RV Renovation Tour! ’01 Intruder becomes Beautiful Tiny Home

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Why would you build and live in a tiny
house when you could simply buy an RV? This is a question that I’ve been asked
a million times since building my tiny house five years ago, and the answer I’ve always given is
that they’re completely different. RVs are typically mass produced and made
with cheap and lightweight materials. They just don’t have that same feeling
of home that you get with a tiny home. That is what I used to think
at least until recently. I’ve come across quite a few renovated
RVs that have completely blown my mind. In today’s video, you’re going to meet a newlywed couple
who decided to gut and renovate an RV into a gorgeous tiny home and I
think once you see the inside, you’re going to get that same
feeling of home that we all crave. We’re the Remingtons
and this is our tiny house. Caleb and I actually grew up 15
minutes away from each other, but met out here in California
through a mutual friend. Caleb has a condition
called cystic fibrosis. CF is a genetic disease that affects
the lungs and digestive system. Diagnosed when I was one told I was only
gonna live till 19 when I turned 19 the life expectancy went up to 29 and then
when I turned 29 it’s up to 37 so kind of just live this life of having this disease for him to kind of come into my life
and bring this new energy in light. It changed my life for the better.
So long story short, fell in love, got engaged in Hawaii and then decided
to put on the greatest wedding ever donated, which is a charity gala and benefit
concert hosted in place of our wedding. Our tiny home is about 300 square
feet and we’ve been living in it for just over a year now. We bought it for $20,000 we put about
10,000 into it and we just started ripping everything out. This place kind of felt claustrophobic
and that was goal number one was to open it up and give it more space. After that. That’s when Tiff really got to flex her
creative design brain and really bring this place to life and
make it feel like home. We had like no idea how to do
tiny living or how to use really a hammer and any kind of
tool and we’re like, wow, yeah, we’ll figure it out. Welcome to our tiny home. Come on in. So this is living room and this is our amazing couch
that folds down into a bed. We’d love to host people here. So this generally is the place where a
lot of people put their little rump of bump bumps, and here we have some storage. This
is where we put our containers. This is Oso’s special cabinet.
Where is food and brushes. we also have extra storage underneath
where we have blankets and also any fun little tinker toys that we have.
I actually do a lot of work here. So I sit in this corner,
I sit in this corner. We also use this space
for our TV watching time. It is cornered to
the TV, so it’s perfect. So this is the front of the RV
and this is the captain’s chair. This is where Caleb loves to sit
and take his little lounge-y time. Also right behind it is the steering wheel
and that is how we actually move this whole motor home. We have the
curtains here that we made ourselves. They’re just regular curtains from Ikea. We folded them in half and then latched
them onto the original hooks that came with the RV and also in front we have
insulation that keeps us cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Here is our day bed that
also acts as storage. There used to be another co-captains
chair that we ripped out, but we figured since that
chair was collecting so much, just random stuff we’re like let’s
build an extra storage space so this is bolted to the ground and we also have
hidden seatbelts that come out when we move. I’m going to take you to our
kitchen, which is my favorite spot. I love to cook. We completely gutted this. We just kept the lowers. I just took out the upper cabinets
and put floating shelves in. I know it’s something that a lot of us
tiny homers love to have cause it opens up this space and we have so
many beautiful dishes that
have been collected over time. So we wanted to
showcase that off, over here we kept to our original oven and stove
just financially it just made sense for us and everything was working and it
seems like the previous owners didn’t really use it that much.
So it was a big win for us. We also use it as extra storage for
some pots and pans and this is something that we absolutely love.
We just built a box, kind of like a faux vent over
it just to hide our microwave. And what we have is a
little metal magnetic at the
bottom and it just sticks to the top and this is where we can
access our microwave. But yeah, we just felt like this was such a nice
little modern and kind of open touch. And something else that I love about
our kitchen is these faux brick walls. So we got this thin sheet of faux brick
from home Depot and we mortared on top of it and then just painted it. And again it gives that
really rough kind of texture, but it makes it look a little
bit realistic and again, more modern and the white always
opens everything up in here. Here is our fridge. This is
something I’m always curious about. When we were looking to live tiny, we
were like, how big are the fridges? Because we like to eat, we can hold a lot of things and we have
a couple of drawers at the bottom for our fruits and vegetables.
We have little meat stations, but we try to keep everything
as organized as possible. But it definitely does hold a lot of food. And this is our pantry as well this has a little rolling
rack where we can pull out, we have our can food some of
our baking essentials and
any other little knickknacks that we have. This is
our coffee nook area. We use it a lot for our
Instapot and prep area. So there’s not as much real
estate on the kitchen countertops. So I I like to come here
and prep a lot of our foods. This one is so special to us. This is a drawing made by my
best friend at Kayla Haber. She also has cystic fibrosis like Caleb, Caleb and I actually saved our
actual wedding day for them. We got married at UCLA hospital because
Kayla was waiting for a second lung transplant and she couldn’t make it to
our actual wedding that we had and she was supposed to stand with us. So while she’s in the hospital she’d do
this for us and gave it to us as a gift and we absolutely love it. This is where we eat.
This is where we work. This is where we play games. Up here, we have some storage for our cups in
thermoses and on this side is more of Caleb’s medications. So this table was actually leftover scrap
wood that we had from cutting out our kitchen counter. block and all we did was just
buy some industrial lights from Amazon. You’ll see throughout the rest of the
house it has like a modern industrial kind of feel. We do love white spaces. It just again opens up
our tiny house so uh, you’ll see a lot of
those different accents. We are going to take
you to the bathroom now. This space is actually is a lot
bigger than we ever anticipated. We love how drastically different we
were able to transform this small room. We went with the peel and
stick tiles for our accent, which has been absolutely awesome.
This back wall I just added, I just used a little bit of
black paint and a sponge. The sink is just an actual sink bowl. We were able to just put a
little drain in it, drill a little hole and then the faucet is
from Amazon and it gives another, again, different kind of metal that
is brought into the home. One thing that we always get asked
about honestly is our toilet. We ended up keeping the original
toilet that was in here. We were kind of thinking about
going towards the composting route. It was just a little bit more expensive, so just trying to keep
budget friendly. What I love about this space
as well is the skylight. We’re able to kind of shower under the
stars or have the sun beating on us. Um, it always just makes it a little
bit more of a nature feel. It’s also a tub shower, so it’s really great for when we have
to give Oso a little bath time of which he absolutely hates. So this is our bedroom in the front we have our dresser where we
put most of our everyday clothes we have our bookshelves
with our essential oils. That’s also another place
that we frequent a lot. We try to do reading every morning
and every night about 20 minutes. This was something that we brought
from our old place. We absolutely love. It was just a easy print that we got off
Etsy and we took out the other half of the cabinet closet here and then made it
into a nook for reading and also extra seating space when people
come into the bedroom area. Behind me is another closet. This is where we put a lot of like our
bigger kind of chunky coats and suits and clothing wear that we don’t
necessarily wear every day. I think our bedding probably
changes out every month. I feel like especially with pillows
underneath the bedding is more storage space. We’re able to lift it up and I have a
little bit more storage for clothing as well as some extra blankets
for guests that come over So one of the things that we had
to consider while going tiny, um, is trying to figure out space
to store Caleb’s medication. This is Caleb’s vest. We store
it on the side of our bed, um, as well as his nebulizers. We chose the bedroom to store
most of his medications, um, because it is the least
traffic area in the house. Um, with people coming in and out all the
time and especially a lot of the windows open, there’s just higher opportunity
for bacteria and viruses to land on things. In our very near future,
we’re starting to plan, hopefully growing our family. Our kind of bigger goal is to be
able to move into a container home. We’re obsessed with them and
we’re starting to get that
same feeling that we did when we were looking at motor
homes and all that stuff. So I feel like that’s something that could
definitely be a reality for us in the next, um, three to five years. So living tiny and moving into a space
that is less than 300 square feet has definitely brought its
challenges. But if anything, it’s brought us closer together. It’s made us learn how to
communicate better with one another. While there is lack of privacy, there is more of an opportunity for
intimacy in a way that you don’t have, like when you’re in a
big space. If anything, it’s allowed us to grow individually, which helps us grow together as a couple. We love this lifestyle and I think it’s
definitely showed us a whole new way of life. Make sure to check out my website for
more stories on the tiny house movement, including renovated RVs, vans,
schoolies, and everything else, tiny living.

100 thoughts on “RV Renovation Tour! ’01 Intruder becomes Beautiful Tiny Home

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