invite I think I put my time in you’ll
be there bring your family you got it to the car once again out 2nd 7 short gain
in fact no game whatsoever here for the Pirates tell you what it’s gonna be a
tough ask against that running defense that we’ve talked about here Jeff I mean
talk about forbidding it’s a big wall of orange in black in front of them and
we’ll bring up third and seven yeah Riverside defensive line they’re
mean guys they’re just mean I don’t talk to him before the game you don’t mess
with those guys offensive linemen you could talk to you see when you walk in
and then that that’s Cal like I’m steering clear I’m six eight I have to
be too scared to anybody but yeah they that I fear those guys so from the tiger
42 car the short draw and a short gain of about three on that one for Edwin
lacrosse yeah those offensive linemen are usually nice guys but there’s a guy
there’s you got number 77 offensive lineman Kevin Brown at Centennial High
School six seven four hundred pounds so if he doesn’t make it in football he
could be a wrestler he could be WWE guy or he could just be my personal
bodyguard or make me feel small I mean yeah I think might go the wrestling
right that would be awesome so door so back to receive the punt fourth and five
else would Peter back there once again this sophomore it’s a good leg
underneath them another fair catch signal at the six for Sean door so the
freshman from Moreno Valley in the field position that are CC are used to is it
will take over once again see if tom craft will stick with his no huddle
offense here he said he wanted to play faster and put pressure on his Pirates
defense you were talking about it to Jeff not looking ahead to Saddleback
next week was going to be foremost for them and if you’re a coach you got to be
worried about one of those snakebite games and Riverside hasn’t had it this
year sambhar llege ball officially spotted on this seven short drop pass
cot complete to tyler kids low marie estes rather landis whiter junior
with the grab and a nice gain that time a gain of 17 to roll and his whitener
jr. so first and 10 from their own 20 for one in motion and it will be my
glory they looked left go right dodges 1 and in barley’ g’s not known for running
just enough for the first down it smartly gets out of bounds yeah just
not known for running but like he’s smart enough to get the heck out of
there you have to move the chains some intelligent quarterbacking for
Bartlett’s had a great performance in september against San Bernardino Valley
scoring twice in fact Ram won in himself on a route to 239 yards evening likes to
work out of that pocket and once again it rifles one straight in whitener with
another grab and he’ll just get inside pirate territory a gain of about 14 on
that reception for the freshman from Pasadena and they moved the chains and
gave him a favorable spot they’re just inside inside a pirate territory so
inside they’re on 46 and once again it will be barrage they’re playing at that
fast tempo out of the backfield pass cock complete by Kinslow breaks the
tackle Kinsler with a big play opportunity and it’s going to be kids
low as anybody get a catch him third touchdown of the night for the RCC
taggers a 54-yard reception for cut tyler kids
love thomas kids low with a huge grab here Jeff
well he comes from a fine line of backs played it’s Corona Centennial played
behind a guy named miles Reed who is he starting running back at the University
of Hawaii but ended up coming into his own after he went on to play college him
man right there that shows me the breakaway speedy as Chavez with his
third p80 of the evening just like that it’s a guys of 21 nothing here it’s
still three minutes left in the first but you want to talk about breaking one
this is how you do it bar llege with the scramble that started off as Drive it
moved the chains they moved it again I tell you what there’s thrown a little
bit of everything at this pirate defense they were tight they’re checking every
part of that secondary Johnny Kinslow the freshman from Corona his fourth
touchdown of the season broke that one himself for 54 and everything going
according to plan here I mean when you have eight running backs that are
capable of starting and any one of these teams in this conference coach Tom craft
you know he’s an offensive mind he was great at San Diego State but man he’s
really he’s really kind of to revolutionize and changed
community college football here in Southern California especially here in
Riverside I mean ninety seven and fifteen record he’s definitely taken his
program to another level back to receive his Tyree Adams the man who had the
interception he’ll break one up special teams play past the 25 about the 26 yard
line so a good return for Kyrie Adams it puts them in decent field position he
talked about Tom crafty eight conference titles nine consecutive bowl games
just remember that program he took over here back at 2009 neighbor 1 and 9 and
he turned it around quickly and he’s you look at you just look at the roster and
there’s guys from everywhere you got guys in Chicago Chattanooga Tennessee
Arizona clean Texas Australia exactly the American Samoa and if you’re a
community college coach and you getting them to come out and play here you’ve
got to be doing something right I thought I saw you wanting to sign up
for that scouting duty in the South Pacific I would love to do that go out
to I can go to American Samoa any time I’ll go to Fiji Sall card company on
their own 27 out of the gun looking right he’s got a receiver pass
cop complete that time by Jacob Monroe the freshman tied in from Anaheim Hills
and really I think that’s where you’re gonna be successful if you’re the
Pirates this short passes try not to go for the home run ball just play smart
football and you can stay in this game so a gain of six on the Monroe grab
haven’t had much luck running the ball perhaps a change of philosophy here for
Bubba Gonzales and company car looking straight down then second consecutive
pass caught by Monroe his eighth perception of the season guy who hasn’t
played the last two games and they’ll move the change this time he’s found
that pocket there Chaffin at the best of coverage for the Tigers now he can’t be
happy if you’re the defensive coordinator for Riverside especially
going to the same guy that’s virtually the same play to place a row I’m a
little more success on the bassy game so first down from the 45 once again it’ll
be card at shotgun and the short draw this time for Jacob Avalos the freshman
running back but once again not much doing that time a game just about to for
Avalos so that will bring up second and seven
RCC pitching the shutout here just about one minute left in the first and for the
most part pretty mistake-free football as we’ve seen very few penalties thrown
I might have just jinxed us though just a couple to speak of one tidy those
things up and did a game against Saddleback I’m sure second and seven on
it was pass intended for Aaron Fletcher it goes off his hands
incomplete and that will bring up threw down and talking about that Saddleback
team they’re led by a quarterback named chance Nolan who played a Paloma Valley
High School which is here in the Inland Empire it’s getting recruited by
everybody a lot of pac-12 schools are after him
and I’ll tell that should be a good matchup if you look at the replay here I
had a lot of zip on it right in the hands hit him in a bad spot the hands so
a big third down here for Orange Coast 33% third down efficiency this season a
big one here against the team ranked second best of this state and batted
down at the line of scrimmage and it’ll be the Pirates forced to punt again that
one batted down at the line take another look at it here days but now or why from Honolulu Hawaii
okay I’m gonna go recruit now I’m gonna go to Hawaii can I come with you
sure El Cid petered or so back no fair catch this time from his own
twelve and a lot of white shirts to dodge and not much doing on that return
for Shawn dorsal so the second consecutive time and not the best field
position here for RCC his barrage will take over with comfortable breathing
room in that 21 point advantage 37 seconds left here the first quarter
beautiful night it’s almost the summer ethic night you know driving out here my
car thermometers set a hundred good golly is this it’s not November then it
is it strangest November I’ve seen so the ball their own 13 Bartley chatted
his shotgun he looked left move right looks downfield he’s got a receiver pass
caught he had complete an RCC with the grab that time
Reggie ratzlaf with a big grab he must have a cold or something he doesn’t miss
those normally I was a perfect pass I think he was too open I think he’s I
said nope oh just incomplete good hands usually a red slap has been one of the
preferred targets this season I’ll bring up second down Marla’s looking to the
sideline for some guidance here I’ll have to stop this one so movement
on the line so a delay of game against the Tigers charged to barrage so we got
precarious now gets a little bit dangerous here deep inside their own
territory second and 15 so barrage look into the sideline on the
play call now let it tick down and he’s back
against the wall pass cock complete to our Isaiah leaf a little bit of
breathing room and back to the original line of scrimmage but well short of the
first down gained of just about five you see what’s
in barklidge locker here so third and ten Barley’s remember part of that
one-two punch and that’s going to do it for the first quarter of what a first
quarter it’s been for the RCC Tigers 21 to nothing over Orange Coast College and
right now we’ll sit it down to our sideline reporter Brian Wilson bride
what he got for us around that first quarter the only one that stopped our CC
was our CC a few penalties but they’ll be looking to get that cleared up
offense came out and was explosive we’ll see how the rest of this game plays out
back to you guys all right thanks Brian and really hitting all the key points
they want to tidy things if they wanted to dot all the eyes can’t cross all the
t’s as we get set to head in to the second quarter you got to be happy for
Coach Kraft you score that quickly you didn’t seem didn’t seem like they had
the ball very long seemed like the Pirates had the ball from a lot longer
period of time it would be nice though to see Bartlett’s get out of this little
Jam here going on third and 10 and Jacob Arledge the 6-1 freshmen categorise is a
dual threat quarterback everybody knows about his pocket exploits but he’s show
that he can be adept on the run and usually is Mike Irwin’s forte but I went
out tonight so it’s all up to the freshman had a good weekend against
southwestern 9 for 12 on 212 yards passing so the Tigers take over and the switch
of field here at the top of the second quarter looking at a third down with the
ball on their own 13 not a bad first quarter for barrage 181 yards first time
they faced a potential third down conversion here Moretz laughs amongst the targets as
well along with whitener they’ll look wide to the right pass cock complete
this time it’s Dylan Lauren the sophomore from Los Alamitos with his
second grab of the night so number three Dylan Lauren and for grabs against
southwestern their shortage situation he’s proven himself pretty useful so
fourth and 2 here for the Tigers and why not go for it showing their confidence
and perhaps showing a little bit of blitz here is Zeke alamin number 44 on
that left edge out of the gun bar llege looking long he’s got a receiver and all
the grab is it caught and it is a sensational grabbed by Gio Sanders and a
big gain it’s spotted all the way up inside pirate territory and the Orange
Coast 44 yard line the Gio Saunders played it Marietta Mesa
he was a ram last year they went to the semi-finals and that is why they went he
is a very dynamic player a 34 yard gain in a huge grab I Gio Sandy’s number one
option longest grabbed his season to 56 yards but his 36 reception barrage
looking again to Sanders pass Scott complete did he get his feet in yes and
two back to back ray crabs from Gio Sanders the freshman
from Murrieta Mesa high school big big game and the ball all the way down to
the 21 so a 23 yard grab here keep going to him throw to him again then they take
him out they like to air it out and you fake the drawbar legit looks right and
will roll out to the left he’s got one to beat slips one before he’s wrapped up
on the 16 4 yard gain on the rusher Bartley trying to make something out of
nothing that will bring up second and 6 here they changed it up three wide on the
right one on the left and one in motion and the one in motion pass caught by
Elijah Bennett makes one all the way down and it he get in they’re gonna spot
it just shy of the end zone for Elijah Bennett the freshman from Claremont they
do four but just short another big big grab here how about the yardage though a
16-yard gain but the yards after the catch here Jeff had been lethal he is
that was extra the quick there so first and goal on the one they’re knocking on
the door once again bar leash looks left pass qacomplete
touchdown Tigers and it’s Anthony Rodriguez on the one-yard grab for the
fourth TD of the night for our CC that darn cannon scares me every single time
I want to know how much it costs to fund that cannon because they score in
bunches I hope RCC pays for that second
touchdown reception for Rodriguez extra points is good 28 to nothing for
Riverside city who are cruising here early in the second a recap this drive here is that short
patch that started it off deep inside their own territory I remember they were
down on their own 13 and then those back-to-back grabs that time from
Sanders it really set them up nicely I’ll tell you what Bartlett is on pace
for a 400 500 yard game here he’s got well over 200 yards so far his debt you
know he used to be a ball boy because his dad was the offensive line coach
here for RCC and so he hung out with all these offensive linemen growing up he
was a he was a not a gym he was a footballer I mean a field rat he was
always around offensive linemen and to becoming a quarterback you look at him
and you say hey you know what you can tell this kid’s been coached at a high
level from a young age with his decision making his poison the pocket and they’re
sitting pretty right now is Reed we’ll set it up on the receiving end here you
know B Jordan Clark for OCC and he’s smothered at the 15 in fact their father
CIF champion football coach that value I think believe mom was a state champion
volleyball coach I think their daughter is the only one that doesn’t have a CIF
championship maybe she does now but I just I picture Barley’s being in his
house with his dad telling them hey we’re gonna throw put button hooks to
your sister run across the couch and see if you catch him that’s after hours of
video yes my chalkboard in that house is real I’m sure so first and ten from the
19 for added car the sophomore quarterback from Hollywood’s Notre Dame
high school flag on the play and wrapped up in the backfield when I tackle for a
loss to be some movement was the carry there from James pointer
his first carry of the season and it’s gonna go against our CC semi first and
five and a five-yard penalty here against the Tigers here’s wine yeah
there it is that movement up front just fell play he
just lost his balance now that will not make Tom craft a happy man
and he’s really not the most jovial human being I like him but honestly he
scares me a little bit to direct how did the gun I’ll bumbles snap fumble and see
of Tigers signaling yes they’ve won it we’ll wait for the confirmation from the
referee tough to see who got to it first but this snap was fine it was the
exchange in the handoff their two pointer that was bobbled so Orange Coast
keep the ball here but scary moments in the backfield not much of a loss either
so it’ll be second and five just a loss of down no negative yardage how they
want to go about things it’ll be car out of the gun looking right pass right into
the thick of the coverage and it’s caught this time by Kyle Johnson the
sophomore from Laguna Hills who makes his second reception of the season I
believe they said he didn’t catch it did he dropped her after I had a bad view on
but I think he might have dropped it so incomplete seen a lot of that tonight
just perhaps a lapse of concentration so third at six so take something special here against
this vaunted defense from Riverside City allow just over 315 per contest they’ve
been on lockdown tonight out of the gun on third and six and he had a receiver
it was Cory Barker and a flag on the play and it could be defensive pass
interference yep I believe you are correct so the penalty starting to stack
up once again the familiar Achilles heel here for RCC that’ll move the chains in
a big reprieve on third and six for Orange Coast yeah and it gives great
teams you cannot commit these kind of penalties because like say it’ll cost
you big games and they got a big one next week I’m playing to get into that
big bowl game officially I gained a tape of 14 is they’ll spot it on the 38 first
things first Orange Coast going down without a fight
here early in the second quarter out of the shotgun first down for Adam car
rolls out to the rights and overthrows it pass intended for number 80
giancarlo monk that’ll bring up second and long trying to make life difficult here in
Orange Coast team that as I mentioned only 12 and a half points per game they
average their offense just over two hundred and twenty nine yards per
contest second and ten for car one in the backfield here for the Pirates
pointer on the handoff breaks it past the 45 all the way to midfield
and a big gain of just about 12 yards enough to move the chains for the Orange
Coast College pirates a great move right off tackle their pointers you see great
little inside move turning those legs get those extra yards really quick good
explosion that time for the freshman from Lancaster hadn’t had a carry the
entire season coming into tonight just inside Tiger territory three wide on the
left car looks left in once again hitting it straight in the hands but
dropped by Edward lacrosse I’m telling you it’s the summer weather they’re
thinking about hanging out at the pool the beach not catching footballs and a
lot of zip on it too and a little disappointing I’m sure for car and it
right on the money he’s got a decent completion percentage Jeff with just
over 51% it 51.2% coming into tonight at 151 for 295 second and 10 now for the
Pirates QB pointer in the backfield short drop pass caught complete this
time to corey barker gain of just about 5 on the grab barker we saw earlier
getting a couple catches officially a gain of four years brings
up third and four for the Pirates what do they have up their sleeve bailed out
by a few penalties to one on each side for atom car out of the shotgun the
drama pointer breaks it past the line of scrimmage and thence and keeps those
legs churning enough for an Orange Coast College first down in James pointer
quietly impressing he has not carried the ball all season you said absolute
Lance the numbers we have on him heck town roster on this stop but after the
fact no he took a shot and kept going to the knees too good game that time seven
yard pushed that time from James pointer and he’s got a couple of first downs on
this drive slowly but surely putting something promising together first down
from the Tigers 39 car looks wide to the right
incomplete pass intended for Edwin lacrosse he was lucky there I thought he
had his hands on it before he got tried to catch the ball might have got away
with a little pee eye in that play as we see here on the replay so second and ten
for Orange Coast College and Bubba Gonzales just one in seven this season
looking for their first conference win car out of the shotgun draw playing
nothing fooling this RCC defense tackled for a big big lost that time Zakaria
Holyfield on the tackle for the lost that time is the ball is spotted at the
46 so in loss of seven on the play and
bring up third and long for the visitors good penetration that time Jeff passed
the line of scrimmage yet Holyfield a beast offensively
maleeni tackler on the team Zachariah Holyfield third and 17 cars
got a receiver but under throws it pass was intended for number 19 Kyle Johnson
but a flag on the field and once again it’s going to go against RCC roughing
the passer and it’ll be an automatic first down time and time again here Jeff there
shoot themselves in the foot yeah and there they’re not penalties that you can
coach that is just effort and it’s got to be small you got to be smart and
those are things that will cost you 15-yard penalty
down to the Tiger 31 yard line another break here for Orange Coast College the
question is can they capitalize four wideouts here one in the backfield for
car operating out of the shotgun a little bit of time it throws it into
no-man’s land a little harried and once again good penetration past the line of
scrimmage here from that Tiger defense you can’t make the mental errors that it
really can cost you ball games or points I understand when you make fundamental
mistakes on the line you do something wrong or you know blocking it back on a
special teams assignment but roughing the passer that’s just something you
you just have to be smart hundred and five yards per game in terms of yardage
penalized for our CC in their stack it up tonight second and 10 from the 31 car
looking loads of time looking to the end zone he’s got a receiver and pass
overthrown now the intended target was error to
Fletcher an opportunity missed that time but some good protection here for the
Orange Coast quarterback he’ll stand in that pocket for quite a while just
overthrew it car the sophomore six-foot-five can see over that line
really well as he see he’s got a rifle on him third and long and a big third
down car looking pass intended for Corey Barker’s incomplete and that will be
decision time here for Bubba Gonzales a company fourth and ten be forcing a
48-yard field goal good throws those good ball they’re going to go for it
it’ll be a 48-yarder here and Kieran spradlin the 511 freshman from
Huntington Beach will step on 4 for 9 this season Spradlin his longest is 50
so he’s got a leg on it a 48-yard field goal for Kieran spradlin it is up does
it have enough they just eeks over the bar and an
impressive kick and orange coast on the board 48-yard field goal for the
freshman Kieran spradlin a great kick there put him on the board
great Drive here what pointer I’ll tell you what for a guy that’s never played Poynter is pretty darn good
a pointer keeping that drive alive and it was the penalty on that under three
mags flying everywhere and was roughing the passer and then this impressive kick
from spradlin who look his percentages aren’t that impressive but guidance
kicked a 50-yarder here at the JC level he’s got quite the leg and finally gets
them on the board 28 to 3 after four unanswered touchdowns from our CC so
we’ll see the kicker now it’ll be Ethan Schroeder the number 2 kicker and
they’ll try the onside kick will they get it did it go 10 yards flag on the
play that’s the question and from all indicators since contry
Adams out there for Orange Coast signaling they’ve got it they wait the
decision from the referee here but I don’t think it went 10 yard I think they
touched it before it went 10 yards so I don’t think they’re gonna get it the
question is did he touch it and was it inside of 10 yards certainly
didn’t appear from the eyeball test and it did go to the 10 yards some consternation amongst the referees
and they’ll have a word with some craft as to the decision here not much to lose
his little clap from the RCC players it looks as though it’s going to go against
Orange Coast College so first down to RCC and it was
officially declared interference I think you called it right here Jeff yeah for
as he touches it has it traveled ten yards and I believe it’s touched the
first time that’s Adams yeah right there that’s not ten yard that’s about eight
it gets pushed forward so it’ll tack on ten from the 48 yard line a correction
all the way down to the 36 yard line is where it is officially spotted here a
correction 32 yard line bitter pill to swallow here for ours and for Orange
Coast but just the doctor ordered here for our CC you talked about inviting bar
logic company from the get-go breathing right down to pirates necks as 708 left
here the second quarter first and 10 it’ll be bar llege out of the shotgun
once again joined in the backfield by the freshmen
jaelyn young runners by committee here and all kinds of weapons at their
disposal and it’ll be young in motion and young the target on the screen
passcode he’s got wheels on it and young it it’s all the way to about the thirty
some may be a game of two depending on the spot you know talking about that
running back by committee he’s got legit eight running backs at
his disposal that could play anywhere they were all all County all CIA up all
world and they just show up every single to have a different player second in a
pass qacomplete to Geo Sanders has had some big grabs tonight and he gets all
the way down to the 18 and the gain of 13 for the freshman from Murrieta he’s
the favorite target of barley as well as Mike Irwin and it comes up big that time
first down for the Tigers and they’re playing at that quick tempo no huddle
offense out of the gun the fake and pass qacomplete big hit after 12 and a gain
of five the past COTS had time to jaelyn young that was a shot I’m surprised he
got up after that when I was a big time hit Maurice Norris putting the wood that
time on young something else call this one to a halt
seen a lot of whistles but this time time out on the field
RCC going to talk this one over second and three and ball on the pirate ten and
Jeff they want to make sure they get this right yeah it’s comfortable right
now but right now it’s about honing their craft yeah it coach crap I like
that but no you you really have to you want to be better than you were you know
you start off week one you expect you expect a lot of penalties special team
assignments mist and so forth but by week eight week nine you’ve got to have
all of those those problems that you started the season with those have to be
eliminated you can’t if you’re gonna be a state you know state champion or even
a national champion because by you know the JC gridiron Riverside City College
is ranked number one in the country you have to play almost mistake-free
football when you get playing into these bowl games and especially in a league
championship next week second three for Barnidge young in the backfield with him
too wide on the Left too wide on the right balance has been the key Tom
krappa leads you have to pass well to run well and vice-versa this time they
don’t pass it well flags all over the field that pass was intended for Sanders
could be defensive pass interference just around the six yard line it’d be
surprised if this does go against the Tigers so Sean around the the pass for
Sanders defensively the penalty assessed it to vite a crisp on the interference
first and goal from the five barley is very comfortable out of the gun tonight
it’s got that short drop step as well that quick release prototypical pocket
passer a couple of steps back and L my good is it we’ve hit the lineman in the
back of the head yeah I don’t think Jacob was too happy
with that pass just hitting the back of cold scene incomplete and I’ll bring up
second down see how they operate out of the red zone here this season an
impressive 79 percent coming into tonight best in the league and will they
convert this time he gets a foot down will is there a signal for touchdown yes
indeed that’s the case Pass cock complete Oh Reggie red slap and wood
just like that the fifth touchdown of the evening for the RCC Tigers boy he is
fun to watch he’ll be definitely playing on Saturdays for the next couple of
years question is where got some he’s a talent
and out of that great high school down the road it’s the evil empire Corona
Centennial first touchdown grab Moretz laughs perfect five through five
tonight’s on that point after attempt by Ricardo Java is the first reception for
a touchdown this season for retz laughs he’s been useful in short yardage my
recap is Drive and it was Sanders who set them up beautifully and the past suitor ferrets call here
Jeff and that led to the final dagger here ratzlaf good feet really good feet
great feet look like yeah a little vertical jump there look like a
basketball player little Lynn Swann just dated myself that’s all right I remember
watching those games Lynn Swann was the greatest see but I was a John Jefferson
fan I have to charger fan the air Korea their Air Koryo days exactly Kellen
Winslow those guys oh good times hey Chandler yeah some good grabs here
what a receiving corps that’s for you younger viewers just google up air for
ya all you will ever see remember that game in 1980 against the Miami Dolphins
best I think probably one of the best games I’ve ever seen Carson read all the
way into the end zone and they’ll kneel down for the safety and they’ll start
over as it was fielded by Victor Terry smart decision 538 left 35 to three and
the Tigers hey look they’re comfortably out in front here but far from perfect
tonight here Jeff no and they’ve got it they’ve got to
shore up those penalties and and mental mistakes because they haven’t been too
many procedural penalties it’s been you know the roughy in the past or the
personal fouls those kind of things that you you can prevent so first down for car from the 25 and on
the draw Lee go right up the guts getting some good penetration a nice
little game that time from David Hernandez he carries it for five
Hernandez the five six freshman running back from Anaheim this season high 65
yards last week against Grossmont a tough nine point loss and that coming on
17 carries not known for their ground exploits but second and five now for
annum car the sophomore quarterback he’ll go on the draw once again this
time for Hernandez again not much doing that time maybe a gain of one stop cold could tackle that time from Carl cash
Karen the freshman from Burbank on that defensive line a big defensive line here
for RCC so they’ll bring up third and three the question is can RCC tighten
things up and stop committing those mistakes they bailed out Orange Coast on
several occasions out of the shotgun once again Adam car and on the draw it’s
not gonna be enough for the first down as he stopped at the line of scrimmage
it’s a big tackle that time from Isaiah Cecina no RCC do we get to see the
offense again and the time of possession in that first quarter I you know I was
thinking about it yep Riverside only had it for five minutes and 56 seconds OCC
nine minutes and I believe that they’ve had more possession in the second
quarter but it’s just so darn quick our she’s able to score within seconds it
seems like a sophomore punter Elson pincher comes back on back to receive
once again door sill as they try and kick it away
Ben they leave it short and it’ll be picked up at the 42 yard line here door
so try to make something out of nothing and he’s dropped back to the 40 not too
bad though as they would start from their own 40 not too shabby
not the best of kicks though I was shocked he picked it up that favorable
bounce see tonight win the Tigers are without Mike Irwin other injuries Tyler
Kennedy out on their best returners and receivers and I will say this the most
dynamic football player I have seen in years is Tyler Kennedy that’s a big loss
right now as it misses out for the fourth game with injury but they’ve got
plenty of weapons a lot of depth for this RCC team first in 10 back on it’s
gonna be Sanders as well as Leith wide to the Wright’s young in the backfield
short drop here for barrage look Stanfield on the pump fake he’ll keep it
and managed to scurry forward not a bad game that time is it scrambles forward
for a five-yard positive gain good coverage it’s a from Orange Coast but
works out to RCC’s advantage tongue he’s maybe he’s becoming a dual threat I know
his dad is proud gate of six officially quick toss and that one on the outside
for the Gloria gets all the way up to the 50 yard line jomama glory the
sophomore from Burlington High School here at Riverside enough put it up third and one here and they’ll barrel it
forward on that game and that should be enough to move it forward for a first
down as they move firmly into pirate territory
Varla John the keeper tell you what seeing a new Jake barrage perhaps a
little kiddie mansion that he’s not known for but keeping it on the ground
get him on the track team so first and ten from the pirate 46 he’s looking long
you got a receivers past conscious Sanders and another big big gain all the
way down to the 16 yard line and a gain of 30 and once again another big game
busted play that time for Gio Sanders saying what when they need it he comes
up trumps doesn’t he yes he does yeah Gio Sanders really fun to watch
when he and Kennedy were together that was a book and receivers you could he’s
got a receiver once again this time it’s leaping complete touchdown RCC Isaiah
Lee on the 16 yard catch a touchdown and number six for a Riverside City wow what
a play what a catch he caught that over the back side of the defender what a
beautiful play one of the best ones I’ve seen all season long I love the
one-handed catches those are always cool but that one was pretty spectacular
Solis with a huge grab his third of the season Chavez gets it up between the
sticks and forty two to three the 39-year under two minutes left in the
first half but you want to talk about receiving this is as good as it gets is
we recap the drive for you I have so many ways they can hurt you Jeff they
are fun just a it’s it’s like a video game with these guys that was the short gainer too young and
then into the end zone here perfectly placement go up and get it young man I
was a great great play playstation football you know what’s really sad I
can play my six-year-old in these video games you and I are the same age I used
to play the pong and then we got the Atari in the Intellivision I can’t even
play those games there’s too many buttons on them are you a video game
that my life stopped at asteroids but it’s really bad from here three year old
new six year old sons can just dominate you in games get used to it
parenthood in the modern age Adams will feel it on his own goal line he’s gonna
bring it out of here Adams gutsy call and to the Chaney’s broken one to the 15
it’s a 15-yard return will Kairi Adams gets it forward here yeah Adams looked
like he caught it at the water look like and then backed up and thought he could
take it me he and I said well I caught it at the one I got a run and run this
thing out you know I mean that’s the perfect place for a kicker to put it put
the decision on the returner let’s bring it to the 15-yard line once
again at RCC menacing defense is breathing down the neck here this Orange
Coast College offense is car trots back out big sets put five quarterback with a
big task on his hands they faked the draw short one and once again so many
drop passes this time giancarlo monk can’t make the grab incomplete and it’ll
bring up second down you got to be smart you don’t want to get out and give RCC
another opportunity here to score before the half so second and 10 for Orange
Coast College one-in-seven had that big victory against LA Southwest this season
way back on September 21st since then five consecutive defeats and this time
they’ll use the draw play to good effect it’s Meredith who’s been a bright spot
for them all the way up to the 20-yard line and a gain of five on the carry for
Kelly minty Meredith the 510 freshmen from Page Arizona say timeout on the
field charge to Riverside and they will talk
it over here it’s about 90 seconds left here in the first half
Oh to be a fly on the wall so to speak during this
RCC timeout thanks like out Tom perhaps just walks out of the huddle there you
go gonna go over and enjoy himself hang out
with the ref for a minute the consummate professional here tom craft now in his
tenth season at Riverside City former at Palomar College for 16 years
you mentioned his time in San Diego State but at Palomar three state and
three national titles to go with nine conference titles not too bad tell you
what I mean he needs an extra page on his resume yes he does wanted a balanced
attack the running game predicated on a good passing game and vice versa but
defensively they’ve been impressive if not for the penalties
third and five here for car from his own 20 short drop and he had a receiver it
was Fletcher there but just too far out in front so that blue freshman and
that’ll bring up the punting unit on fourth and 5 just a little too far out in front is
gonna be a difficult catch that time for Fletcher it’s got over 20 grabs this
season so the punting unit on the field once again back to return will be dorso
and plenty of time for that Riverside offense to put up a few more points here
Nelson Peter from the 30 in Pass I rather kick fair caught at the 34 yard
line so the spotted at the 35 yard line 45
yard punt from Elson Peter’s been quite the busy punter here 1:21 left in the
first half that’s not a typo folks forty two to three and another shot the end
zone here for Jacob bar llege has been the sole option at quarterback this
evening with Mike Irwin unable to go through injury trying
to rest him up for that big game against Saddleback next weekend first down his
short pass to Lauren across the middle catch that time from Laurette Dylan
Lauren sophomore in the short yardage situation it really is done well enough
to get things going second and three once again they’ll go
out of the backfield this time is Joseph Griffin goes forward to the first down
into pirate territory flags everywhere as he goes down at the 44 yard line flags and whistles everywhere seen a
fair bit of that this evening so many weapons here they use that short passing
game to very good effect don’t they yeah and then they just have that Shield of
offensive line that they’ve just run behind you just pick one guy to run
you’re fine man they just do that so well they do it out a tunnel screens
they do it on deep route and they replay second down but a 10-yard penalty
assists once again to RCC familiar theme resurfacing penalties have been the
Achilles heel so that will bring it up second and 13 bar llege comfortable and
plenty of time in acres a room for a white nerd junior throws out the stiff
arm and well forward complete all the way down this time to about the 33 yard
line and a big game once again for RCC and
the toss to roll and this whitener junior blown coverage from OCC we’ve
seen a few times tonight so ball on the 33 after the 10-yard penalty so they
make up for it here trying to punch it in and Bartlett rolling out he’s got a
receiver wide open touchdown Riverside City and Roland is whether junior with
the 33 yard grab just before half-time heck I was watching with barrage I mean
he had open receivers all over the field he just had to pick one anyone to give
him a touchdown to beautiful pass use him roll out his own line bottom all
kinds of time and acres is space for her Landis whitener jr. his second TD grab
of the night the seventh here before half-time for our CC and it’s an ugly
score line here for Orange Coast College it’s officially a walk so far row Landis
whitener junior picks up his third touchdown reception of the season he
could get another three touchdowns tonight the way he’s playing really set
him on their way and not for that first down and how about this offensive line
so much time and the mobility bartlett’s pays off in the end and whiter junior
talked about useful my goodness you talking about that offensive line we had
already mentioned earlier the big fella Kevin Brown six foot seven 400 pounds my
goodness that’s huge that is big questions need to get bigger bigger
every year yeah bigger than that guy look at that Tiger yeah he’s Kevin Brown
is larger than the tiger in his uniform yes his head might be bigger than that
Tigers yeah talk about running a fair catch Matt the two at the two
interesting decision but so they might be taking a knee here just get into
halftime to reassess and a half time we’re gonna see the the Riverside band
one of the finest in the country and then bring out the brass bring out the
breast there’s gonna the sousaphone the tubas you name it they’ve got it but one
of the finest bands in America they part of the Macy’s Day Parade part of the
Rose Parade in I’ve been in several movies looking very handsome in the
orange and black here at Wheelock Stadium on the campus
of Riverside City College on the 25 in car lot for the draw play gain of about
three and on the carry that time for OCC is Nico Fiera Twala the freshman from
Bellflower stop that time Manu Taha the sophomore from Chula Vista
and at halftime I’m gonna be joined by Jerry Hurley
Jerry Hurley if you didn’t know is the president of the Riverside sport Hall of
Fame he said to talk a little bit about some former RCC legends in the Hall of
Fame looking forward to hear from Jerry a dear friend and dear friend of
Riverside well that’s gonna do it on the carry from hero to wala that’s gonna
close down the first half and it has been all RCC seven touchdowns on some
impressive drives they’ve hit him with the run and they’ve hit them with the
pass tonight Jeff goroh they’ve hit him with everything they’ve hit him with the
left they’ve hit him with the right they have been dominant this has been a great
first half – the penalties this score could have been a lot worse a 46 point
advantage it is half-time here we lock stadium all RCC up forty nine to three
over Orange Coast the professionalism and accountability
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aviation and and fly every day and still do police work and fly them out here
worked a shift 7:00 to 5:00 I usually get here a little before 7:00 we’ll get
an email on what occurred the previous evening it’s all goes for those also
check temporary flight restrictions so I’ll check those and see if there’s any
in the area that we can’t fly into and then we’ll go out and do a pre-flight on
the helicopter we’ll walk around check everything make sure everything’s
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and it’s nice to give back to the community that you’ve been brought up in
so if I were to describe my job and two words it would be uniquely awesome
it’s awesome I get to fly a helicopter and do something that I really enjoyed
doing at the same time protecting and serving a community that grew up los novios is a Mexican market located
on Main Street not far from downtown Riverside the name means young male bull
which is typically used for its high quality meat albert Amarillo is the
owner being in the business for years and years almost 20 years in the City of
Riverside and always in Austin so start working I I always dream like one day I
will have my own business and since I’m being in Riverside for so many years I
says well this is a good opportunity so I asked a couple friends you know like
and my brother hey this is the opportunity of her life do we take it or
not they’re like yes call for the store features a good selection of fruits
vegetables canned goods meats and seafood there’s also several kinds of
cheese salsa and guacamole loyal customers who shop here say it’s because
of their fresh food and great customer service I hike at Mountain Rubidoux and
I go here every morning to buy fresh ceviche it’s a great market they’re just
gonna get bigger and better so usually I’ll come in here to buy lunch but if I
need anything for my house I’ll you know any supplemental groceries I come in and
I buy everything he’s fresh Alberto says he trains his staff to treat customers
like family Mercedes Duran is one of his cashiers
just asking with how are you doing that makes a really big difference and just
being in a small market you kind of notice who who’s who and what are they
doing there sometimes well even ask them like what are you cooking today I do
spaghetti are you doing cutting your flower you know that’s mix difference I
wanted the people when they came I want that I feel like walking like oh this is
my house you know like this is family and that’s what I’ve wanted to tell all
my customers that they’re not just customers they’re guests for another
gases they’re like as they’re my my family all the time when they came if I
know their names I you know I tell them about their names and everything I shake
hands all day long and I think they like it my name is lovey Jung and I work for the
city oversight fire department I’ve been here for about seven years now and I’m a
firefighter/paramedic on engine one when I was younger I actually wanted to be a
firefighter but I ended up getting sidetracked and went and played softball
for the Olympic team in 2004 and 2008 and when I retired in 2009 that’s when I
decided I wanted to switch over to become a firefighter usually when I come
in the first thing I do is I check my personal protective equipment and then
I’ll also check the medical equipment being a paramedic I have to make sure
all my medications are there and that my equipments working properly so that when
we go on a scene to a medical aid that everything’s in working form and that
were professional on scene if I were to describe my job in one word it would be
adventurous every day is different from day to day depending on the training or
the type of calls that we run you know some days we might go on more duis there
some days we might go on more traffic accidents so every day that I come to
work is gonna be completely different from the day before and the next day
they get to work with a group of people that I enjoy working with and having
that camaraderie that I’ve missed from being an athlete but now being a mom I
just kind of I want to be that role model for my daughter to you know show
her you can be independent and you can have a job that you want to work in
whether it’s a male-dominated career or not and I want her to understand that
how she grows up we need to make sure our seniors are
safe with consistent proper nutrition and healthy foods delivered to their
homes elderly patients who do not have proper nutrition have a higher risk of
irregular heart rhythms and sepsis River Science Meals on Wheels program can
always use your help if you can volunteer or donate you can visit our
website and get more information how you can participate and we thank you do you have unneeded prescription
medications and don’t know what to do with them
CVS Pharmacy and the Riverside Police Department have a safe and secure
Dropbox located inside the Magnolia police station this free and anonymous
service keeps dangerous prescriptions out of the hands of children and abusers
while protecting the environment through proper disposal most over-the-counter
and prescription medications are safe to drop off however there are some
restrictions items such as thermometers inhalers aerosol cans point mints
lotions or liquids and needles and sharp and welcome back to the Riverside game
of the week as RCC leads 49 to 3 over Orange Coast Community College pirates
I’m Jeff Gorham and I’m joined now by one of my favorite people in the entire
world the president should I call you mr.
president they did away with the grand high exalted mystic ruler title so Jerry
Hurley the president of the Riverside sport Hall of Fame thank you for joining
me tonight my pleasure I’m honored hey I’ll tell you what this is a great
time right now in Riverside City College ranked number one nationally ranked
number two in the state which I don’t understand you can be number one in the
country number two in the state but thirty years ago we were in the same
situation where they won a national championship in at three thirty years
this year for a possible second national championship wonderful yes it couldn’t
have a beat up craft is someone that we’re gonna be honoring in the near
future on our wall of distinction coach Barry Meyer from that team is in our
Hall of Fame course so when in fact one-third of our inductees we have 105
inductees one-third have an affiliation with Riverside City College and talking
about those guys you and I we sit down and we just we throw out all these great
old stories but let’s talk about some of the big names that have come out of
Riverside Community College maybe maybe some of the big ones the first one you
say is Jerry Tarkanian absolutely you know the starts guitar the shark the
tart you know he had such a great start to his career here you know he started
off as a football coach I don’t know if he knew this was that at Redlands high
school and he coached football and then got hired on hooked back while there
came over here one I believe two state championships and had had some pretty
good players on those teams that are also in the Hall of Fame that’s right
absolutely yes Samnite is one of our reductions and
bob holds the late great Bob the world is been inducted into our Hall of Fame
real gentle giant we have arguably one of the top
SuperSonics in the history of that yeah and really you know growing up I had
heard stories about Bob rules through my dad and there were times where he
dominated Wilt Chamberlain and to hear those stories and to walk around
Wheelock gym as a kid ain’t on watching Dave Waxman who was the longtime
basketball coach here you know I think growing up I had a key or everybody
thought I had a key to every gym in Riverside
I just knew how to break into place and I just didn’t tell this but growing up
Riverside City College meant so much to me I was a ball boy with the football
program yeah a couple guys that we can talk about Barry Meyer Mike Churchill
another great coaches Nate DeFrancisco I’m gonna go way back DeFrancisco Don
Baron Don Biren out phages baby and talking about Don Baron you and
I had you know visited him many time to his home tell us a little bit about that
house football program the wrestling program we we inducted the Kistler
family you saw a Hall of Fame several years ago one of the best wrestling yeah
and so a come full circle it’s really interesting you know you talking about
Bobby Bobby rule we were putting together his video when he was inducted
into our Hall of Fame and it was one photo of him scoring over wilt pretty
dominantly and he looked at me and winked he said
yeah put that in the video you definitely had to it’s funny he was a
gentle giant a lovely man but when he was on the court he took no prisoners
yeah he was he was a tough guy but you know not just basketball in football but
you know you’ve got baseball you got Dennis Rogers another I mean one of the
most fantastic coaches ever you have Frank Corral who’s who is a lot of great
Los Angeles Ram kicker still holds some records at UCLA I believe still
and still holds a couple in the NFL he said if he if you run into Frank Corral
he’s one of the first guys to tell you that he still holds those records Beck
he played basketball for my dad at Norton Vista I believe in 1974 five was
a really good basketball player so see I got to I I grew up around Frank Corral
and and like I said walking the field here at RCC but what you do Gerry tell
us a little bit about what’s going on with the Hall of Fame this year well
thank you for asking you know we’re an all-volunteer organization we’re a 501 3
C non-profit and every year we put together a banquet and we honor athletes
for the pre 70 era from the post 1970 era we have a coach and a contributor
every year in addition when we have our banquet we invite each male a male and
female from each high school that’s right beside surrounding cities
and we give out scholarships as many as we can get in terms of sponsorships we
have a most inspirational athlete award that we give every year a President’s
Award and the Chuck Kane Leadership Award which is very important of course
it is just again affiliation with every site city college to Kane yeah the great
feared one yes right a really good player in this time at Poly highs right
terrific coach yeah and and talking about all these RCC players and coaches
I’m still remember like you know I worked with Bob Schermerhorn another
great guy late great Bob Schermerhorn and I’m sure he was but it was part of
the Hall of Fame and Bob Jim would say I’m the biggest name in sports that’s
right as long as name is forth exactly but tell us what’s gonna happen here in
the next few months here with it well we’ve got a wall of distinction event
coming up in January we haven’t solidified the date yet well we’ll be
honoring 12 individuals and the wall of distinctions it’s kind of like a feeder
system into the Hall of Fame you can get your name on there and we will have 480
named as incredible most prominent friends and they represent over 30
sports that we’ve honored since 2003 and they are automatically included into
future consideration for our Hall of Fame and it’s a labor of love every year
you know all the names of that week it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of win
with most people yeah because they’ve done such great things
for the student-athletes in Riverside so we’re pleased to be able to do that and
I just applaud all our sponsors over the years all our supporters where we will
have a banquet in May this year and I can guarantee you our inductee class
would be well are with our our previous ones well Jerry thank you for standing
up here and talking with me it seems like I see you everywhere you and I are
we run into each other but thank you for joining us he’s Jerry Hurley we’re gonna
come right back with the second half as our CC leads 49 to 3 over Orange Coast
College we’ll be right back on ITV thank you the Community Police Review
Commission was created to promote public confidence in the professionalism and
accountability of the City of Riverside Police Department the Commission
consists of an all civilian panel of members from across the city
the Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all police
relations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deaths
receiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against Warren
Riverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing community
concerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department if you’re
interested in learning more about how you can serve or for information on the
Commission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR see and welcome back to Wheelock Stadium our
SCC against Orange Coast College in how things looking very good for RCC that
one on the rollout started things up nicely then that little grab my were
Landis whitener jr. to make it 14 nothing early on in the first and then
some big gains on this one busted right up the guts and a good little toss that
time from Kinslow and then on the out simple grab that time to make a 21
nothing hey credit Orange Coast College they hung in there and got a 48-yard
field goal from Spaulding our Spradlin rather however maybe on the defensive
once again this one rifle in a good footwork in a nice grab at 13 yard toss
to Rex laughs and then Bartlett’s linking up nicely and part of seven
first-half touchdowns for the Riverside City Tigers happy to have you along
tonight here on Riverside TV Christian miles alongside Jeff Gordon Brian Wilson
down on the sidelines let’s take a look at the numbers here crunch them for you
ouch if you’re the passing defense here for Orange Coast College as the numbers
very impressive for the Tigers you have 416 passing yards 224 but the big thing
stands out Orange Coast held the ball for 17 minutes and 9 seconds RCC 12
minutes and 51 put up 49 points it’s right to Tom crafts script the RCC head
coach said hey I want to hit him hard I want to hit him fast and play at a quick
tempo they’ve gotten it tonight but it’s on RCC on the defensive and Orange Coast
coming out of the gates here in possession and a short gain on the draw
who stopped at the line of scrimmage and no gain that time they’ve had a hard
time running it ball-carrier that time number twenty-two
nico Fiera to wala had a couple of carries just before half-time but not
much change in fortune there in terms of passing we talked about it here but in
terms of running now Riverside looking very good Orange Coast once again going
to the run but not much again that time and once again it’s Fierro to wallet on
the carry here Jeff not much doing though but tough to go against the best
running defense in the southern league yeah they’re just so fast you watch them
they’re quick off the ball they’re strong but more than that is they’re
fundamentally sound football players as well so that will bring up third and
long from their own 25 here for atom car and company we’ll see what they have up
their sleeve they’ve been the benefactors of some mistakes a lot of
penalties against RCC but car great coverage in the back from RCC the hand
in there from Kyle and Ross with great coverage there for the Tigers and
that’ll force a punting situation again for the Pirates you gotta if you’re the
punter for the Pirates you just kind of go I don’t want to punch of these guys
anymore up forty six and a half you know high school they got that running clock
in the second half Nelson Peter a pretty good right foot on
it 36 yard average once again and back to take it
RCC the field is Shawn door so the 511 freshman has got some breakaway
potential one of the more talented return men a junior college football
it’s a high one it takes an unfavorable bounce for OCC and it’ll be down inside
their own territory and about the 48 yard line right now we welcome back into
third member of our broadcast team Brian Wilson
hey thanks look at here in the second half we’ll see if coach Kraft wants to
keep the pedal down and really drive this game working with the 2qb system we
saw backup quarterback Tyler Thomas warming up before the game see if he
lets Jacob Bartlett show the difference or if he tries to swap him out like he
normally does back to you guys in the boot good stuff Brian I’ll see what
happens so far it’s been all bar luge remember no mic er went out with injury
tonight Oh a little plea flick that time Rhett slap bus what up and Rhett’s
laughs only one to beat and he’s brought down at the 16 yard line a huge gain of
31 for Ratliff well he is fun to watch he’s had a great game tonight now how
about this little toss I love that I love trickery that Badia categorize that
as the flea-flicker kinda I want to see the oh it’s gonna be whitener jr. he’s
got two in the air and he’s got one on the ground
touchdown Riverside City no stopping the Tigers tonight third touchdown of the
evening for Rowe Landis white there Junior I’m a huge fan of trick plays I want to
see more trick plays a little shovel two-handed passed that time most a
little pattycake pass if you want to call it that I would love to see the
Statue of Liberty running outside of the street perfect for Chavez he company my
goodness eight touchdowns here and only 12 46 left in the third
they need a big play they’ve got so many weapons and back-to-back little shovel
passes in the backfield his Rhett slapper got it going rumbling all the
way down to the 36 and they gain a 31 and then the 16 yard run this time from
whitener jr. it’s kind of a hot potato move I like it pretty good I think that
works better than pattycake yes hot potato Pass Baker’s made the
official terminology only underside TV folks we definitely have some fun out
here how about the running game they’ve had all kinds of weapons I’m telling you
we can have four guys with 100 yards receiving
Rhett’s laughs he might be there right now why would he get he was hit 63 at
halftime named at 26 yards for barrage tonight and Orange Coast back to receive
they’ll field this one at their own four I believe come all the way out to the
25-yard line what happened is there something I
missed I mean I here’s with you my friend
I am with you it’s a mystery have some more Halloween candy you’ll
feel better so first down for the 25 them’s the
rules folks as we roll still car out of the gun once again they’ll go on
the draw below son that carry brakes one off the edge to the left-hand side past
the 40 all the way down to the 45 yard line a gain of 24 Jacob Avalos the
freshman from Santa Ana the best one of the night here for the Pirates hay goes
inside and then out nice breakaway speed there and that will bring up first down
from their own 44 they’ve shown some bright moments trying to put together
some consistency out of the gun car fires into no-man’s land a flag after
the play we’ve seen a lot of that this evening and it’s come up two bites the
Tigers in the rear end so to speak and called by the back judge I was after the
play as well see what the ruling is here the penalties have been a huge factor it’s gonna go against RCC a 15-yard
penalty couldn’t quite get what it was for a spot foul personal foul probably
doesn’t see where if we can see it oh there it is right there
it was a look like the targeting that’s exactly what it was called so Orange
Coast once again no fooling him this time I’ve run the same play Abalos had
success that time that dropped for a loss that time the loss of three on the
play for Avalos now 5-yard penalty assessed to RCC I’ll sit it down to
Brian Wilson with the latest from field side hey guys yeah down here on the
sidelines just found out the Tyler Thomas backup QB started warming up look
for him to come in in the next series or so back to you guys Brian we’ll see what
happens it’s been all barrage right now it’s all car looking down the barrel of
a fifty three point deficit how did a shotgun and once again the coverage
absolutely all over that time it was jaylen Bowens on the coverage
defensively here pass incomplete and that will bring up third and short for
the Pirates I imagine we’ll probably see quite a bit
of subs you don’t want to risk injury of any of your your starters but you also
don’t want them to you know they you’ve got to keep them sharp yeah gotta keep
them sharp you got to keep them physically ready
that’s that balance you know you don’t want to have that complacency you want
to keep them sharp that will oiled machine
yeah such a big game that could decide the league title in fact it will decide
the league title movement on the line flag on the play throwing complete the
closest receiver junk carnal Moll I’ll see if this will go against that
looks is there there was movement on that defensive line yep and that was
Carl Koster in moving on the line for the Tigers I’ll put them back at other
five yards and enough for a first down here for Orange Coast College definitely
offside there now they continue to march it downfield
be a first in ten for OCC on the tiger 32 one out of the backfield here shotgun
once again for car as it has been all night the sophomore looks downfield he’s
got a receiver and pass caught and come nearly caught Aaron Fletcher looked as
though he had it and he dropped it oh my and it was a free plate looked like it
was off fights again on Riverside and flag on the play they’ve had so many
drop balls tonight and it’s been tough on Adam car that was a great pass so
first in five here’s why my goodness I want to have that one back then I do too
I definitely want to have that one Becca you know the stats are gonna be kind to
Adam car in the end but not reflected the true nature no the way this is gone
that a lot of drop balls out there got a great arm though fun to watch good size
first and five from the tiger 27 he looks left and once again coverage is
there the pass intended for Jacob Monroe and incomplete good coverage that time
for Victor Terry for the Tigers Munroe in the first half had two catches
for 18 yards I believe it was the first two catches in a row that the two
completions and back-to-back grabs and throw back then and their passing game
is now had some bright moments doesn’t reflect it yards but it’s not bad and
once again more movement on the line and just Racine mistake after mistake but
they’re claiming it was the Pirates that move first well that’s gonna be charged
to Orange Coast these go back and forth here Melvin Bowden drawing movement from his
RCC defensive line second and ten from the thirty to one in the backfield with
car 1111 left here in the third looks left has a man past caught this time
it’s complete to Cory Barker all the way down to about the 22 yard line
it’s gonna be very close to a first down in fact just shy Cory Barker the only
other guy to get around a reception in that first half second grab of the night
so officially a nine yard gain third and one here for Orange Coast and we seen a
48-yard field goal earlier and they are within range well within range of their
kicker one on the left to line up wide on the
right on Veloz in the backfield and once again flags flying everywhere stop guys
just stop well their findings and their drawing in its gonna go against Rastus
and yeah they found a chink in the armor but yeah we’re another they’re gonna
March this one damn field aren’t they Jeff oh man alive Wow first down and
that was third in short and that’s gonna hurt a fresh set of downs and the ball
will be spotted at the 23 rather the 18 excuse me car looking to the end zone
he’s got a man the pass intended this time for Barker more flags on the play
as Estes was there defensively also there defensively ah deep we’ll see what
you will gain is yardage getting exactly fine to find a play here on this Drive
that hasn’t been flagged so first into five from the fives first
and goal rather and it will be car they marched it downfield Avalos trying to
rumble one in a short gave just maybe two Ovilus the freshmen trying to barrel
his way right down the heart and soul of this RCC defense you know run the ball
too well I remember just under fifty yards per game it’s lasted the
conference though they had 44 yards in that first half right yeah 44 yards on
the ground that’s pretty good for let’s see if they can get in the end zone here
try to punch it in for the first time tonight car under center in motion is
long and it’s gonna be look like it’s good to go against the Pirates possibly
a false start some movement on the line it’s probably back it up another five
yards and bring up second goal from the 9 no it’s against the defense against
line al maseeh v half the distance so from the 5 to the 2 my goodness a 2nd
and goal from the two Tom craft I tell you what he’s be pulling his hair out
not what you want yes the score lines impressive but plenty to work on this
week in practice under Center and it will be Cartwright
slap in motion once again flag on the play
I hate to sound like a broken record but more flags the nut timeout timeout
charge to the Pirates trying to make use of this as a team that and they could do
with some points we mentioned five consecutive losses Jeff coming in
tonight in which they’ve been outscored combined by over a hundred and twenty
points so right now they need about every score they can give ya 120 point
was this before tonight you said coming into tonight yeah that’s a tough one
that’s a tough one to swallow now they’ve had good moments tone car
showing some promise oh he’s a he’s a he’s a definitely a talent but they’re
athletic ly they just can’t can’t compete with athlete athlete’s for
athletes 99% of the time athlete win yep so we’ll
see a second ed to second and goal another leg reprieve after reprieve can
they take care of business this time car under center Avalos in the backfield on
the short handoff Avalos stopped cold at the line of scrimmage and perhaps for a
loss nothing doing this time so great defense here from the the
Tigers it’s gutsy to run against this defense
right now nothing to lose now change it up his car looks for some advice from
the sidelines and head coach Bubba Gonzales offensive coordinator Dan
urbanos what do they have up their sleeve for Orange Coast the big third
down right here trying to punch it in for the first time this evening and this
one pass incomplete the intended target that time was number 19 Kyle Johnson no
flag that will bring up fourth now pretty surprising there but hey they
gotta walk away with some points here and they’re gonna go for it it looks
like they’re not gonna come out man you’re down 53 not much to lose at this
point I guess not go for it so another timeout they’ll talk it over
once again Bubba Gonzalez wants to make the most of this fourth down this is not
about scoring this is not about points this is about efficiency
exactly morale at this point trying to take something positive minor victories
as few as they may be here in this game I mean you know Jeff we look at this and
obviously everybody’s looking forward to the big game against Saddleback which is
going to be the title decider here for Riverside I mean what’s going through
Tom crafts mind ahead of that game I think really like you said to get to get
out of here with the fewest mistakes get out of here without any major injuries
and just play a complete football game you know the injury the injury bug has
hit them again you know lost Tyler Kennedy but and Mike Irwin but you got
to be smart that game by the way at saddleback next Saturday get there it’s
gonna be good char out of the shotgun hangs one up in incomplete and it will
be RCC with the goal line stand despite all of those penalties they will take
over on downs from their own two yard line Cory Barker has been one of the
better targets tonight just overthrown a little bit to get that separation but he
couldn’t quite get it so we talked and Brian Wilson was talking about on the
sidelines a moment ago may see the backup quarterback come in here and he’s
in the head Tyler Thomas hitting his first snap under center of his
collegiate career the freshman quarterback for example Florida did they
fumble at the line here oh my goodness not the way you want to ring in your
college debut Tyler Thomas six-foot to 190 pounds from Jefferson High School of
Tampa Florida so second and 11 from their own one talked about a baptism of
fire yes a flag on the play surprise surprise false start against the Tigers
so can you go any closer than half the distance this guy’s at the point
five-year at the half yard he’s put the nose of the ball right on the line with
second now a second and 11 and a half you’ll see you know good test for this
young man Tyler thomas obviously one for the
future getting it a chance to get a piece of the action tonight to work out
of the gun look passes his way out pass contact good plate and a nice little
gain all the way up to the 15 and a gain of 14 and a half nicely done one thing Riverside will do they’ll
continue to throw the football Caleb Harvey on the grab just his third
reception of the season and will move the chains first down from there 15 a
hand off a little bit botched this time jaelyn young I believe I was there to
keep it it was an G Thomas with the keeper some confusion back there however
but opening up second and long on a short gain and I’ll credit thomas
literally with his back against the wall and should a lot of character there
you’ll need some on this a gain of two on that little scramble broken play hot
potato once again and on the quick little pitch out for Tyler Mosley tried
to break one and he does and up for the first out all the way to about the 43
yard line and a flag on the play it Tyler Mosley a
great great receiver out of Notre Dame High School he was an outstanding high
school player good to see him getting going here but of course there’s a flag
debut appearance Moseley likewise fruit samus flag we’ll see what they assess it
would have been a gain of 25 I’ll see you at the referee a judge is a bit busy
tonight a little bengay on that throwing arm so
many flags out there you have to cut it you know I can they used to doing
baseball you put your arm in a tire and throw it see what the man in charge says illegal
block 15-yard penalty charged against Orange Coast College and will March it
ahead and that probably yes at the end of the play here’s a twenty five forty
yard game that’s a huge game my goodness that will put it all the way down to the
42 first down for Tyler Thomas the number three quarterback behind Mike
Irwin as well as Jacob bar Lynch out of the shotgun man in motion then
the flick they’ve been doing it all night passed cot McLaury breaks it past
one all the way down to the 38 could gain that time hit at the 38 and got a
little bit more well he is fun to watch they utilize that played a very good
effect here and what I’m sure that Saddleback is taking notice of they’re
watching us right now the glory and the handoff big hole from
a glory breaks for to the outside it lutes one more tackle but glory is there
anything stopping it oh he coughs it up and it’s recovered in the end zone for
an RCC touchdown it could be a flag on the play
let’s see here’s the replay let’s see where it
seems down before the fumble here and one needs to be down – always thought
that ball batted up – recovered there by caleb harvey in the end zone and from
our vantage point the eyeball test says hey that’s a good touchdown so it is a
touchdown and – ruling it over a huge touchdown it’ll be the 8th of the
evening and a big run from McClure you broke it really well so Caleb Harvey credited with the
touchdown it’ll be his first of this season and Chavez will step on for the
point then get it up and down correction Emmy Carson read on the point
after attempt 63 points on the board I did call a football game once a few
years back in a high school game it was 108 220 now this is a season-high
8 to 20 yes my goodness it’s a basketball score by a bad bad pass the
most I’ve seen 155 put up by the Portland State Vikings back in the late
80s Hey yes as our stat man saying the mouse
Dave is there so we should not be surprised by that yeah
don’t know jerry rivas on that staff but previous season high for RCC was 56 a
couple of weeks ago in that 56 to 13 win over Golden West they’ve surpassed that
and a lot of time left and they’ll catch it here just inside the 5-yard line I
don’t understand I guess it those are the 25 I mean I Thea that’s a rule I’m
unfamiliar with here we were just given the new rule you fair catch it inside
that territory inside the 20 he moves up to the 25 I guess so that’s pretty I
guess thank goodness for Statman they’ll
bounce one out a pointer back on the same breaks one wide all the way up to
the 37 yard line a gain of really tight gain that time around the 34 yard line
so it just short of the first down was it enough to move the chains
no but striking a blow for the positive James pointer has had some bright
moments himself in his first game yes indeed no carries coming into tonight so for second and two from the 33
shotgun for a car why not Poynter trying to break one of the outside and he’s
wrapped up from the line of scrimmage in there defensively was Victor Terry for
RCC confirmation on that rule my friend here’s how it stands people a lot
smarter than us on this yeah you’re fair catch inside the 25 advances to the 25
automatically oh really sure about rule yes gotta study up next time I guess
that would probably be for safety reasons maybe everybody wants to get rid
of this eliminate the kickoff it’s worked well for you a team had some good
field position his temper nail punch it in a pass caught across the middle by
Jordan Clark first down for the Pirates and finally somebody making a grab here
for OCC more receptions Jordan Clark did anybody on this team so first gram of the night for Jordan
Clark his 25th reception of the seasoning grab adjust just under 7 yards
per grab first in ten from the pirate 41 they show blitz RCC little pressure on
car can he elude it no and he’ll wrap himself I wrap his hands around that
ball and be tackled for the loss there will be a loss of nine on the sack that
was a backhanded sack he grabbed him reversed watch this play here I was
pretty impressive hey grab him from behind here he goes he stopped him so there defensively my man from
Honolulu I’m not gonna even attempt to sit for NASA but now oh why that makes
sense I found that pretty good I want to ruin his name very well no that’s wrong
you don’t have an 86 that’s a tight end it might be a why playing two ways maybe
if it is good job you credit where credit’s due
yeah we still have a whole nother quarter here I’ll plenty of time for
some fun command me a high school for Pinal Hawaii the sophomore they recruit
him near and far third and a big 18 here for an of car and the Orange Coast
College pirates it’ll go out of the backfield gutsy draught a pointer he got
some positive yardage but well short of the original line of scrimmage and well
short of the first down a gain of five for Avila our pointer rather so the
punting unit back on the field and Hunter else and Peter Nelson Peter
pointed six times last week against Grossmont with an average of 37 point
three and he’s gonna equal that here busy man tonight door so back to receive
for our CEC as a good pot from else and Peter fair catch indicated is whiter
back there rather taking it for RCC good strong punt that time it’ll be all the
way down to the 20-yard line 42-yard punt from else’d Peter and once
again will see Tyler Thomas take over the number three quarterback on for
Jacob Arledge good numbers in the first half for barley Jew through her forded
yards and seven touchdowns and half a day’s work not too shabby
no matter the opposition and by the way I ran it 426 himself yeah he’ll be
heavily utilized next week against Saddleback try and get things shipshape
here first and 10 from the 20 Thomas out of the shotgun in motion the shovel pass
wears his way forward and Lauren’s broken it all the way past the 50 yard
line down to the 44 big gain for Dylan Laurent he’s short yardage situations
and he makes a long-long game of about 36 yards on the carry
I love these little shovel passes they’ve worked great really well you
know it’s almost like a set in volleyball it really is I can attest to
that I’m telling you and there’s a penalty caleb harvey substitution
penalty you don’t see that every now it’s gonna go against Caleb Harvey to
the tight end I’ll push it back five yards so first in 15 for Thomas and co there it is right there I guess that’s
the illegal sub there guess so go for the run nothing doing this time they’re
well wrapped up Joe Griffin not much going there the
sophomore from Phelan and elk Hills High School 2nd 13 from the 48th Thomas out
of the shotgun he’ll keep it himself slips last one how about this summits
bringing a different wrinkle 48 that will bring the end of the third quarter
they move the chains and an 18-yard gain and a nice little scramble from the
third-string quarterback Tyler Thomas third string quarterback looks like a
first string running back the size of Eric Dickerson right out there slippery
and Tyler Thomas all six foot two of about 190 pounds tough to bring down
remember this is his JC debut tonight folks replacing Jacob Arledge and he’s
really making the most of his opportunity got him out of that tight
situation with the ball and go find earlier move the chains and bringing a
different dimension than we saw with bar llege that’s for sure between he and
Erwin they have themselves another guy in the wings
he’s understudy there you go tough lineup to crack and you’ve got the
two-headed monster and Irwin and barrage throughout the season
Kerwin from your neck of the woods up in Oregon I asked the old pnw he is the
second most famous person out of this town one of my rival high schools by the
way if you’ve got Lake Ridge High School yes that near lick away oh yeah Lake
Oswego yes Kevin Love territory I love territory at exactly I’m one of the more
famous alums one of the better athletic factories in
high school sports up in the Pacific Northwest in the Oregon area the
Portland suburbs Thomas once again he’s going to take it on the 29 here comes
Thomas oh my he showed off the entire repertoire ladies and gentlemen
introducing Tyler Thomas my goodness a whole bag of tricks that time from the
freshman quarterback boy he’s fun to watch I’m surprised we haven’t seen him
this year more this is incredible run the option with this the option key he
was all over the place great run that time a gain of 21 on the scram he’s
gonna keep it says I’ll take care of business myself hey Tyler Thomas does it
all by itself what a drive from the freshman
deputizing for barrage and yet another TD for the edge stoppable Tigers so many
weapons and if Bartlett isn’t gonna do it if her wasn’t gonna do it Thomas is
well I think they had their quarterback of the future so much depth Zac service
on the extra point excuse me Carson read out there as well
but how about this started off with that great run from Lauren Jeff and this was
a ground game that we saw we haven’t seen a lot of tonight from rzc I’ll tell you what though just let him
run it out we got a whole nother quarter here Sonne yard scampered that time from
Thomas on the run after the 21 yard run himself to put it in first and goal
situation it’s all RCC 72 three still a heck of a lot of time left here in this
one 14 19 remaining in the game join us for the 27th annual festival of lights
join Jeff Gorham there was a float he would be riding on it folks I would be
November 29th through December 31st and one of the best light shows not only in
Southern California but in the entire country the world my friend the world
and I’ll tell you what mr. Gorham if it’s half as good as this RCC marching
band oh it’s it’s if it’s gonna be stellar it is incredible a couple years
ago they had Kenny Loggins was the performer he went into the danger zone
and Robin Thicke Kenny Loggins and Robin Thicke there’s a duo I never thought
would play together yeah his blurred lines right there yeah
where I went somewhere where machine is probably a little bit jealous yeah there
we go log yeah that’s pretty good Kenny long as I saw him last year not on
purpose I was walking through a casino when I said I said he’s about my size
except I get a I await him by a hundred I think I could take him he’s got a mean
beard though oh and this one coughed up on the offensive end here from Marcy’s
OCC’s David Hernandez recovered though amidst all the Kenny Loggins chatter
Kenny check it in I think about five three and a buck 20 these days yeah he’s
still compelte out the tunes I’m telling you danger zone and I’m
alright of course you know they great yeah
Caddyshack oh I always figured be more for an Eddie
Rabbitt that’s great shotgun second 13 car still on the field
and another botched handoff they recover and make out a wall of orange and black
and continue to persist with this running game and you’d have had those
positive moments from pointer amylose is broken a few but than that not much
going no yeah I talking about the festival of light so Mike said it would
be like a half a million people in downtown Riverside and they have its
animatronic it’s like Disney well who’s gonna be the main performer this time I
don’t know we’re gonna have to find that out gotta come down to check it out
folks midnight to December 31st the 27th annual festival of lights how did the
Shack on third and long Carter pressure and he’s wrapped up for a loss thrown to
the deck and great piece of defending from Randall Turner the freshman from
Norco big loss on that one no chance of her car yeah tournaire was not gonna let go so
forth in 50 Nelson Peter back on once again to punt they signaled for the fair catch and
it’s caught at the 46 yard line so if you fair catch at the if you fit
galleys Cerritos 6135 over Palomar and 321 left in the third
I wonder if their owner uh coach Kraft is calling the Cerritos coaches and
saying hey what do you got going on over there I’m beat me right now 16 years for
Kraft at Palomar Cerritos huge margin they’re the points are flying around
here in the SCF a JUCO level 1159 Tigers up by 67 Thomason company will take over
with the ball Denis our own 46 and the run little Dipsy dude from Thomas oh my
goodness this kid is for real isn’t it 46 and all the way up to about the 34
yard line on the run to keep her here it’s a wildcat offense just run the
shades of Tommy Frazier back in the Nebraska days I was just in Nebraska
this week this just in stat man has told me 653
yards of total offense yikes from our CC tonight astounding
numbers they’re getting it on the ground flag on the play wrapped up for the loss it was just in Nebraska Tuesday night I
get to call the UC Riverside men’s basketball team won by 19 points over
the Cornhuskers on the road it’s impressive
way to go Highlanders 15900 people all in utter silence and walked out with
five minutes left Wow it was a great night in fact I had
to be at work at the high school I work at the very next morning Wednesday
morning those poor kids yeah I slept they wanted that day false start by the
way 5-yard penalty brings up 1st and 15 for Riverside City
how did the shotgun Thomas face it this time it looks to throw pass cop and
complete to caleb Harvey who gives a little extra on that one big grab for
big Caleb Harvey L six-foot four of them watch this straight arm no it’s almost a
jab / right hook he’s only 64 255 though automatic first
down and it’s roughing the passer after the play from Christopher Clark of
Orange Coast College it marches it forward after the place a little insult
to injury there Marcis he will take it because they’ve been really the victim a
lot of these penalty calls despite leading by 67 and looking for more a season-high 70 points tonight and this
time they’ll go want the short yardage look to number 32 martini fin the
freshman for Phelan his first appearance since the October 19th win at Grossmont
when he carried three times so fin with a gain of twos got 56 yards on the
season on 11 carries yeah you were talking about this most of your point
earlier in the first half they do running by committee here so many
weapons in our first look at Martinique Lynn will get another look at him here
but not much doing is he’s wrapped up nicely by that defensive line not much doing so 13:8 no keen here for
RCC so we’ll see what’s up Thomas’s sleeve here he’s got some options one in
the backfield they go short with the draughts McLaury breaks one McLaury look
into the end zone it’s McLaury into the end zone touchdown
RCC so Jomon McLaury the sophomore from here in riverside the pride of our
league did high school I tell you what he’s slippery breaking a couple of
tackles and no one was going to keep him out of that end zone so the kick and the
point after attempt is up and good they’ve been flawless tonight no good
though this time now another look at it here
wrapped up and on that pitch out oh it’s Thomas on the run and then
Thomas to Harvey watch this stiff arm and we won’t see it or Willie and here’s
the run in the glory breaks one two three rides the tackle into the end zone
that’s how you do it he’s the man you’re the man
no no no but 76 holy smokes we still got nine minutes almost in this
ball game fair catch do the new rules that’s caught by Clark I’ll advance the
25-yard line or OCC will take over well we’ll see Adam cars and beaten up
tonight had a lot of passes dropped you know we knew it was gonna be a big ass
coming into tonight this is I mean still the score line is a big surprise no
matter what can only play who is in front of you but it was gonna be a big
ask they’ve come out and they’ve asked some of the questions here this OCC team
but just haven’t had the execution when necessary perhaps a little blitz on the
corner and the drop play right up the guts this time by Meredith gets a good
game carries it all the way forward for a gain of about seven for killing Kelly
meaty Meredith the freshman from Page Arizona I thought you’re gonna say
grandson have gone or Burgess with the old school theme right oh that would be
great grandson of Burgess second and two out of the shotgun they
show draw no gain this time if little on the draw Meredith once again not the son
of Burgess no relation we wanted to clarify that or John for that matter but
in true Don Meredith form turn out the lights remember those days yes I do first down from the 36 car shows run
fixed once again the carry from Meredith’s short yardage gain right now
for Bubba Gonzales is just about hey let’s take something positive out this
trying to build something because they still have a final game to go next
Saturday at Southwestern there’s a Cerritos get another touchdown 68 to 35
likes Cerritos for real there’s only 7 minutes and 21 seconds left in the third
yeah only a 33 point advantage this game will be that game will be finished
tomorrow people are working from their money tonight
that’s for sure card looking downfield I had a target it was max Williamson the
freshman from himmat that one just far behind him incomplete that will bring up
39 a third 9 rather young there on the coverage there for RCC it’s like a
little bit of accuracy here car we know about the zip and you know the velocity
he puts on the ball tough when you’re thrown into that passing coverage has
been so good this passive defense third best in the
southern league allowing 232 yards per contest and car going this simple and
what a hit that is a pancake hit and there’s a flag on the play
Meredith flattened on the hip and right after that the flags flew in yeah I’m
not too sure if that was I don’t know if he lowered anything I think he went in
straight animal will be able to see a replay might be looking for targeting
yeah that’s what I’m thinking it has to be called from our vantage point have to
be a good clean hit but we’ll see the referees had a better look at it and we
did his Meredith it’s a simple little action toss no maybe does lower his
helmet into oven its jaylen Bowens defensively for the Tigers Serb Owens
ejected from the game so let’s easily get him for targeting
Bowens ejected might have lower to his helmet straight in yeah and that’s it
that’s the call and you know what hats off to the referee
tough one for these players to a judge you teach these kids that hit hard and
it’s kind of a gray area nevertheless first down from the tiger 48 here for
the Pirates and Meredith on another short gain of about – that’s tough there
for Bowen Bowens a kid from Chattanooga Tennessee out for
the remainder it’ll be a sixth consecutive defeat for
Orange Coast their eighth of the campaign Riverside City will move to a
perfect nine and oh five and OH here at Wheelock and more impressively for doe
in the southern league setting up a battle of the unbeatens against
Saddleback next weekend that’s gonna be tasty five and a half left in this one
Meredith’s will take it right up the guts courageous you’d have to say from
Meredith taking some shots they’re just gonna be sore tomorrow
you saw right now looks like he’s coming out of the ballgame be careful what you
mess with courageous running there from the freshman it’s seven carries for 29
yards against Grossmont last weekend disappointing lost twenty seven to
eighteen of course not pouring it on in the second half for 50 left bobbled snap
card big trouble this time and he’s wrapped up and guess who is there once
again big Randall Turner with his second sack of the night the kids big that’s a
little Margaery 240 that’s a what he can move why he was so quick to get their
bobbles snap and no one picks him up third is 17 they’ll bring out the punter
once again Elson Peter Elsa Peter with a high kick they signal
for the fair catch so it will go to the 25-yard lines it’s caught by doors so
not much on the return game tonight but they haven’t needed it Jeff no they have
not I just learned to count that high 76
points holy cow okay I called a basketball game today
and it wasn’t even that high score that’s the stat of the night the numbers
that this team can put up folks they put up 58 against San Bernardino Valley in a
58-37 win they put up 61 in a 6126 win over Mesa and it broke 250 mark against
Grossmont and Golden West before laying 34 at Southwestern last weekend in that
34 12 win so to say their high-powered with might be the understatement of the
evening timeout to the Tigers they’ll talk it
over here try to dot all the eyes had cross all the t’s and what has been a
historic night at least for season highs and points scored well above their
average here Jeff when they came in averaging about 46 per contest they’ve
done that and that’s something I’d like to know at the most points ever scored
here at RCC is gotta be fairly close maybe it’s in the the big program yeah above my paygrade my friend first half
of the 20 tell me sit let’s again we’ll go to the draw here and this carry from
RCC and Thomas Kinslow hasn’t been used too much tonight but used to good effect
can’t 8 yard game there for Thomas Kinsler the 510 freshman from a nearby
Corona Centennial High School the evil empire on the inside
of their shirt they literally have the evil empire written online I like it
that’s pretty cool is it how this big Star Wars fans talking like that is
shotgun oh and they get the draw once again it’s gonna be kinzo on the carry
short game there there’s a guy that averages over seven yards per carry not
for the first down to move the chains clock continues to roll I’m sure that
Orange Coast can’t get out of here soon enough heading inland hasn’t really
bared any fruit that’s for sure I’ll show a little blitz and this time it’s
gonna be Joe Griffin breaks one all the way up to about the 45 yard line but
flag on the play might have been any illegal block Joseph Griffin to be
holding against Riverside City that’s gonna be charged against Mason stupid if they tighten that up here Jeff to be
fair you know we not to harp on them but there’s so many penalties he saw that
onedrive for Orange Coast College it really exemplified what we were talking
about penalty after penalty against RCC but in terms of the offense they’ve
tightened it up yes they has they’re macho I’m sure Tom craft letting his
voice be heard and once again a little dip see dude it’s time from Joseph
Griffin and he’s ripped down just past the 30-yard line to the 32 and a gain of
7 Joseph Griffin at 511 175 not the most imposing of figures but to get that
penetration got thrown around a little bit there in that last play but got up
now staying on the sidelines that’s what you want
no sign of weakness inside of two minutes this is purely academic at this
point it’s gonna be bennett breaking one of the outside flag on the play gain of
two but it’s probably coming back alright my friend put you on the spot
Saddleback game at Saddleback RCC 9 and Oh Saddleback 9 and Oh both foreknowing
conference play how do you see it the guard she sees just offensively they’re
just too good I like chance Noland the quarterback for
Saddleback I think he wanted one of the best we’ve seen out of this area in a
long time but you know you’ve got a two-headed monster with quarterbacks
you’ve got Jacob Bartlett who’s a very good quarterback but their starting
quarterback is so good Irwin does so many different things if he’s healthy I
just don’t think they hate that they can be beat Saddleback is a good team but I
don’t do they have anything on the Tigers they’ve got a lot of depth the
Tigers that’s for sure Thomas diffic quarterback of the future nothing to do
it this time lit it up on that last tribe for them
running for over 25 yards on two carries alone on that drive
I do think it would be a close game though I think it’ll be you know it’s
gonna come down to a touchdown one or two touchdowns Riverside cannot make
mistakes though against a good saddlebag him and you know I
you got to think that’s gonna be one of the main points stress at practice this
weekend we cannot come out and commit those penalties that we made against
Orange Coast against the team of the quality of Saddleback that’s gotta be
the message but the running game has been on point
Varla jook sharp he’ll take a knee here Tyler Thomas even Tyler Thomas’s looked
apart well it’s clicking it’s clicking right yes siree and I’d say he’s a could
be a good quarterback in the future you’ve got barrage for another year but
you know I think if you play one game or a certain amount of time you can kind of
red shirt or gray shirt so this could just be a great learning experience for
that young man like I said to be the quarterback of the future and that’s
gonna do it and the final play Thomas takes the knee and it’s an imposing 73
point victory tonight’s for the Riverside City College Tigers remain a
perfect nine and OH on the campaign the final score Riverside City 76 Orange
Coast College 3 Jeff Gorham it was a dominant performance from start to
finish they were dominant both sides of the
ball and I’ll tell you what this team has an opportunity to do something 30
years apart national championship national championship book hymns that
would be a great ending to this season let’s take a look at the way it unfolded
of course it started way back in the first half it didn’t take them on to get
on the board this little toss nicely played out to Gio Sanders have got
things going and then a little toss over for Wagner had two touchdown receptions
this eve and how about these short little
screenplays are so so effective yeah they were great I’ll tell you the tunnel
screens they were able to get on the outside that that really that breakaway
speed really hurt the Pyrus tonight that was Kinslow nice little grab from
jail a young one positive point on the 48-yard field goal for Karen spradlin
for Orange Coast in the first half but then Bartlett says you know what I’m
gonna go right back to work and find one of my favorite targets and Reggie ret
slap walk the tightrope at the back of the end zone and then this close out the
first half on a great grab that time from Isaiah Lise hey I could run it – bought himself some
time and a wide-open target whitener junior in acres of space and it kept on
coming whitener with the rushing touchdown one of these thorny this
evenings so impressive it’s not just the depth it’s the matter of this depth the
white dimension and the lethality of his team is to be admired and the Gloria
tell you oh he’s a slippery customer fumbled is it popped up but there’s Kela
par be fortunate on the fumble recovery that tip was Thomas who came into the
game in written belief apology was impressive he was slicing through like a
like a hot knife tube through butter he was so elusive and jemima glory pride
of Arlington High School and a final score tonight Riverside City living up
to the billing as the number two team in the entire state of California 76 –
three winners and a dominating performance that saw over just about 700
yards of total offense 700 you’ve got to be kidding me that’s more yards and you
could throw a stick at that’s got to be some sort of record they had 416 passing
yards in that first half that is something impressive impressive stuff so
final thoughts before we sign off my friend Riverside playing well they’ve
got an opportunity like I said to do something 30 years apart national champ
chip state championship would be great now of course to here right here on
Riverside TV and check in on course online Brian Wilson will have some their
views of some of these Riverside City stars doesn’t coach tom craft giving us
some given this team some pointers after the game the final score tonight’s
Riverside City Tigers 76 the Orange Coast College pirates three
I’ve enjoyed working with you tonight is it great great time for a lot of fun
I have also of course chipping in from the sidelines as well they’re doing some sign language from
the maybe a hearing-impaired player pretty cool to see
as they huddle up and I’m sure the focus right now at the moment that final
whistle blows is all about Saddleback how can we get better that’s something
at Tom crafts home when I talk to the answer days like look Christian I just
want to get better each and every week I don’t care how we do it but I want to
tighten things up I want to play at a fast tempo
we saw from the get-go that no huddle and they really listened to his game
plan and for the first time I’ve seen him all season long because they got it
going early that tempo was phenomenal we got some final stats final stats here
and indeed the total offense it’s 698 yards total incredible stop here 559 of that coming
in the air I mean the passing game was on point
from barrage that’s a pretty good game the barrage is really impressive hear me
the numbers on him 31 for 35 just one interception for 163
yards 8 interceptions are 8 touchdowns rather and the longest toss of the night
being 54 yards not a bad days work not bad for Tyler Thomas 5 for 96 yards
with a young man in receiving and it was a four-headed monster tonight’s of
course 100-yard game for whitener is 7 gram 427 yards receiving along with Gio
Sanders who had some big gainers 5 catches for 106 yards reggie Rhett
slapping that touchdown as well about a couple of touchdowns 6 receptions for 94
yards then Dylan Laurent hey in those short yardage situations he came up so
clutch for this team and indeed he got the job done on the ground as well
nobody averaging less than 5 yards of carry between the likes of Thomas Jacob
Bartlett but glory and Joel Griffin it wasn’t about the rushing tonight as 559
of those 698 yards working air and it’s kind of true to a top craft team hey he
wants to pass first he does believe in that balance but one kind of reflects
the other yes it does and when you have three guys with over a hundred yards or
near a hundred yards wrestle off of 94 but 127 from white hair 106 from
Saunders pretty good night for anyone they don’t
they fall three points of pitching the shutout but their largest margin of
victory by far this season eclipsing the 43 points win over the likes of Golden
West as well as Grossmont those in back-to-back games by the way and
Riverside City when their ninth consecutive all right now our man Brian
Wilson on the scene down on the pitch with some interviews from some of the
big-name stars from the night what do you got for us Brian all right yeah guys
so we’re here with Jacob arledge and Coby Fitzgerald first we’ll start with
Jacob the offense has been off to slow starts in recent weeks obviously that
was not the case tonight what was coached message throughout the week
would you guys change in practice this week to kind of get you guys back on
track we just try to start practice a lot faster so you know Kodak period
we’re just trying to go fast as fast as we can get in many plays in as we can in
like 15 or 20 minutes and it showed out tonight and then here with the defensive
captain Coby Fitzgerald Coby obviously you know you got the big one versus
outed back next week this opponent came in you kind of knew they hadn’t been
playing their best but you didn’t overlook them held them to three points
what was the message on defense how did you guys kind of keep them slowed down
throughout the night we’re just basically focusing on being the best
versions or so really big on just playing ourselves every week regardless
of who longs up across from us that’s basically the big message coach Davis
appreciate thank you thanks guys back to you Brian thank you very much
standouts on both sides of the ball he been talking about the offense but hey
look this defense came up pretty well too tonight
yeah gave him give up only a but a 48-yard field goal that’s pretty darn
good great great effort from both the offense
and defense tonight yes indeed only yielding 33 yards in the air to this occ
passing attack 72 yards conceded on the ground for the best rushing defense and
one of the best teams in the Southland here the number two team in the state
taking care of business tonight and getting the job done the final score the
Riverside City Tigers set six the Orange Coast College pirates
three on behalf of the entire crew on our sideline reporter Brian Wilson as
well as my partner Jeff Forum this is Christian miles saying good night from
Wheelock Stadium here in Riverside

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