Ruby Rose Was Almost Paralyzed by a Batwoman Stunt

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-Welcome back, welcome back.
“Batwoman.” -Yeah.
-It’s official. -Oh, it’s very official. It comes out — Last time,
we were announcing it, and now it’s airing. But I feel like I saw you
like a week ago. -I want to hear about this. I want to know —
what did it feel like the first time
you put on the suit? Talk to me.
-The suit felt amazing. Colleen Atwood designed it.
She is an Oscar winner. It’s like a second skin
and it feels like you’re faster and stronger
and better and bulletproof, but you’re none of those things. You’re a little slower. And it’s a little uncomfortable
on the back after a while. -But, I mean, I see there’s ads
all over the place right now. They’re doing a great job
marketing this thing. But you look so cool.
-It’s everywhere. -You look great. -Like, I’ve been living in
a bubble that is a Batcave that is — It’s in Vancouver.
which is the city I don’t even live in,
like, until now. And then I come here and I,
like, had a panic attack because I was like,
“Oh, my God, this is amazing. I’m there and I’m there.” And then a bus, like,
of myself swiped to my face, and I was like, “Whoa! Well, that would have been
really ironic.” And then there was, like —
And then I saw it on, like, a little subway thing
and I was like, “I need to get back
to my hotel. This is just –”
It really freaked me out. -This is the first time — No one has ever played
Batwoman before. -No one has ever played her,
except me now. And it comes out next week,
and I’m terrified. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I’m so happy for you. -I’m happy. I’m thrilled. -And can we talk about something
that had happened on set? You had an injury.
-I did. -Explain this.
This is, like — -Well, I had a couple of,
like, comedies of error when you’re really hyped
about a show. One was that I was allergic
to my cowl, my mask. And, so, I’m, like,
allergic to the adhesive tape, so I had, like, hives for,
like, a little while. -You’re joking.
-No. About five days, six days in,
it was like, we took — On, like,
the morning I was like a pre-Proactiv
15-year-old-child kind of commercial. -Yeah. -And then, when I took it off,
I was, like, in a horror film, like, where people were like,
“It’s going to be okay. Can you just stay back there?
Just stay there.” -“Who are you?”
-“We’re going to call someone. Just don’t take a step. No, don’t come near me.
Don’t.” -So, what did they have to do?
Change the whole make — -Yeah, we had to take everything
out of it and put, like, something else —
cotton or something — in it. And then — But before that, I
broke my neck, basically, on the show, as well. -Talk to me about this,
’cause this is — You can’t even just say
that flippantly. It’s awful. -Well, that one — You know,
that’s, like, more funny. No, it’s not at all. So, I did a stunt,
and for, like, a very extended amount of
time — like seven hours — and we thought that I had broke
a rib or just, like, fractured a rib,
and that was like 6 to 12 weeks of, like, healing. So, then I had 6 to 12 weeks
of chronic pain and just sort of kept assuming
that that what it was, until I kept seeing
these doctors, and they’re like, “It’s your neck,
it’s your neck.” It just, like,
radiates into these places because of nerve endings.” So I finally got an MRI. And I had to get it in Romania,
in the middle of a film, where I was also doing stunts. And I had to send it
to my doctor, who had to sort of transcribe
the whole thing. And, basically,
he called and he was like, “You could become paraplegic. This is your spine. Two of your disks
have herniated, and they’ve broken all
the protective layers. You have, like, this tiny amount
that your spine is, like, not severed,
and if you don’t get back, you could become paraplegic.” Even just, like, sleeping wrong
or, you know, moving my head
in a strange direction. -Ruby, this is awful. -It was so — It was really,
really terrifying. And then, you know, I was like, “Well, at least
I don’t have an option.” You know what I mean?
It’s like, “I have to do it.” -Yeah.
-So I did the surgery. And it was —
And, also, I couldn’t feel my arms for a long time,
but you just get used to weird things like that. And, so, it was only when
I would, like, pick things up
and then I would drop them, and then I was like,
“Well, that’s strange.” And then I really didn’t — I wasn’t paying attention
to my body. I wasn’t listening. I was, like, in such a hurry to
get everything done. It was like, “‘Batwoman.’
Yeah, I just did the pilot. And now I’m going to do
this film. I’m going to come back, we’re
going to pick up the series.” But I just wasn’t listening,
and I think that was the world’s way of saying like,
“You’re going to have to pay attention and you’re gonna
have to slow down and you’re not actually
a superhero and you need to get
some priorities straight.” -Wow. -And I went back to work after
10 days, because, like I said, my priorities were straight
and I liked to rest. -Did you freak out? Did you just go,
“Well, what’s –” I mean… -Well, I didn’t have time
to freak out. I was just like, “This happens
to like a lot of people.” I mean, it got me thinking about
a lot of things, Just like, for instance,
how do people pay for the surgery if they need it? What happens if someone has
the same diagnosis as me, but they don’t have insurance
and they can’t get the surgery? It’s not a cheap surgery. And they have to just,
like, live not knowing if they could
become paraplegic? It just —
It was kind of terrifying. And then my insurance
didn’t cover it, and I was like, “Wait a minute. This is America.” And, so — But at least I have
the funds to pay it. You know what I mean? It’s just, like — It got me
thinking about so many things. And then — -You appreciate everything,
right? -I appreciate everything. And then I was really depressed, because I wasn’t allowed
to move for 10 days, except to use the restroom. And I got so depressed there
just thinking about, like, not being able to move
and how, you know, and not being able to do
things myself. And it got depressing, and then
the only way I really got myself out of it
was being, like, how much exciting things are
happening this year and also how much, like,
By slowing things down and being appreciative
and being in the present moment and appreciating
the people around you can make you feel like
a million dollars. -Well, we love you, and I’m so
happy that you’re okay. -Thank you. -Be careful. I want you to come back
more and more. We love you.

100 thoughts on “Ruby Rose Was Almost Paralyzed by a Batwoman Stunt

  1. Please row to a far away island and STAY THERE. I would be very embarrassed if I were you. "Batwoman"? OMG, it is so bad!!!!

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    Waldorf: What was that?
    Statler: Nothing.
    Both: laugh

  3. phony enthusiasm is patronizing at best. shes "terrified" because she knows how poorly written the show is. jimmy either got replaced by a clone or recently recovered from a concussion?

  4. Honestly i'ts a credit to her she has no class, she talks trash about her love life and family friends, complains incessantly about her childhood she's completely unladylike has zero acting experience and is making a lot of money who says you can't make shit shine!

  5. Shows what Jimmy Fallon knows the 1960s Batman with Adam west had a batwoman so yes there has been someone that played batwoman before.

  6. I am werry sorry about Ruby Roses injury and worsened health state regarding the shooting of Batwoman, but have to say it. It was not worth it. The batwoman show up today (Ep3) is describable as sub-mediocre at best, as can be seen at the view scores… But either way, good luck and good health to everyone reeding this, as much as to Ruby.

  7. Did an old white guy operate on her? Guess she is willing to set her hatred and low opinion of them aside when her health and safety is at stake.

  8. Please stop accepting acting jobs until you can say one line believably. You are a terrible actor. Sad to say not even a great actor could make the Batwoman series watchable. The writing is so bad… I had high hopes but after 3 episodes it just gets progressively worse.

  9. Nice this happened to such a beautiful and charming girl or should I say boy? Maybe the hairstyle doesn't help but she did a wonderful job as the mute assassin in John Wick 2 where I first saw her and am now a fan 🙂

  10. For the amount of people who hates her show, yes her show cuz you clearly see she is carring it with a passion even she knew how us humans would react she is gay in real life i didn't see yall hate on her before the show and now that batwoman is gay you got hate her really she's the only actor/actress who does her own stunts in the DC shows other then the arrow, you people will never get a right mind

  11. Batwoman so far has been awful. Now makes sense why she can't speak in JW3. If I go by media reviews, this is great and Joke is bad. To me it was opposite.

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  13. She is a good actress and has a good personality and the right look for Kate Kane, HOWEVER, the show is a racist, sexist piece of trash. Sad. Well, the people behind it will get it when the audience will reach like 1000 views.

  14. Is is a girl is it a boy, is it an act? No…. its Batwomen! "You are doing a great job marketing this thing" 🙂 . Yes!

  15. Imagine almost having your life completely changed forever, over one of the most pathetic TV shows ever created. What a joke!

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  18. I hate the show, I'm a very insecure adult virgin and a woman superhero really triggers me. There are some 'women power' feminazi things in it and im too much of a snowflake beta male to not feel threatened and offended by it. Also, a 90 pound female beating up grown men? Come on, that's so unrealistic. I want realism in my arrowverse shows, like a bow and arrow taking out trained fighters with automatic weapons, and a guy with superspeed who 'closed' a singularity by running around it real fast. BOYCOTT GHOSTBU I MEAN CAPTAIN MAR I MEAN BATWOMANZ!

  19. Cannot act … and the segment she is meant to appeal to (apparently) also can see that she can’t act … I do wonder how much longer we will see her on films where an agency has obviously horsetraded her onto the cast (John Wick 2, The Meg, Doorman, SAS Red etc.) … someone said to me she’s the Made in China cheap cheap copy of early Angelina Jolie. Hmmmm …. maybe? (a Chinese national btw before anybody pokes that stick)

  20. I have not seen batwoman ads but that's probably because i have adblock. Seen the 1st 4 episodes of batwoman ,its not as bad as people make it out to be,not a fan of the main villain,her acting sucks and i find myself just laughing at her cause shes so bad,she just sounds like shes trying way to hard to be edgy and its just bad. Ruby is good as batwoman though ,i like that she fails and is not a mary sue and her character respects batman so much that she added the wig because she didn't think she was good enough to be batman so she doesn't want anyone to think shes batman cause she doesn't want to ruin his name. The show is growing on me.

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  23. Ive watched 4 episodes of this show and i cant believe how poorly it is scripted and produced. It has good actors but it really is horiffic.

  24. Jimmy jimmy jimmy, stop over hyping bat women. It got destroyed by the audience while joker broke box office records and when you had Joaquin phoenix on your show you weren't going crazy about the joker. I don't get how people like such a shitty show like Batwomen

  25. Ruby Rose has all the right ingredients for me except one. Somehow, in my deep subconscious there is a little alarm going off that says "not on the menu", and I've known this long before I heard she is a lesbian. It's a curious thing.

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