Russian Swing Flips 2019 I DD Squad Vlog 1

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Sit back, relax, and fly with DD Squad! We’re here at our headquarters, this is our storage room. We’ve been performing all around the world for the past ten years doing all sorts of acrobatics, We’ve done shows with acrobatic basketball, with Trampwall, with Russian Swing, with a Big Tramp … And today we’re upgrading one of our stunt machines. It’s Russian swing time, but a little different. *rock music* Lots and lots of ropes. *rock music* Oh, let’s go to work … You drive! Yeah, okay. Let’s go! *door slamming* *door slamming* *rock music* *clapping sounds* We have to get the Russian swing in the middle of the river which is … I don’t know, 15 meters away? And 10 meters above the river. We’re gonna set up a zip line and the anchor points here and the anchor points there. We’re gonna build up the Russian swing, put it on the zip line, and swing it across the river to the middle, and then like strap it up to the to the bridge. That’s pretty much it. *rock music* *clicking sounds* Yeah. (whispers) Rocket science. I have no clue what they’re talking about. You two start setting up the Russian Swing. *rock music* So the Russian has a weak link, which is this. We have to stabilize it and this is what we’re doing right now. We’ll fix the platform once it’s hanging. Russian Swing is basically ready. Whoa! *rock music* Yes! Done! Done? And it’s hanging! (imitating an Indian accent) All right, I think we’ve got it covered. They’re gonna bring the Russian Swing here. Ooo! Russian Swing is moving. Like, really slowly, but that’s the way we want it *laughs* We don’t want to drop it into the water *laughs* (Imitating an Australian accent) Danger, danger! *train noise* *clinking sounds* *rock music* Wooohooo! Wooohooo! Surfing the Russian Swing! We have like … Basic, stupid, stupid mistakes that we’re fixing. In a really dangerous way *laughs* Gape, you feel safe? Nope. *clicking sounds* Yes, brute force! *train sounds* *rock music* *clinking sounds* (sings) Buffalo soldier *laughter* (sings) Dreadlock rasta Okay, we can drop! Now we’re getting to the hardest part of the … platform setup. *clinking sound* Muscle down! Muscle down! Maks is hanging! We’re doing … So-called sketchy maneuvers. *rock music* Okay, good, good, good. Russian Swing is almost done! Wooohohohoooo! Hey, Gap? Drop it for like 5 centimeters. *rock music* I’m really confident that tomorrow is gonna be an awesome day. Bottom line – we’re not just acrobats, we’re also damn good riggers. Anything you wanna ask us? Write in the comments below! Yeah, we had we had the idea of inverting the Russian swing under a bridge for a couple of years now. Tomorrow we’re gonna see if this thing meets the expectations. Pretty f***ing good day. *rock music* I want to try a palm flip. From where? Uh … I want to go the middle of the Russian Swing and be hanging like like on my hands, and when the Russian swing has a good angle, I can just push myself and do a palm flip. *rock music* *splash* *splash* *laughter* Exactly as I planned. *splash* Wohohohooo! *laughter* What was that! I was expecting the Russian Swing like to the back of my head. I would do that one guy jumps on one side and one on the second side. At the same time. Yeah, we can do the same time. Or like flap, flap … *rock music* *splash* *splash* Wooohoooo! *splash* *makes a gurgling sound* The worst part is waiting for the jump, because it’s so windy underneath there. So windy and so cold. *splash* *splash* *splash* Four guys … at once. In different directions. Shieeet! *laughter* Two on the sides, one front, one back. Or, one front, one duo. *splash* *splash* *splash* *rock music* Whooo! Woohoohoohoo! Oh, yeah! With inverted Russian Swing you gain extra height, because the Russian Swing is like three metres above the water. *rock music* Air time, it was massive. I just waited. It was super chill. Super cool … Just flying, and watching or turning around. *air whooshing* So today we invited invited a bunch of our friends here to test out this Russian swing. Just to let you know if you fall now it’s gonna be on camera. *yelling* *splash* Yeah, she used to be a really bad ballerina. *laughter* *rock music* *splash* *splash* Ooooooh! *laughter* Well, that didn’t go as planned. *rock music* *splash* Whooooa! Woooo! *rock music* *splash* *rock music* (panting) Amazing. *screaming and cheering* *rock music* *splashing sounds* *rock music* The base camp is that gray mat there. If you feel really down you go there and like sit a bit and lie a bit and just like feel nice and cozy. You see that was like a triple 900. *yelling* *splash* This should be a triple front flip but it was only front flip with lots of hands in the air. Bad timing on the push. *rock music* *splash* I got some water in my a**. I think I need to make a big c*** back in the woods. Be right back. *laughter* *rock music* *splash* I think I over-rotated a bit – and I don’t know how since I landed on my a**, but my b**s hurt. *splash* *cheering* So much air time, I feel I can do a triple or maybe a quad. Definitely. *splash* For a quad, I should squat. *rock music* *splash* *cheering* *splash* *cheering* Whooooo! Alright! Woooooo! *whistling* Oh, yeah! Tuck it, f*** it! There was my first attempt at a quad backflip from the Russian swing and it went okay, I think. Just tuck it, f*** it. BAM! Thanks for watching the first episode of DD squad, the next one is probably coming, surely coming in two weeks. If you want to be a part of it, drop us a DM. Also, this is the train, so we’re gonna have to wait a second for it to pass. *train noise* Yeah, as we said – like, share, and comment. And comment. And subscribe. And. And drop us a DM! Swipe up! Swipe up! Or something. Always swipe up. *laughter* (sings) One more time.

22 thoughts on “Russian Swing Flips 2019 I DD Squad Vlog 1

  1. This is dope!🤘Thanks for letting us in on all the BTS fun, I almost feel like I was there😊 Looking forward to the next episode/vlog 😁

  2. Great job boys, so cool to see this kind of acrobatic creativity! How long did it take you to rig this thing under the bridge?

  3. Super happy to be able to share our first behind the scenes vlog with you guys! If you want to skip build day and see only the stunts, fails and wins click here –> 4:32

  4. Amazing!!! The production of videos is also getting better and better. I am happy that you only comment/talk in English for your international fans! Super ste! Pa nori tudi malo 🙂 ! Zato vas pa radi gledamo!

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