100 thoughts on “S2E5 ‘Crossing the Threshold’ – Impulse

  1. I'm the type to watch the show and read the comments and relate to it then laugh. I like the show 100%, The Storyline is perfect along with the acting. You can REALLY see characters progress. The music is great during scences and in between dialogue.

  2. Okay is it just me that thinks Henry and Nik are working their way up to a really strong relationship. Like I feel like Nik is gonna br that father figure that she never had.

  3. I started off in the show trying to give it a chance but Henry seems like such a fucken loser. I am so sick of the level of weakness that she shows with everything. Omg a guy tried to feel me up so I used my power and ruined his life but I'm so triggered I can't even for anything. She's like a woke stereotype.

  4. Places brownies on the plate perfectly
    Throws the recyclable container in the trash
    Why does this bother me? Anyone else recycling freaks?

  5. I'm really enjoying this season. Unbelievable 💖💖🐥💖💖
    because it drawing lots of minority's conflict scene. (minority being majority)

  6. there is way too much unnecessary swearing from Henry, we get it shes a teenager with no manners and a dirty mouth.
    but the amount of disrespect she gave every character is just too much. it does not help to develop the story and the character, it is just very disturbing.

  7. why for season 2 episode 6 and can not be watched continuously, and there is a video writing blocked in the country, anyone can explain?

  8. Que patético.. en serio le asusta más un acoso que arrancarle el brazo con la mitad del torso a un hombre? jejej

  9. I crush hard on Henry!😍. …would luv a 5 minute make-out session! …which is super freaky cuz I’ve never kissed a ‘Henry’! ♥️♥️♥️

  10. I started watching a few Mork and Mindy episodes just to see if it brought up any memories. It felt safe and I remembered a girlfriend in High School and how it was her favourite show.

  11. They show Jenna with some chick with big square frame glasses and a carpet munch haircut….you know what’s coming. Why do they have to throw an LGBigTits wrench in every decent show


  13. Any Romanians here?

    So we can laugh together about "Mork and Mindy" being one of the only foreign/american shows on TV in Romania before 1989? :))

  14. Annoyed with the all seeing eye bullshit. And the pushing of ideas. this show is getting very bad. except for those who are not aware of such things, this is garbage. starts at 33:00 and ends at 33:33. you guys are such losers.

  15. I know they are attempting to make this show as dark and ominous as possible, but the fact that the only lamp I have seen turned on, was by a Mennonite is so weird. No one in this town turns any lights on in their house. It's annoying as f#ck.

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