Sai Baba’s Eleven Assurances and Guidelines to Worship

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I have but one Desire, to see devotees engrossed in Sai Baba’s leelas. Sai Baba is everywhere, He is omnipresent. There is truly only one religion despite all the different religions, He is the one God. That phenomenon does not happen anywhere else… People say, “I am Hindu… I am Christian… I am Muslim…” Sai Baba is beyond religion. Therefore, accept all religions, and acknowledge and revere all forms of God Sai Baba is your one God Worship Him, and in Him you will see all the deities. Do not criticise anyone. These three are poisons: Anger, Greed, and Criticism. If you give up these three vices once and for all, Sai Baba will come close to you. It is important to give up Anger. Get rid of the habit of criticising others, and get rid of Greed of all kinds. Then Sai Baba will become very close to you. Questioning when and how it will happen is a mistake. Do your Japa (I am not saying you should stop that), but if you get rid of these three things in your life, Baba Himself will come to you and communicate with you. The way he communicates with me, he will communicate with you too. I do not claim that I am a special devotee of Sai Baba’s. I had a lot of desires earlier… to wear orange-coloured sarees, saffron-coloured sarees… Over time, as my devotion increased, all these desires fell away. Sometimes if the desire arises, I wear an orange or a saffron saree, if there isn’t one, then any other simple saree will do just as well. (It does give us joy when we wear different clothes.) Don’t ever put down any person or religion; you do your Sadhana. Your sadhana and your path is the same, and it is the same Sai Baba towards whom you have to go. He is the culmination of all paths and religions. We differentiate, judge and criticise: “This one is Christian”, “that one is Hindu”… that’s not right. Nobody is a bad person, no one is born bad. In time, with conditioning, these three poisons consume an individual, and then he becomes bad (immoral). So instead of criticising someone, rather do whatever you can to turn them on the path of righteousness, and make them good human beings. Even an enemy can become a friend, remember. And if you wish, you can read Sai Baba’s pothis (divine leelas, Satcharita) That is all I do. Do you know what my savings are in the Bank? It’s Sai Baba’s pothi. Reading my pothi everyday is adding savings to my account, and my banker is Sai Baba. And if I don’t read my pothi, I go mad! These are my life savings that will be carried forward; you could do that as well. Don’t get distracted or talk to anyone while doing your sadhana, no matter who comes near you. Stay in silence and do your practice. Once it’s done, you can engage with people and do your work. That is the time you should observe Mauna (silence). So you can do it that way…. Bhakti is a powerful force or Power. Keep doing your bhakti and you will be infused with Shakti. Look at me, I am a foolish woman… Who has given me Shakti (power)? Who else but Sai Baba? And talking of shakti, my own shakti is now reducing… So my salutations to you and I will stop now… …. all my rambling ….

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  1. For the benefit of Devotees of Sai Baba, we have compiled all the Divine Leelas and Miracles that took place in Aai's life into a book. You could download the book by clicking on the link below (for free). If it impacts you, please do feel free to share it. SHIRDI SAI BABA AND AAI – Real Life Experiences of Faith, Love and Devotion.

  2. A Beautiful composition sung by Pandit Jasraj on Babas assurances –

  3. Aai , you are such a pure devotee,! thanks for sharing your guidance through this video for those who can’t come and see you in person!

  4. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Om Sai Ram . Auntie Thanks for sharing such a beautiful information very true . Om Sai Nathaya Namaha 🇺🇸

  5. Plz tell me where Aai lives. I want to go and meet her. She is truly inspirational in her talks about Baba. I am an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and I accidentally stumbled on Aai's video. I must go and visit her

  6. thank you very much Nikhil ji. Every time I get an update that a new video has been uploaded I get super excited. Aai's guidance is really a boon for me as its quite simple and effective. Please convey our gratitude to both Aai and Master ji.

  7. om sai ram Aai mala tumhala bhetayachi khup iccha ahe.sai krupene mazi iccha purna hoil.yachi mala khatri sai ram.

  8. I feel so drawn towards aayi..her simplicity and her faith is like a magnet.Thank you for making this wonderful video and please continue to do so.She is so full of love and my deepest regards to her.Love from Sydney.

  9. I'm sorry this might sound silly but please help me out by responding .
    I'm a devotee of Baba . And I'm trying to reconnect with Baba . The thing is I live next to a gurudhwara in a sikh colony . Everytime i listen to ek onkar guru prasad I immediately feel peaceful and only my guru Sai Baba comes into my mind and I become more peaceful. Is it ok if I listen and meditate on ek onkar remembering my Sai baba ??

  10. I Love You Aai.Thank You Nikhil ji for making videos on aai.Please continue to make videos on Aai.Whatever aai says touches the soul and you feel like doing whatever she says.She is like a guiding star in this journey of life.Please make a video on Aai's Home and Diwali puja.Thank You for bringing Aai and masterjee in our life and making us connect to them.Om Sai 🙏🙏

  11. Aai is such a humble and sweet soul…just listening to her fills my heart with so much more devotion for baba…♥️♥️♥️

  12. Aaji Sai Ram.. Thanks for teaching me how to read the pothi please bless me so that I can wake in the morning more early and hear what baba and you wants me to do. It was my bday yesterday and baba blessed me with aashirwaad of starting reading the satcharitra to become good human being. And as directed by you by this very moment I will leave Rag Dwesh and Matsar but baba has to assure that he always calls me to shirdi more often than what he does and he should stay near near and more near to me🙏

  13. Om Sai Ram.. I have been wanting to send my greetings to this lady since some days. My name is Manasvini . Would you greet Aai on my behalf and tell her i got happy after seeing her videos and her devotion towards baba ? Please do so ,Nikhil 🙂 Tell her my desire to greet her(touching her feet mentally) comes from the immense respect i get for her for truly being a Sai devotee in true sense and walking on the path shown by baba. If Aai says anything when you send her my greetings please share it with me. It would be so kind of you. Thank you again for putting up her videos. Om Sai Ram 🙏🙂

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    If you can help translate this in other languages for other devotees, it would be appreciated.

  15. I have read the book available in the link, many heart touching miracles in and around aayi. Such a wonderful book especially that line on baba near stomach Story and dust covering baba at aayi mother in laws house. And baba saying take me back home aww😍😍 very heart touching episodes

  16. But I too have the same doubt as aayi whether satya saibaba and shirdi saibaba are one and the same or not?? Plz clarify this with aayi and let me know.

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  18. Thank you so much Nikhil ji for this video. Aai is such a blessed soul and those three poisons which she explained so clearly, putting them into practice is difficult but not impossible. Trying to do all that as I believe in every single word she said. God bless us all.
    Om Sai Ram!

  19. Please keep making more videos. Constantly. I hope to see this channel with 1 M subscribers one day, teaching everyone the divine love of baba. You are doing what I thought of doing once. Great job. 🙏🙏 Om Sai Ram

  20. Thank u Aai…Dear Nikhil ji …love all the videos that u ve shared on Baba…every video we have to watch again n again to get a new meaning every time…One thing is so beautiful. ." Aai"…is sooooo Beautiful Simple adourable and Innocent…Baba fill ur earth with such beautiful Souls …They r the candles spreading lights in Dark Jungles of materialistic world …♥️

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