Saline Process Training

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A few years ago I had a cold
that refused to go away. I was coughing so terribly
I felt like I couldn’t breathe I finally went to the hospital
to get help When I got there
I got the medicine I needed But what I didn’t tell the doctor
was that it was one of the darkest times
of my life as well. I struggle with deep physical
and emotional pain. And though I only shared
my physical concerns, still, the doctor showed interest in my social,
emotional even spiritual well-being with respect and sensitivity. I was surprised that I was able to talk
about my deeper problems. All of the staff was kind to me and my doctor even prayed with me
and connected me to a church. Little did he know
I had been contemplating suicide. But God had other plans for my life. I found hope in a relationship with God and connected with the community
of believers in my area I can now live to tell others
about the life saving power of Jesus. Maybe you’ve had a patient like Juliet. You knew something was wrong
beyond the physical needs but you didn’t know
the best way to help. Or maybe you tried but the
patient wasn’t receptive to you. As Christians, is there
a way we can address these deeper needs
of our patients? The Saline Process
is a bible-based course that will help you use simple steps to assess where your patient is spiritually and to provide care for both body and soul. This training equips you to share
the love and reality of Jesus with permission, sensitivity and respect. After taking this course,
you will be equipped to step through open doors God provides in order to share about
the good news of Jesus in ways you never expected. We want to help you learn
how to care for, pray for, and share with your patients
at the right time as the Holy Spirit leads you. This training is about a process God may have placed you
in the life of your patients to help them with a small step they need
to take that day. In the Saline Process we work together to answer five major questions: Why is faith important in healthcare? What are the opportunities for
and barriers to fulfilling God’s call ? What is my part in this process? What tools will help me cultivate,
sow and harvest? And finally, where do we go from here? To these questions, the course covers all aspects of a Christian healthcare
worker’s approach to faith and health care. From the science behind our practice
to a working action plan Through discussion, practice sessions,
and live role-playing, we engage with the real-life issues
we face every day. The goal of this course is to help you understand
the spiritual life of your patient and encourage you
on your own journey with Jesus. We hope you leave ready
to be salt in the world, a shining light for Jesus and the
witness you are called and created to be. Thousands of Christian healthcare
workers around the world have been equipped through
The Saline Process and are now more confidently, compassionately engaged
in the needs of others. God doesn’t say you have to
plow, plant, water, and weed all by yourself But you can do a little every day to join in God’s work in people’s lives
and around the world. We invite you to join the many others who are now making impact due to their
Saline Process training. To find out more,
contact your local Saline Process trainer or visit This life changing course
is also available online. We look forward to you joining us and introducing others to Jesus one prayer, one action, one word at a time.

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